Bruce Jenner (Kardashian)

For those who think that celebrity surgery and cosmetic procedures are strictly in the realm of female stars, you obviously haven’t heard the Bruce Jenner cosmetic surgery story.

Bruce Jenner, for those who are unfamiliar with his name, is a former athlete and Olympian. Specializing in the decathlon Jenner won the gold medal for America in the 1976 Olympics at Montreal, setting a world record with over 8,000 points.

Quite an impressive achievement for any athlete. After his athletic career Jenner moved on to become many things, ranging from an actor and minor celebrity to a motivational speaker.

(image hosted by for those that don’t watch E! Entertainment, Bruce Jenner is also the step-father to the Kardashian sisters (see Kim K plastic surgery before and after and Kourtney Kardashian); he often makes an appearance on their television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Until fairly recently though, Jenner also held another position in Hollywood.  He has become a cautionary tale for those who are considering becoming  what might be termed a “plastic surgery celebrity“.

Bruce’s Surgery Procedures

It’s no secret that Bruce Jenner has had plastic surgery.

In fact his original procedures, which he was convinced to get done in 1984, are one of the prime examples of celebrity cosmetic surgery gone wrong.

Jenner himself is aware of this, having stated on his step-daughters’ television show that:

If you Google my name, the worst plastic surgeries of all time, or whatever it is… they’ve compared me to Michael Jackson.

 (image hosted by

Harsh words, but ones that have been bouncing around Hollywood for a long time now.

Jenner’s original cosmetic surgery procedure was ba nose job, or what professional plastic surgeons would refer to as a rhinoplasty, and a partial face lift.

Jenner said that when it went wrong he was constantly made fun of for his poor choice to get surgery, although there are other stars who can understand the questions and criticism (see Kenny Rogers for example).

Additionally, even though plastic surgery is something of a cornerstone in Hollywood and has been since the days of Marilyn Monroe, Jenner says that because he was an Olympian and an athlete people reacted differently to him.

A young Bruce Jenner years before surgery (image hosted by

The idea that plastic surgery was something for starlets, and not for masculine men like Jenner, may also have been whispered behind cupped hands as well. Of course, these past negative experiences didn’t stop Jenner from going under the knife again.

This time though he went in only after some very careful consideration and after consulting his family on what they thought about getting more surgery to fix what had been done wrong the first time.

Bruce Jenner Before and After

When Jenner originally got plastic surgery in the 1980s he was going through a fairly dark time in his life. He’d been divorced and had lost a lot of money. So when he got his initial procedures done it was not with the best intentions or with the long term in mind.

According to his wife Kris, Bruce’s lack of self-esteem at the time had also likely played into the problems and the decision to get surgery in the first place.

In 2009, however, Jenner and the Kardashians decided that enough was enough and there was no reason to continue living with the mistakes made in the past.

Jenner had put up with a lot of ridicule, and was often compared to some of the worst plastic surgeries that had afflicted Michael Jackson, and he wanted to put things back in order. Unfortunately that might feel like taking a shot of whiskey to cure a hangover, since it was plastic surgery that got him into this pickled mess in the first place.

Timeline showing the changes in Bruce's appearance since the 1970s (image courtest of

So Jenner did what any responsible adult would do; he asked his family what they thought. After the Kardashians “voted”, Jenner had their confidence at his back that newer, more up to date plastic surgery techniques could fix his face and erase the old mistakes.

Bruce Jenner before and after - younger and older -1979 - 2009 (image hosted by procedures were scheduled and done without telling anyone, even the family’s close and personal friends.

It was a nervous time, but after the surgery both Bruce and his wife couldn’t be happier with the results according to Access Hollywood.  And of course it helped the Kardashians that their views had helped support their step-father.

Jenner’s face, once the subject of jokes, now looked normal again and some might even say handsome.

His nose was restructured to look more normal and his face has been rid of the overly tight, plasticized look that advertised to anyone that was looking that he’d undergone plastic surgery procedures in the past.

In fact Jenner looks good enough, especially compared with the damaged results he’d been living with before, that might even serve as an inspiration for those who are contemplating getting plastic surgery work done, but who aren’t sure that it’s the right thing for them to do.

About The Second Surgery Procedures

Following his second operation, Bruce Jenner talked frankly for about his thoughts and feelings over the success of his surgery.

I know after I have kids, I’ll definitely want a lift,” said step-daughter Kim Kardashian, who’s been perhaps the most vocal in support of her step-father. Ironically it’s Kim who has denied having had any plastic surgery done herself, despite rumors that have flown that range from a rhinoplasty to butt implants to a boob job.

Bruce Jenner represents something fairly unusual in Hollywood; someone who did actually need plastic surgery and whose results everyone seems to agree were more than worth it. Most of the time you have people chastising celebrities for how fake they look. People ask why it is that younger celebrities can’t simply allow themselves to age with some dignity and grace into older versions of themselves (see Meryl Streep) before they decide it’s time to get on the phone to a surgeon and schedule an appointment.

However, in cases like Bruce’s and the initial results were very hard to live with. No one who’s seen the results of the second surgery has had anything negative to say, aside from malicious internet posters, but it proves that sometimes cosmetic procedures are necessary.

What Do You Think?

In Bruce’s case, there is no doubt about his plastic surgery. Bruce has been through the mill twice and undoubtedly looks a lot better for it.

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