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Has Chelsea Clinton Had Plastic Surgery?

Every bride wants the perfect body on her perfect day. The sudden pre-wedding fitness frenzy does not exclude First Daughters.

Like countless brides before her, Chelsea Clinton (born February 27, 1980) had a specific goal in mind during the months leading up to her summer wedding in 2010.

The only daughter of former president Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently became a full-time correspondent for NBC.

After years helping to promote the political work of her parents and furthering her business education, Chelsea will be stepping up as a correspondent on the nightly news.

Has Chelsea Clinton had cosmetic surgery (image hosted by

Chelsea’s Plastic Surgery Makeover?

Countless brides delve into crash diets and hardcore workouts in hopes they will fit into the wedding dress in the size of their dreams. Some have the discipline to succeed while others crash and burn.

Chelsea Clinton began her own makeover transformation when she became engaged to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in 2009 over Thanksgiving weekend.

Her regimen included diet, exercise, and eventually a little celebrity surgery.

What Made Chelsea’s Cosmetic Surgery Successful?

By July 31, 2011, Chelsea and Marc’s wedding day, the First Daughter had slimmed down by 25 pounds and emerged with a sleeker nose and more defined jaw line.

Fortunately, these cosmetic enhancements turned out the way plastic surgery always should.

Rather than radical and unnatural transformations, Chelsea’s celebrity plastic surgery – including nose job and chin augmentation – were minor procedures resulting in major success.

The rhinoplasty simply smoothed out a bump from the bridge of her nose and the chin work defined the jaw line a bit more. Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon, estimates that Clinton also underwent dental work and received Juvederm – a dermal filler – to disguise her “gummy” smile.

Chelsea Clinton before and after surgery? (image credit Dr. Walden’s celebrity blog (Plastic Surgery Celebrity) she explains that the filler served to plump the top lip, transforming Clinton’s smile and redefining her face.

Clinton had the good fortune of averting a bad cosmetic surgery experience by opting to go light and natural. In contrast to cases like Kate Gosselin and Daryl Hannah, which have completely altered the celebrities’ faces making them nearly unrecognizable, Chelsea is clearly a better version of herself.

Everyone, including those in plastic surgery, acknowledges the former First Daughter’s elegant transformation.Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky wedding (image hosted by

Dr. David Shafer, a plastic surgeon in New York, has commented on her improving looks over the years – an accomplishment all strive for but few successfully achieve.

As a result, Chelsea became happier after her transformation as she prepared to begin the newest chapter in her life.

The three made over areas – the nose, chin, and smile – in combination with weight loss and a new hairstyle refined Chelsea’s look and transformed her into a sleek bride ready to shine on her special day.

With successful weight loss and Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery, she boosted her confidence to walk down the aisle last year.

Thanks to her hard work and tasteful selections, Chelsea’s new career and marriage are off to a beautiful and confident beginning.

Chelsea Clinton Before & After Pictures

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  1. Chelsea Clinton’s plastic surgeon is indeed a miracle worker, but no amount of surgery qualifies her to be anything but a talking head. The notion of her being qualified for the US Congress is a tired joke.

  2. I disagree strongly with the cruel description of Chelsea Clinton as a “talking head”! Chelsea certainly has handled her celebrity status very well thus
    far. She has been in the limelight since she was a child. She is intelligent and well-educated and is now married and expecting her first child.
    Chelsea is to be admired rather than ridiculed. Her parents have every right to be proud of her.

    Chelsea can handle herself well in any situation, political or social. She will make a wonderful Congresswoman and an excellent parent as well. She has grown up in the world of politics and is supremely qualified to be a member of congress.

  3. Carlie is right. Only through plastic surgery has homely Chelsea been marginally transformed — surely something that the “dead broke” cannot afford. As Judge Judy said best, Augmented “beauty fades, dumb is forever.”

    Her skills at public discourse and politics are primitive and pathetic. Even the terrible skills of her mother, Hillary, are better than those of Chelsea, and we know this as fact since she’s been seen very few times as even a token talking head on any newscast. As to her contributions to society, despite her education, where are they?

    The Clintons, all of them, are has-beens and will be remembered for the stained blue dress. The sooner the USA is done with them, the better.

  4. Rose Winebrenner says:

    True beauty comes from within. No amount of plastic surgery will help anyone become more beautiful than what they already are. However, we all have the ability to improve our outer shell by transforming our beliefs from the inside. The outside is just a reflection. Who cares about a “gummy” smile as long as it’s a true one? Good luck to Chelsea and may God bless her and her whole family. May we all learn to focus on our inner beauty. Peace.

  5. Joyce Luna says:

    She look better and better each time because it is done a little at the time and nothing to make her look hard.
    I wish her happiness as I think she deserves it.

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