Catherine Zeta-Jones

Known far and wide for her acting skills as well as for her beauty, there are numerous surgery speculations.

Born in 1969 in Wales, Zeta Jones has had a very successful career on stage as well as both the little and big screens. Perhaps best known for roles in films like The Mask of Zorro and Entrapment, she has won a Tony award for her portrayal of the character Desiree in A Little Night Music.

Married to actor Michael Douglas, and the mother of two children, it’s impressive just how well Catherine Zeta Jones has aged, which is what has lead to many of the rumors and speculations regarding her appearance.

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Is There Substance To Cosmetic Surgery Rumors?

As with questions regarding Halle Berry gossip, or Nikki Cox’ plastic surgery speculations, the actress in question has given us a definitive no.

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According to Zeta Jones she has not undergone cosmetic procedures in order to achieve her appearance. However, despite these assurances from the actress, there are still rumors and beliefs about procedures she has had done in the past.

Chief among these rumors are that Zeta Jones has undergone a breast augmentation, a rhinoplasty (a nose job), and that the secret of her smooth, unwrinkled face is the result of dabbling in Botox injections.

However, there is no proof that Zeta Jones has undergone celebrity plastic surgery, only opinions that she has.

Catherine Zeta Jones: Before and After Pictures

The place that you catch bad plastic surgery evidence is typically while celebrities are on vacation at the beach.

Catherina Zeta Jones before and after (image hosted by

And while there are plenty of pictures of Jones, particularly a set of her in a very revealing yellow two piece, there is still argument as to whether or not her looks are indicative of a plastic surgery celebrity.

London based plastic surgeons Apostolos Gaitanis said on Make Me Heal that it was very likely that Zeta Jones had a breast augmentation:

They look firmer and project to the front. They are very full, which is a sign of a boob job.”

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Some people believe that the actress’s increased bust size is a more natural result of her weight gain, but there are just as many that are throwing around accusations of plastic surgery, though they often state that it must have been quite a cut above the plastic surgery gone wrong that many celebrities receive.

However, everyone admits that Zeta Jones looks very good for an actress in her middle years that’s given birth to two children. But given that the Hollywood image has a long history with cosmetic surgery, it seems only natural that people suspect that’s the cause of every style change and alteration that a celebrity, and particularly an attractive celebrity, displays in front of the cameras.

So while people are continually crying foul on everything from her breasts to her nose to the lack of crows feet around her eyes, despite all of her denials on the subject, the gossip just won’t go away.

Catherine’s Photo Gallery

So, it seems there’s no definitive view as to whether Catherine has undergone the surgeon’s knife.

But what do you think?


  1. Catherine Zeta Jones is very beautiful, surgery or no surgery.

  2. I think she has had some work done, she is still pretty young to have needed it too. I really see it around her eyes there is a huge difference from pictures from just ten years ago and pictures taken at the awards this year. Her face looks more scalped, her nose is different. So you bet I think she has had work done.

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