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When Hollywood grist start flying you don’t really expect to hear about young starlet Amanda Bynes plastic surgery rumors (see also Hilary Duff before and after plastic surgery).

Born April 3 1986, Bynes was a child star, made famous for her roles on shows all over the kids’ station Nickelodeon, and at the young age of 24 in 2010 she made the announcement that she was retiring from acting.

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She said that she’d done it, but she didn’t love it any more, and Bynes wanted to try her hand at something else and find a new love.

It was actually right around the time of this particular announcement that idle talk about her getting plastic surgery started to crop up.

Has Amanda Bynes Had Plastic Surgery?

Despite accusations that Amanda Bynes is now a young plastic surgery star, she has not confirmed any sort of cosmetic procedures.  Like others such as Kat Von D (see Kat Von D’s plastic surgery), no one seems to know.

For that matter no one has come forward and said they have insider information, or that they’d seen her medical chart.

All that people have scraped up so far are the obligatory images that show Bynes with a changing appearance.

And if you look at those pictures they do clearly show that Bynes looks different now than she did when she was younger.

Bynes has a slimmer face now, and it looks as if her cheekbones are higher and more defined.

Her teeth are bright, and some have accused her of getting dental veneers which

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make her mouth look over crowded.

And there are also the obligatory accusations of breast implants, lip procedures, rhinoplasty and other, “standard” cosmetic surgeries in Hollywood (see also Kim Kardashian plastic surgery before and after)

But just because she’s been accused, does that mean that Amanda Bynes has gone all the way and gotten celebrity cosmetic surgery at such a young age?

Amanda’s Before & After Pictures

There is, however, another explanation for the differences that people see in the Amanda Bynes before and after pictures.

Amanda Bynes before and after photos (image hosted by’s important to remember that Bynes was a child star, and most of her acting was done in her teens.

Even her photos in Maxim magazine, showing that she’s definitely all grown up, were when she was in her early 20s. The simplest explanation for the fact that her face and lips have changed shape is that she’s growing up.

Bynes kept her baby fat for longer than most actresses, and it was very obvious that she was keeping it because of all the work she was doing at the time.

Now that she’s finished growing and maturing, she’s finally shed the looks of her teen years.

That isn’t to say that one explanation is right and the other wrong, but it’s important that when you listen to rumors about plastic surgery that you look at every possible angle to see what seems most likely.

Given how young Amanda Bynes is, and the fact that she never had any mysterious down time that would indicate surgery recovery, the idea that she’s gone under the knife seems ludicrous.

But who knows, maybe the Amanda Bynes cosmetic surgery rumors are true, after all.

Amanda Bynes Video Comparison

Here’s an interview on the David Letterman show from 2007.

And here she is again with Channing Tatum being interview about the film She’s The Man in 2011, 4 years later.

What do you think?


  1. I’m going to go ahead and say that it looks like she is wearing more makeup. Nothing more. Besides, it seems unlikely to me that she would get cosmetic surgery immediately before retiring from acting and stardom…

  2. My God! She destroy her face even she’s still young with surgery, whats wrong with her. i like her past natural face with her movie Sydney White..

  3. I don’t think she’s gotten plastic surgery at all. Yes her face looks slimmer, but she might have just lost some weight? it’s stupid to cause such a big deal about something that no one is even sure of. She looks exactly the same.

  4. BynesFan says:

    I’m a professional makeup artist and can honestly say I would get more dramatic “surgery” results with nothing but some bronzer and highlighting powder.
    Clearly she is just wearing too much lipstick in the first comparison, and in the second looks like she may be wearing some plumping gloss, as well.
    Amanda has always had a very round face, and seems that as soon as she loses or gains a few pounds her face looks very different. No surgery, just a little weight gain and lipstick.

  5. what a stretch. weight fluctuation, make-up and lighting
    can all dramatically affect a way a person looks. there’s
    no convincing argument here that she’s had any procedures.

  6. If anyone thinks that this is caused from plastic surgery is an idiot. All this is, is more makeup.highightin g the.f ace.. and lighting.

  7. I think the only thing that happened was she gained a little bit of weight and got veneers. The rest is just a lot more makeup and different lighting.

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