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Has Courtney Cox Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Some people have said that there’s no such thing as aging gracefully in Hollywood; perhaps the Courtney Cox plastic surgery rumors and speculations are what they had in mind when making the statement.

Courtney Cox is currently in her 40s, but the actress first achieved her fame when she was cast as Monica Geller in the popular 1990s sitcom Friends (see also Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery).

Still beautiful, even by Hollywood standards, Cox has taken on a role in another series Cougartown which appears to be doing well, if not quite as well as her last show.

Of course when you’re middle aged and you still have a willowy body and your breasts have remained perky even after having a child and breastfeeding, people start to talk about what celebrity plastic surgery you’ve had done to keep in such top form.

Has Courtney Cox had plastic surgery - before and after pictures (image hosted by that, or they start wondering if you signed a contract in blood with a nefarious looking fellow who smells more than a little bit of brimstone.

Has Courtney Cox Had Plastic Surgery?

A pretty large part of the viewing audience, even fans of Courtney Cox and her work, have speculated that she’s had plastic surgery done.

Breast augmentation, especially after some scenes of her in a bikini on Cougartown have started the rumor mill going.

Reaching back into the actress’s past though people have accused her of almost everything, ranging from lip enhancement procedures to non-surgical cosmetic procedures like botox injections in her face.

And for the most part all the evidence we have are before and after images of Courtney Cox where she looks different in later years.

Now it should be pointed out that if you’re convinced a star has had some form of plastic surgery, you’re going to be looking for proof to prove you right.

No matter how impartial you try to be, you can’t make up your mind before you start looking at supposed evidence.

That being said, you also need to know the flaws and strengths of the camera in showing celebrity plastic surgery.

For one thing photographs can be easily altered, and we’re not just talking about airbrushing and Photoshop (which are still pretty common techniques for making celebrities look better than they do).

For instance, pictures taken of the same person with a different camera, in a different pose, from a different angle, with different lighting or even just from a different distance can change what the picture seems to show you.

Even things like background in the picture, the color that the person is wearing and the hairstyle that’s being worn can make a celebrity look dramatically different from picture to picture.

And that’s without taking into account all of the cosmetic tricks that can seem to re-sculpt a face, enhance natural good looks and hide the signs of aging.

Last but not least, there’s also the issue of time passing. Everyone looks different from year to year, and sometimes a larger bust or a rounder behind can be the result of the passage of years rather than the skilled hand of a plastic surgeon.

Courtney Cox Before and After?

We can start off with Courtney Cox’s public statements about plastic surgery.

Unlike some celebrities, like Julia Roberts (see also Julia Roberts plastic surgery), Courtney Cox believes that plastic surgery is a tool that any celebrity should have but that you, “have to use it sparingly“, in reference to not going overboard and possibly ending up with the plastic surgery gone wrong even on the level of Michael Jackson (see Michael Jackson surgery) and others who went too far.

The star has admitted to getting Botox injections, confirming what those who thought it was odd that a woman in her 40s didn’t have any wrinkles have been saying.

However Cox also went on the record saying that Botox is “fantastic and horrible.”

The reference of course being to the difficulty in moving your face with heavy Botox use can really cause problems for an actress who has to be able to express emotion convincingly for her audience.

As far as the rumors of Courtney Cox’s breast augmentations go, everyone that’s weighed in on the “she must have gotten plastic surgery” camp has said that the surgery was subtle.

However Dr. Anthony Youn said on Make Me Heal that he didn’t think Cox had gotten breast implants, or had work done on her chest.

Youn stated that, “some topless photos of her can be found online and she looks maybe slightly larger, but I doubt it’s by surgery“.

Youn is just pointing out, from a professional opinion, that Cox’s naturally thin frame makes her breasts appear larger than they are.

Cox has freely admitted that getting older isn’t easy and that she obsesses over her body and changes in it regularly, so it isn’t completely out of the question that what we’re seeing are more or less natural changes and upkeep, with a bit of non-surgical assistance.

But what about the other rumors about Courtney Cox surgery history?

The questions about just how natural her lips and flat tummy are, or the accusations that her smooth skin and facial features comes from a facelift (see also facelift alternative to surgery) rather than botox injections?

Well, as far as we can tell they’re just rumors so far. Cox has said that she doesn’t have a huge problem with plastic surgery, quoted in Make Me Heal, but on the other hand she didn’t offer to put up her chart and show us exactly what has and hasn’t been done to her over the years.

So what does that mean? It means that, as far as we know all the starlet has had done to herself is botox, which some might argue is the gateway drug of plastic surgery.

We know that she’s open to the possibility of surgery in the future, but we also know that she’s obsessive about keeping herself fit and smooth as she fights father time for every year.

We also need to remember that as long as there’s Hollywood, there will be a plastic surgery rumor mill.

Courtney Cox Before and After Pictures & Videos?

David Letterman interviews Courtney in 1987.

And then again in 1993.

And again in 2009.

And again in 2011.

What do you think? Has Courtney Cox had plastic surgery?


  1. Most definitely she has had the P-Surgery! I tuned into Cougar Town tonight and we both noticed how different she looked…actually this is what my guy said, “Is she starting to look more and more like Lilly Munster, or am I just imagining it?” She looks ridiculous…seriously, when will we get treated to women who look their age, are beautiful naturally, and do not wear clothing that 14 year olds wear? It is sending the wrong message and no matter how much P is injected, or imposed upon a 40, 50 or 60+ an older woman is an older woman! Demi Moore showed us that. Instead of trying to compete with a 20 something, how about we rejoice how amazing we are at our age and leave it alone! she kind of looks better, but in a ridiculously phony way!

  2. I agree. Watching Cougartown now. I’m losing respect for her, why do women have to do that. Her lips look so strange, not attractive.

  3. Saw Courtney Cox on Good Morning America today and she could move her face….watching her try to smile looked painful.

  4. She has that permanent grin like Joan Rivers. Even when she is not smiling, she is smiling. She looks ridiculous.

  5. I agree. Now that Cougartown has moved to TBS, they are rerunning the whole series so I have episodes from 2009 & 2010 that I have been watching and then one from the new season (2013) immediately after. It is SSOO obvious she has had work done on her face & a boob job. It’s sad b/c in the earlier episodes, she looked fresh & spunky — now she just looks fake — like she’s trying too hard. However, I cannot imagine the pressure to stay “wrinkle” and “sag-free” in Hollywood.

  6. beelzebub says:

    Just watched the latest episode of Cougar Town & she clearly had work done recently on her face, she looked totally plastic in the new episode & different from the rest of the season.

  7. Courney Cox looks AWFUL in the trailer to the new Friends movie. Stretched face, strange cheekbones, plastic looking lips – awful. Whoever did all that to her should be horse-whipped and forced to give her a full refund, because they’ve done a horrible job. She was beautiful as she was and didn’t need to be messed up like that.

  8. I read this because I have always liked Courtney Cox and have always though her beautiful, so I guess I was curious. Yes, her lips are definitely different now, anyone can see that. But….why are we so obsessed with who has and hasn’t had surgery or procedures? I feel after reading this we should leave people alone to do what they want to do with their own faces and bodies. I include myself in this and won’t be reading any more of this stuff.

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