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Angelina Jolie’s cosmetic surgery rumors are legion in the gossip columns and internet forums are rife with speculation.

The actress, married to Brad Pitt, was born June 4, 1975.  She is known for starring roles in top movies such as Hackers and Wanted and has been in more movies that one can readily count.  She is perhaps best known for playing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.

However, as she ages there are fans that are speculating that Jolie is going under the knife to maintain her youthful vigor.

In fact there are more surgical rumors about Jolie than nearly anyone in Hollywood.

Nose tip surgery - did she or didn't she? (image hosted by the question remains, has Angelina Jolie actually had cosmetic procedures done?

Did Angelina Get Cosmetic Surgery?

Angelina before and after rhinoplasty (nose job)? ( rumors abound about Jolie’s procedures, there are some very specific things she’s supposed to have had done. Idle talk claims she’s had her lips plumped, her face lifted, her neck tightened and her wrinkles filled in with fat injections to keep her skin looking young and smooth.

Then again, it seems that every female celebrity has her share of speculation. So how do we know if Jolie has had surgery?

Angelina Jolie before and after plastic surgery 1993 - 2009 (image hosted by according to sources at the National Enquirer, Jolie is freaking out about polls that claim she’s losing her appeal to younger actresses.

Now this may not be true, but it’s been run in print. Additionally, according to this mysterious “inside source” Jolie will leave no stone unturned in her pursuit of maintaining her already great looks, claiming that procedures from neck tightening to face lifts are all on the docket.

Of course, since we don’t know who this person is that’s speaking, it’s important that we take all of this with a grain or three of salt.

Angelina Before and After Pictures?

Perhaps the oldest method used by fans to determine whether or not their celebrity of choice has gone under the knife is to look at pictures of that person before and after.

Before and after? (image courtesy of when trying to determine whether or not Angelina Jolie is a plastic surgery celebrity all you need to do are find pictures of her in similar settings, with similar lighting that showcase her looks from approximately the same angle.

After all, if there’s too much deviation a person who hasn’t even put on makeup can look completely different with too much camera interference.

And when you look at Jolie’s pictures with the mindset of a plastic surgery detective what you find is surprisingly little.

It appears, if you look close, that she might have had a minor rhinoplasty (nose job), and is probably getting some minor botox treatments to help keep her skin smooth, but that’s really all you can tell.

Generally Jolie’s looks appear to be a product of high maintenance, good genes, and a touch of maturity that stripped away her baby fat and left her looking more mature and alluring. That won’t put out the plastic surgery fires, but what would?

Take a look at this before and after video.

Before & After Video Comparison

Here’s a video comparison that casts some doubt on what Angelina has publicly said.


  1. Make no mistake about it – Angelina Jolie most certainly has had 1. rhinoplasty, 2. blepharoplasty, 3. chin implant and/or some type of jaw augmentation, 4. botox.

    Yes, there are anatomical differences that transpire as a result of facial maturity, but she’s had a lot of very strategic and carefully executed plastic surgery that is ever-so-subtle and makes a positive difference in her appearance. The question everyone should be asking is, “Who is her plastic surgeon?”

  2. I think that the only thing she might have had done if anything based on these photos, is nose surgery. As to anything else, I think she hasn’t done anything else. She has just gotten too think over the years. Too much. Her jaw she has always had. Her father is Jon Voight, so I’m pretty sure she inherited that from him. Just look at her brother as well. Furthermore, as we age, we change, and some of if we lose weight get more bony in the face.

  3. Arabella says:

    I’m not saying that she didn’t get plastic surgery or that she did, because I have no opinion on that. But those pictures are totally different. To provide a good before and after comparison, you have to get pictures that are in the same light and in the same angle, and the pictures in the videos were not like that. Again, they are totally different and prove nothing.

  4. It looks like she had a nose job and neck lifting. I hope she doesn’t get any more plastic surgery. She is beautiful and doesn’t need any change at all.

  5. renee rizak says:

    It really doesn’t matter of she decided to get plastic surgery….she was m beautiful before and beautiful after..and she is a movie star, she can afford it , if I had her money I’d do it too.. And I wouldn’t want the world judging me for it.. Anjelina, YOU GO GIRL!!! Really doesn’t matter your beautiful in every photo!!!

  6. Why is there such a big deal about celebrities getting plastic surgery? If it weren’t for the media/public’s insatiable appetite for celebrity women to look perfect, they wouldn’t do it to themselves! And even if they didn’t get all that plastic surgery, the media/public would find some way to criticize them… why? Because haters need a new & more reasons to hate…. it must feel sooooo good to judge!

    IMHO— you go AJ! Stay beautiful and on top!!

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