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Ali Lohan’s cosmetic surgery rumors seemed like they were just biding their time before breaking onto the scene.

Aliana “Ali” Lohan, born on December 22, 1993, is a model, an actress, American television personality and singer.

The way that most people know her, however, is that she’s the younger sister of model and actress Lindsay Lohan.

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With all of the associations that people make with Ali’s sister, given how Lindsay’s been in the news for her bad behavior and less than upstanding achievements, it seems only natural that people would assume that Ali’s going to follow in her footsteps.

But did Ali get celebrity plastic surgery at such a young age to enhance or change her looks?

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Everyone that you ask this question to says no!

Ali’s sister Lindsay has been quoted on the subject, saying that, “She has never,” in regards to the plastic surgery question when it was popped by E!

Additionally, a source close to the family has said that Ali, “just lost a lot of weight.”

Even Alexis Borges, the agency director at Next Model Management who has been in charge of at least part of Ali’s career, has weighed in on the issue with the statement:

Contrary to recent reports, I can confirm that Aliana Lohan has not had any surgery.

With a wall of negation put up and the question answered no by all of the people who are in the know, one would think that would put the question to rest.

However, surgery speculations continue, and just like Halle Berry’s surgery gossip, Jamie Lynn Spears or the Miley Cyrus rumors, those following Ali Lohan seem to be quite resistant.

So if we are to believe that Ali has had work done, where’s the proof? Well, Dr Drew Ordon in an interview with Rumorfix argues that there is more than enough “proof”.

Ali Lohan Pictures, Before and After?

Those who maintain that Ali Lohan has become a plastic surgery celebrity point out the radical changes in her face. How else would a woman lose so much roundness while keeping plump lips?

And despite the denials, these very thin “facts” are the allegations of plastic surgery gone wrong. However, there’s something that a lot of this speculation is forgetting; Ali Lohan’s age.

Ali Lohan before and after (image hosted by

For those that sometimes forget, Ali is growing into a young woman. This process, which was pointed to by her agency manager as the reason for her changing appearance, leads to lots of changes in short periods of time.

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Dropping baby fat as well as changing face and body shape are all just parts of growing up.

So while this isn’t proof that Ali Lohan hasn’t gone under the knife, it does provide a very simple, concrete argument for the changes in her face and shape that fans have noticed and demanded an answer to.

According to Occam’s Razor the simplest answer that accounts for all the facts is typically going to be the correct one. In this case it likely means that the Ali Lohan plastic surgery rumors are just that, even if they won’t be put to rest easily.

So it appears Ali’s youthful appearance can be attributed to just that.

But what’s your opinion?

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