Christie Brinkley

While many people might think she’s too old to make the tabloids, Christie Brinkley’s cosmetic surgery gossip still holds a prominent place in a lot of magazines to this day.

Brinkley, who held the longest running contract a model ever possessed in history with Cover Girl, is famous for her stints on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in the late 1970s and early 1980s, in addition to her marriage to Billy Joel.

Given that she’s made her career from her looks, it only makes sense that Brinkley would still draw a lot of looks in her 50s, but as the years go on even more rumors of celebrity plastic surgery fly.

Has Christie Brinkley Had Surgery?

Christie Brinkley before and after? (image hosted by she might have been eclipsed temporarily by Lady Gaga’s gossip or Angelina Jolie’s rumors, Brinkley has been a favorite target for plastic surgery celebrity speculations.

While Brinkley has been quoted in public as saying that she doesn’t rule out plastic surgery as an option, she has alluded that she’s “just too chicken,” or at least she was at the time she said it.

While she hasn’t become a victim of bad celebrity plastic surgery, not like Mickey Rourke or Michael Jackson had anyway, people expect to see certain signs of aging, even when you’re a blond bombshell.

And of course when people don’t see crow’s feet or laugh lines, and your skin remains taught and wrinkle free, that’s when the rumor mills start spinning.

However Brinkley hasn’t said yay or nay to whether or not she went under the knife, so all we have is supposed before and after pictures, supported by the opinions of fans and doctors who like to weigh in on the plastic surgery guessing game.

Christie Before and After?

It may seem unfair comparing pictures of Brinkley now, while she’s in her 50s, to when she was much younger, but you need to take a look at how she changed and aged over time to see whether or not there’s any weight at all to the rumors of her getting plastic surgery.

According to Celebrity Plastic Surgery, there is speculation that Brinkley has gotten a brow lift, possible eye lid surgery and has most certainly undergone the use of Botox and face fillers like Juvederm and Restylane.

The justification for all of these declarations is that most women don’t age as well as Brinkley, no matter the exercise routines, genes or diet they keep.

Her forehead is wrinkle free, and the corners of her eyes are free from crow’s feet. Her skin is just as smooth now as it was decades ago, and it doesn’t appear to have any sort of sun damage.

Thin evidence for speculation, but since no doctors have stated they’ve performed procedures, and the rumors haven’t been addressed by the long term model either to confirm or deny them, speculation is really all that we and the tabloids have to go on.

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  1. I disagree. She does have crow’s feet and lines under her eyes. With the hat on, it’s difficult to see whether she has forehead wrinkles but there are no lines between the brows so restylane or botox is quite possible. I think it is quite feasible she hasn’t had plastic surgery. It’s a combination of good genes, staying in great shape, not having significant weight gains or losses, and eating healthy. What most women don’t realize is the sun is your enemy when you stay out in it. I know Christy is an outdoors person so don’t know what’s she’s done to protect herself. She’s still a beautiful lady as she approaches 60.

  2. her face outline is IDENTICAL from ’73 to ’08. bottom chin, outer cheekbone, top of hairline, her eyes are identical positioning. she’s only 19 in the ’73 photo so her nose and some inner features are still teenage more than full adult. nearly everyone’s nose changes form when they were 20 to 40. most of what she does is makeup application. her face has only changed with the aging process, not surgery. botox and other treatments are instantly noticeable if done to access or more than a few times. she doesn’t have that vacuum-dried skin look that those treatments can result in.

    for lack of better words and perhaps may sound comical but…middle aging and beyond a person’s head sort of warps a bit. it’s nature’s way of saying “older now”. the skeletal structure shifts/changes to almost look more bulbous. plastic surgery cannot reverse that nor ever catch that special something in young people’s eyes/skin. i’m 45 and most people think i look 35. however when i see a pic of me at 30 and go “wow”. i just look so young. i could diet perfectly, excersice perfectly, eat perfectly, go to best surgeon, and never come close to the Big Mac eating, beer drinking 25 fresh-faced winsome young man i was. and then a pic when i was 21? forget it. no supplement, diet or surgeon can get near that. she’s simply gotten older. it’s a natural part of life. this lady still is a natural beauty. she looks friggin’ amazing just like she looked friggin’ amazing in 1979. if a woman like her came up to me with those “hey good lookin'” eyes, i’d be one happy camper. she’s 12 years older? no problem. the females 12 years younger in the room wouldn’t outshine her or make her invisible.

  3. Patricia says:

    No matter how you look at Christy Brinkley, she is still as stunningly beautiful today as she was 20 years ago. And, so what if she has a little nip/tuck done. Who cares? Just look at her. Take a look at Lauren Hutton; another great beauty. She looks amazing. These beauties are in the limelight every minute of their lives. The “can’t” get old looking. The press would crucify them. After all, isn’t beauty what it’s all about in Hollywood.

  4. donna gilman says:

    Hello ………….Christy Brinkley looks Simply Amazing. I am 52 and feeling really old and like everything is going downhill for me, but looking at Christy at 59 makes me think I am using my age as an excuse for my not so perfect self. Time for me to change my Attitude about this old age hang up of mine, and get my rear into gear! Christy is an Inspiration ! Whatever she is doing, She is Doing it Right!!<3<3<3

  5. susan sarna says:

    I am 60 and also a former model and beauty queen and also look younger for my years. But, like it or not, age takes it’s toll. Particularly since Christie herself has said she grew up in Southern California in the sun with her brother. She may not have had any plastic surgery, but has to have had Botox and fillers. Whatever a person needs to do to look and feel like thy want to, is fine with me.

