Band Aid Prompts Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Rumors

If you had reason to put a band-aid behind your left ear, do you think your friends would immediately quiz you about plastic surgery?

That you had a facelift maybe?

Maybe not, but if you’re television celebrity those sorts of questions are par for the course these days and Simon Cowell is no exception.

Simon Cowell sports a band aid prompting facelift rumors (image hosted by

It’s long been known that Simon is partial to the odd facial filler here or there, so the question has to be asked as to whether he would go one step further and actually go under the knife at some point.

A number of articles this week have raised the same question.

So True? So False? Did Simon Cowell Get Plastic Surgery?!

“Looks aren’t everything, but one need only listen to Simon Cowell’s quip-first, empathize-later critiques of his X Factor contestants to know that they are prized pretty highly by the reality judge.

And now rumor has it that the acerbic prime-timer has turned his ever-discerning eye to his own visage, as he emerged today sporting some suspicious-looking bandages behind his ear. It didn’t take long before speculation began about whether the music Svengali had undergone plastic surgery.
Could it be that the 52-year-old Cowell thought a little nip/tuck was in order before returning for the second season of his youth-oriented hit? Did Simon really go under the knife?”

Simon Cowell's band aid plaster - who cuts themselves shaving behind the ear? (image hosted by Simon Cowell Didn’t Get Plastic Surgery

“Simon Cowell, The X Factor judge, 52, was photographed driving down Sunset Boulevard in L.A. June 19 with a suspicious band-aid behind his left ear. Though some outlets reported he was recovering after recently going under the knife, a source assures Us Weekly: “Simon cut himself by accident. It’s not surgery.”

In the past, Cowell has spoken openly about the unusual ways in which he attempts to stay healthy — like getting a weekly intravenous drip with B12, magnesium, vitamin C and “something for your liver.”

Simon Cowell Refutes Plastic Surgery Rumours After Suspicious Plaster Pics

“The rumour mill went into overdrive when SiCo was spotted with a dubious looking plaster behind his ear as he drove down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

But his spokesman has since come forward to say the Brit simply suffered a bizarre shaving injury, claiming the 52-year-old ‘accidentally cut himself’.

An onlooker added: ‘If he was trying to hide something he wouldn’t be driving past a load of photographers on one of America’s most famous streets.'”

What’s your view?

Do you think Simon Cowell had a facelift?

Leave your comment below and let us know.



  1. A.H.Shafayet says:

    Now-a-days many celebrities take plastic surgery. but i don’t know about Simon Cowell’s plastic surgery.