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Has Axl Rose Had Plastic Surgery?

Fans of music have wondered about Axl Rose’s cosmetic procedures and whether he may have gone under the surgeon’s knife or not. There are numerous pictures which detail all of the work this star has had on his face.

This lead singer is 49 years old, and he is from the Chicago, Illinois area.

Axl Rose gained fame during the 80’s as the lead singer of the rock band Guns and Roses. They had several hits during this time, and they even did the sound tracks for a number of movies such as The Terminator 2.

Axl Rose - has he had plastic surgery? (image hosted by band has not put out much music since this time, but they cemented their worldwide fame with their early success.

Has Axl Rose Had A Facelift?

There are many before and after pictures that detail the difference that are obvious in the facial appearance of this lead singer.

There are many disputes about the issues of how this singer’s face has changed so dramatically in only a few years, and most fans say this is just an example of bad plastic surgery.

Many fans are wondering if he had the same doctor who did Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery. This singer’s cheeks are notably fuller, and there has been a lot of speculation on the issue of this star’s new face.

Has Axl Rose had a facelift? (image hosted by

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery: No Comment

This singer has kept quiet about the issues associated with the changes in his facial appearance, but his fans have made numerous comments on the difference that is now noticeable.

There are many who suggest the before and after plastic surgery pictures show cheek implants. His cheeks are obviously much fuller now than they were when he disappeared from the public’s view only a few years ago.

There is also a rosy redness to his entire face, and experts have suggested that this is the result of Botox and other chemical implants.

The plastic surgery gone wrong before and after pictures clearly show that there is a huge difference in the star’s face. He has aged quite rapidly on only a few years, and doctors and other experts are comparing the differences that these pictures show to be similar to the Carrot Top plastic surgery.

Axl Rose before and after pictures (image hosted by

Axl Rose gained fame during the mid-1980’s with his band Guns and Roses. He was the lead singer for this group, and they had many hits during this time period.

This star then dropped out of the scene for a few years, and he has just recently been caught in public pictures again. He has not admitted or denied the controversy that surrounds the difference in his appearance.

Fans have seen many pictures, and it is obvious that there is a big difference in his facial structure from the last time this singer was caught in public pictures.

Experts have commented on this issue, and the consensus is that the star has received a number of facial injections and is the likely recipient of Botox and other fillers. The Axl Rose plastic surgery is sure to be a controversy for some time.

Axl’s Before & After Pictures

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  1. Leave him alone I’m so sick of hearing about who had this or that done. With the way people are so cruel in their comments can u blame any of these famous people for getting work done on them. If people made tons of horrible comments about you day in and put wouldn’t you end up getting plastic surgery too. I think everyone is beautiful and special and people need to stop with the negative horribly cruel comments. I think Axl looks great I’m so sick of people downing him leave him alone.

  2. The beautiful Axl Rose that we all knew and loved is gone. Some quack got to his face and hair and now he looks like a corn-rowed Carrot Top;. I wish it could be undone and the old Axl could come back. He was beautiful in a manly way.

  3. whatever you say about my axl. I don`t care,,, I am still love you, for me axl still the sexiest rock singer in the world

  4. JAIME RAMIREZ says:

    AXL. Is still the best in his music y talk about him but yall love hearing his music. Dont critisize his face. His face doesnt change his musiche still sounds good !!!! 🙂

  5. oldrock says:

    Oldrock……….guns and roses sucks now….I watched them on heavy metal awards…..and they just plain suck compared to the originals….and axl sounds like shit,,,,,

  6. vanity!

  7. Axel is the embodiment of a pure soul. His music makes that clear. No worries man. You’re still a genius in music history. I just wish I could hear some of the much coveted music going on in his mind in his absence. Enjoy your life and fuck the rest who gain from your personal life. God Bless

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