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Cheri Oteri and the notion of cosmetic surgery has been speculated for the past couple of years, since the star has begun to age some but is showing no signs of being in her late 40s.

Cheri Oteri, who was born Cheryl O’Teari on September 19, 1965, is a comedic celebrity actress who is perhaps best known for her stint as a Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member from 1995-2000. Perhaps her most memorable performances on SNL were when she did celebrity impressions.

Cheri Oteri before and after? (image hosted by has impersonated Barbara Walters, Jennifer Lopez (see also has Jennifer Lopez had surgery?), Judge Judge, Mariah Carey (see Mariah Carey before and after), Kathy Lee Gifford and even Ross Perot.

She is a gifted comedian who during and after leaving SNL transitioned to comic films such as Liar Liar, Dumb and Dumber, Scary Movie, Inspector Gadget and Southland Tales.

She also has made numerous guest appearances on several television shows. While she worked on SNL she was often regarded for her fresh-faced, girl next door looks but that was when she was in her late 20s early 30s.

As a middle-aged woman who will be 50 in four short years, Cheri Oteri does not look to have aged much which has caused fans and celebrity bloggers to question whether or not she has had celebrity cosmetic surgery.  When actors and actresses reach their middle age, it is perfectly normal for fans to start asking these types of questions.

In the same vain, you might ask has Julia Roberts had cosmetic surgery? And judging by some of the pictures, other popular celebs such as Kim Kardashian are rarely out of the headlines these days for the same reasons (see also Kim Kardashian surgery before and after).

Has Cheri Oteri Had Cosmetic Surgery?

No reports have indicated that Cheri Oteri has admitted to having plastic surgery but then again, she has not denied the rumors either.

After appearing on a few red carpets in 2009 looking noticeable “refreshed”, which is sometimes code for “work has been done”, the blogosphere erupted in searches for the actual plastic surgeries Oteri may have had done.

There are several noticeable differences in her face that prompted people to question some facial features that look a lot different now than say five or ten years ago.

It is alleged that she has had a facelift without surgery, an eyelift, a blepharophasty (eyelid surgery), conservative rhinoplasty, a chin implant, botox and facial fillers.

Again, Oteri has neither confirmed or denied any such plastic surgery. In Hollywood, cosmetic surgery is an all too common occurrence but many celebrities are still guarded about disclosing such information. It is like the last big taboo that everyone is doing or perhaps more accurately, hiding in plain sight.

Cheri – Before and After?

When one looks at the comparison before and after pictures of this popular celebrity comedienne, there is a suggestion that Oteri may have had some work done but what that is only a best guess.

A rhinoplasty does seem possible because in her “before” pictures, she had a more rounded nasal tip and now her nose is a little thinner.

If, in fact, she did have a nose job it was in fact a subtle procedure. The chin implant that she is rumored to have had does seem possible as well because her face before was more rounded and now her chin is much more pronounced.

The jury is still out on the claims of a facelift or the eyelift. Her face does not have that tightness that most people who have had a facelift have.

It is more likely that Botox, fillers, or even laser treatment are the culprit because she does not have any wrinkles to speak of and that would account for the extreme shine of her face in recent photographs.

Cheri Oteri 2002 Video – Before & After Comparison

Hollywood is a tough world for aging actors and actresses. Many are in competition with younger more fresh-faced actors for coveted movie roles and so many turn to plastic surgery in order to compete.

It’s interesting therefore, to compare today’s pictures with past images.

This video from 2002 provides an interesting opportunity to see how Cheri Oteri may have changed.

As far as Cheri Oteri plastic surgery is concerned, until she confirms this point,  there are only rumors – as there are for many top celebrities who refuse to divulge the secrets of their good looks publicly.  Good surgery, bad plastic surgery? The truth is no really knows.

Has She? Hasn’t She?

This one is very difficult to call.  What do you think?

Has Cheri Oteri had plastic surgery?

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