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Has Audrina Patridge Had Plastic Surgery?

In the wake of the Heidi Montag plastic surgery nightmare, rumors about Audrina Patridge’ cosmetic surgery procedures still find their share of the spotlight.

Patridge, also in her mid 20s, is best known for her spot on the MTV reality show “The Hills,” where she starred alongside Montag.

A model and actress who appeared in films like “Sorority Row,” Patridge has had some success on her own following her initial spring board from the MTV reality series.

Has Adrina Patridge had plastic surgery or breast implants? (image hosted by a very young woman, even by the standards of Hollywood, Patridge has had numerous rumors of bad surgery following her throughout her young career.

Substance To Cosmetic Surgery Rumors?

Whether Audrina has had cosmetic surgery depends very much upon whom you ask. Much like the Halle Berry surgery gossip of yesteryear, Patridge herself has denied claims that she’s had a rhinoplasty (a nose job to those out of the medical community) as well as work done on her chin.

In the before after picture immediately below, the before photo is on the right.

However Patridge hasn’t commented on the most persistent rumor, which is that she’s had breast implants. Far from being plastic surgery gone wrong, if Patridge has indeed had breast augmentation surgery it appears to have been done by a skilled and knowledgeable surgeon who has made it look natural.

Of course it’s also equally possible that, given how young Patridge is, that any changes seen in her face and body are just the result of her growing and changing as she gets rid of baby fat and become a mature woman.

Adrina Patridge before and after (image hosted by

Audrina’s Before and After Photographs?

For those who have been following the celebrity surgery rumors surrounding Audrina Patridge the main source of speculation is the photographs of her throughout her career.

While the rumors of a nose job or a chin alteration have come and gone, the question of Patridge’s breasts remains. On the one hand they have increased in size over the years, which might be the result of a procedure from a talented and knowledgeable plastic surgeon who enlisted the aid of his scalpel to enhance Patridge’s natural beauty.

Audrina Patridge before and after pictures (image hosted by

On the other hand though, as she heads through her mid 20s it’s entirely possible that weight gain has increased the size of her breasts, and that their firm, high riding stature is a result of her youth and vitality rather than of implants.

Of course there will always be those on either side of the plastic surgery celebrity debate, and they will find reasons to support their suppositions. On the one hand, after she left “The Hills,” photographs of Patridge in various poses and in the nude surfaced.

Given the lack of supporting garments to change the shape of her bust it was seen that her breasts do have some natural sag to them, which supports the fact that they may be natural.

On the other hand it was also pointed out that when she put her arms over her head her breasts didn’t quite flatten out, which leant fuel to the Audrina Patridge surgery fire that says she is in fact enhanced.


  1. Yes! Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge went through plastic surgery and her enhancement was excellent. She was unique in Hollywood, slender and toned but with incredible cleavage and curves. But you missed the worst surgery Audrina had… the last one in early 2011. Audrina went through a drastic reduction procedure that left her flattened, sagging, with no curves or cleavage, a sad shadow of her former adorable self! 26 year old Audrina looks more like a flattened 40 year old now. She went from super hot to totally not in dire need of a good push-up bra which she refuses to wear for some reason! Just compare… the purple bikini on Bora Bora with the yellow bikini on VH1 Memorial Weekend 2011. Curious why Audrina would go through such an extensive procedure to look significantly less attractive.

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