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Has Claire Danes Had Plastic Surgery?

Claire Danes has been open about the possibility of plastic surgery.  She has said that everyone should be treated the same and if they want to have surgery they should be left out of the tabloids.

With her girl next doors looks and ageless face, many of her fans can’t help but wonder if Claire is trying to preserve her looks for the camera.

The beautiful Claire was actually named Claire Catherine Danes at birth. She was born on April 12, 1979, in Manhattan, New York.Clare Danes - has she had plastic surgery? (image hosted by /

Many are surprised to find out that Claire attended Yale University for psychology, but later decided the acting business was where her heart was. She has done several movies and appearances in television, but her most famous role was in My So Called Life.

Claire Danes before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by series, while short lived with only nineteen episodes, allowed Claire to take home a Golden Globe Award for her performance. She is also no stranger to the theater, as she has starred in many Broadway productions.

Her last movie was in 2009 titled “Me and Orson Welles”.

Many people have stated that she seems to have changed in several photo appearances, but she claims she has not had any procedures done.

In an interview Claire stated “I’m really fortunate in that I’m still quite young, and can get away with a lot, and my body is very forgiving. We’ll see how things progress. I think it’s great that women have so much choice now and choice in products that are backed by science. As long as people are aware of potential risks, and they’re working closely with a doctor, I say go for it,”

It has been long time rumored that Claire has had breast implants and Botox injections. Her lips appear plumper and his chest area has swollen from its once small state.

While Claire has an open mind about plastic surgery, she adamantly denies having anything done. Because stars live in the public eye people will always spread rumors whether they are true or not.

Other stars who deny having any work done is Julia Roberts. Some people have the ability to just age gracefully without surgery.

Claire Danes Cosmetic Surgery Rumors –  What Are They?

There have always been rumors of whether Claire has had plastic surgery or not.

Having Botox injections is very common in the younger Hollywood crowd and from the celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures; it appears there have been some injections of some type.

Claire Danes endorses Latisse, the eye lash growth product (image hosted by is not in doubt is Claire’s role as a celebrity model for the eye-lash enhancing product Latisse.  Apart from a news story that the product had discolored Claire’s skin, Claire is well known for endorsing it.  However, the use of Latisse hardly falls into the plastic surgery category.

Regardless of what her fans say, Claire has definitely aged well.  She still has a great deal more time before she should have to consider plastic surgery.

Unlike Joan Rivers and Dolly Parton (see Dolly Parton plastic surgery), who have been the hot topic of plastic surgery for years, Claire will probably be honest but take a more subdued approach with her fans.

Claire Danes Denies Plastic Surgery

Claire Danes denies plastic surgery (image hosted by plastic surgery gone wrong before and after pictures, it is clear to see why Claire does not want pressure on those who have plastic surgery.

Actors and actresses in Hollywood are full of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, but even if Claire has had something done it was all within good taste.

Some celebs go overboard and cause more harm than good, Claire is not one of them.

While Claire still has a few more years to really show her age and the need for a face lift, one can expect that she will be open minded and careful with the procedures she does select.

Claire Danes Before & After Photos

What do you think?  Has Claire Danes had plastic surgery?

Check out our before and after photo gallery and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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  2. She doesn’t look the same. Too bad

  3. She has DEFINITELY had Botox in her forehead. So obvious

  4. Definitely, bar the occasional glimpse I think she’s virtually unrecognizable now from her Romeo & Juliet days.

  5. You all need to respect her decision

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