Cindy ‘Barbie’ Jackson

Cindy Jackson – Guinness Book of Records Holder

Cindy Jackson doesn’t quite fall into the same category as the other famous celebrities on this site.

Cindy isn’t a Hollywood actress like Kate Beckinsale or a film star like Kyra Sedgwick but she is famous for holding the most number of plastic surgeries by a single person.

Cindy Jackson shows off the results of her hands (image courtesy of Jackson was born in 1956 and was brought up in Ohio.  As a young dedicated art student, Cindy quickly became familiar with the utopian human form as depicted by famous artists such as Michelangelo.

As a youngster she had been criticised by peers for how she looked facially and physically as so began a quest to change her face and body.

In 2000, Cindy set the official Guinness record with 52 separate surgeries since 1988 and is the only person listed in that category.  In the 2012 edition of the book, she appears on page 81.

Cindy Jackson’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Cindy’s procedures and cosmetic enhancements reads like a cosmetic surgeon’s website –  so much  so that some have coined the term ‘Barbie‘ when talking about her.

So far, she’s had chin bone reduction, chemical peels, cheek and lip implants, jaw surgery, thigh, knee, waist and abdominal liposuction, two eye lifts, two nose operations (the first one was not satisfactory enough) as well as several facelifts (see also facelift alternative without surgery).

She’s also had Radiesse injections, Voluma treatments, hand rejuvenation (collagen) therapy and permanent make-up enhancements.

These days, Cindy lives in London, England and has done since studying at art college in 1977.  She is also a rock singer and songwriter who performs across Europe, even singing in French and German.

Following her succession of celebrity plastic surgeries, she is ably placed to offer advice and support to others and therefore, has own website where she had become a noted plastic surgery advisor, author. Cindy has also developed her own personal microdermabrasion product.

Cindy Jackson – Before and After

Perhaps the most interesting way to see the scale of Cindy Jackson plastic surgery is by watching one of the many news features that she has appeared in.

Here she is an ABC News feature.

Equally, take a look at some of these pictures to see if you can see the differences.  Whatever, Cindy’s enhancements are not examples of bad plastic surgery.  Far from it, in fact, given that she seems extremely pleased with the cumulative effect of her surgeries over the years.

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