  6. Bernadette says:

    Christy absolutely had a facelift and some other work done. At first when she was still a bit swollen I was a little upset thinking she ruined herself, but as time has gone on, it shows the surgery was a success. She was always a beautiful woman and continues to be. She really is an inspiration to a lot of women and I wish her and her children only the best.

  7. Juanita Thomas says:

    That is just not true, I am almost her age and my forehead is wrinkle free, I have a few lines, but not as much as women 15 years younger than me. And since I have been exercising regularly, doing Eva Fraser’s facial exercise program as well and taking different vitamins my face has tightened up some and my jawline is much more defined, as a matter of fact it looks like I had a lift under my jaw, it is so much tighter.

  8. kim personette says:

    I must start by saying. I truly adore Christy but she has clear visable signs of wrinkles in corners of eyes and under them but whether she had work done or not doesn’t matter. You need to have natural beauty to start because work tightens and lifts but doesn’t make ugly look pretty. The doctors aren’t miracle workers. Christy will always be beautiful even with age and wrinkles. Age isn’t always the factor for wrinkles. . Diet, exercise, lifestyle and stress, drinking alocohol and sun exposure contribute to wrinkles. I have a friend in her 20’s that looks like 40. I am 41 and told I look anywhere from 28- 35. I do not smoke, drink, or worship the sun. I always wash my makeup off if I wear any which is rarely. I always put sunblock on my face and hands or use lotion with spf in it. My biggest bad habit is not wearing sunglasses and squinting..that gives creases between eyebrows.

  9. I think Christy may have had minor procedures to erase lines but she doesn’t really look like she had had any kind of serious surgery.

  10. It is not the point that she still looks good, it is the “bragging” that her face and body are all NATURAL….baloney

  11. I don’t think she’s had anything major done at all. If she’s had fillers or botox she’s done it very conservatively. The only thing she ‘may’ have had done is a chin implant. Her chin which was always small appears much more prominent and slightly more elongated although age and gravity can actually change the shape of the chin too. All in all, age has been kind to her and I really do think its genetics – flat out she just has youthful bone structure which serves her well.

  12. blackbird says:

    What a bomb shell she still is, How can man cheat on her. She is like a trophy wife. But I do wonder if she is Stuck up. Because she is so beautiful.
    Even at 60 she still looks great. Her daughter looks like Billy and has his brains and talent,

  13. Catherine says:

    Christie Brinkley is so fake, always with that stupid plastered smile, its obvious she is a miserable
    person, looking for attention, she really needs to grow up. No wonder she is always dumped, too much of a narcissis, sheesh!!!!!!!!

    • Mark Gaines says:

      you must be extremely insecure to say something like that. Christy is far from being a fake. She just happens to be one of those few rare blessed ones that are able to maintain a fabulous looking body. I have an aunt that is 70 with the same blessings from God. Aunty has never had any kind of surgery or botox or any kind of body alterations and she looks maybe 40.
      I haven’t ever heard any kind of negative feedback about Christy from the time she debuted in late 70’s. She just happens to be one of few and rare God fearing person in the lime light. I say “Good for her” and wish there were more people with her personality and moral values.
      The world would be a better place.
      So why don’t you look in the mirror for some time and throw some rocks at the image you see.

  14. kiki boubay says:

    She looks very natural most stars look fake and slightly scary after surgery , christie looks the same as always … perfect!!
    ps not everybody has to fall apart as they age if they eat right and workout.

  15. I am glad I am black-in general we age at a much slower rate and then not as badly as white women even those of us who did not avoid the sun. It is not simply sun exposure but the quality of the collagen and elastin which is thankfully thicker in ppl of color. that is why there is an multi-billion dollar business selling products ton thicken these proteins. these are the same proteins responsible for osteoporosis which is far more common in younger white and Asian women and not so common in African American women until much later in life. white women begin to show their age 15-20 years earlier and their hair also goes gray very early. These white celebrities do all kinds of things to stay young looking and are painted with a ton of make up, photo shopping, personal trainers, and then sell snake oil products to a gullible public.

  16. I doubt she’s had a facelift. She probably does lasers, botox, and fillers–all of which can camouflage sagging skin. Plus, she started out with the perfect face. And she has been doing that exercise machine she advertises for decades. She just has a freakin’ perfect face.

  17. just sayen says:

    I just saw her on Dr Oz she has had a chin implant, and cheek implants and obvious botox. you an tell. By the way what is up with her mouth I had no idea she had an underbite. She looks amazing! I do not believe she got her new wider chin and other perfections by slapping cream on her face.

  18. She is selling her skincare line on HSN now and many claims about her products making an “age defying” difference. I know a woman who is almost 70 and has a facial structure similar to Christie and although she has some wrinkles, she has a very youthful look. So it’s hard to tell with Christie but at 61 years old – I think it’s highly likely she has had work done on her face because she said she would not rule it out. I think that’s fine – but when someone sells a product and implies that’s going to turn back time with a cream, I don’t believe that. There are no close up shots of Christie during the presentation but I would say he looks about 40 – and she looks really good. She has the bone structure, teeth (famous smile) that help and actually I think she looks better now than before. I would have to say that her neck/chest area look very youthful too and she obviously works out and has great muscle tone. She says she was in the sun a lot most of her life….so why she has no sun damage is uncertain, but she claims it was “my creams.” A caller phoned in and said she received great results after two months of using Christie’s products.

  19. Ummm, she’s triangular. Triangular face, eyes, mouth, all triangles. She’s had so much work done on her huge face that it’s amazing she can still move her facial features at all. Fake teeth, hair….plus if you can find pictures that show her HANDS you will notice her ring finger is as long as her index finger. Look up what that means.

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