Christina Hendricks

Has Christina Hendricks Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Why is everyone talking about whether Christina has gone under the knife?

Christina Hendricks is a household name among the devotees of Soap Opera and TV shows. Her performance in the famed ABC cable television series, Mad Men, raised many eyebrows.

In 2010, Esquire magazine judged her to be the most beautiful women in the world. Such is her fame that British Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone, credited her with a role model for all full-figured women.

Actually, the fame was not instantaneous as Christina had to prove her acting talents in a number of television shows. Her modelling career spanned from age 18 to 27 before she made her mark on the popular media.

Did Christina Hendricks Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Before her appearance as a sexy office worker in Mad Men, there was little to talk about the busty beauty.

We know that with great fame comes great gossip, therefore everyone started to whisper about her body shape. Such intense was the topic that Christina had to publicly denounce gestures that pointed towards her voluptuous body and large breasts.

To her, media should only focus on talents rather than women bodies. Unfortunately, if that were the case, people would not be fanatic about modern TV shows.

What intrigued fans were the large visible breasts that somehow remained obscure before the Mad Men show. True fans of Christina praised her for her good looks and natural appearance.

On the other hand, the fame didn’t go well with some media pundits who always needed a Massala. Accordingly, someone exposed 1999 pictures of the actress in a well know adult magazine.

Interestingly, the picture provided the needed catalyst to fuel the controversy surrounding Christina’s figure. In the picture, her breast looked much smaller.

Christina Hendricks: “My Breasts Are Real!”

The 1999 adult magazine photo shoot of the scantly dressed beauty was not as noticeable as her small breast size.

It seemed that Christina has somehow magically transformed her A size to super-duper DD size. According to the Seattle based plastic surgeon, Dr. Phil Haeck, this phenomenon can be explained by the recent trend of women to go two cup size larger than a decade ago when they only insisted on a single cup augmentation.

Still, Christina and her fans insist that there is nothing phony about those breasts.

Recently, she told Daily Mail that “It’s so bizarre that people are constantly asking if my breasts are real or fake… They’re so obviously real that anyone who’s ever seen or touched a breast would know.

We want to believe Christina, but how would she explain the peculiarity in the 1999 picture?

Gaining some extra pounds cannot blow your breast size out of proportions. Someone commented on a website that her breasts look stuffed flesh-colored balloons down her top. Another pointed that one seems slightly larger than the other. Is this plastic surgery gone bad?

Bad plastic surgery stories are frequent, but when Marlo Thomas underwent plastic surgery, people didn’t have a clue as to why would she do it. Queen Noor plastic surgery is yet another prime example of something that was peculiar.

Christina Hendricks plastic surgery raises the same question as to what entice these celebrities to do what people may not want them to do.

Christina Hendricks Before & After Photos

Clearly, Christina’s breast are central to the celeb plastic surgery debate.  What do you think?


  1. Actually, I think if you look carefully at the 1999 playboy photos, you will notice, that her breasts were not that small even then. The bikini top gives no support and sort of flattens them out on her chest, so they look small from the side view. And since the bikini top is much too small for her breast, all you focus on is the top and the rest of her brest, that is flattened out to the sides in the front view, sort of blends in with the rest of her skin, so her breasts look small. If you look at the other women in the photo, you will notice the difference. That is definitely not an A cup in those photos, but easily a C cup.
    If you take into consideration, that she has gained quite a bit of weight since the playboy picture, she could have easily gone up a cup size or more since then. Plus we mostly see her in evening gowns with a lot of bra padding and support now a days, so that does make a difference in photos as well.

    So basically what is being compared here is a skinny gilr with fairly large, but unsupported and flattened out breasts and a much heavier woman in a corsetted and probably padded evening gown, that enhances everything to the extreme. There are your 2 cup sizes up without any surgery.

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