Dennis Avner ‘Catman’

Dennis Avner ‘The Catman’: Most Extreme Plastic Surgery Ever?

When you say that someone, in this day and age, has spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery you’re unlikely to even turn an eyebrow.

Dennis Avner 'The Catman'  (image hosted by you say that someone’s been getting regular plastic surgery since the year 1980 you’ll get a shrug. When you say that someone has done both of these in an effort to turn himself into a tiger though, people start to sit up and take notice.

Dennis Avner, known to most people as Stalking Cat or Catman, has undergone countless hours of plastic surgery at a great expense to attempt to achieve a oneness with his spiritual totem animal, the tiger.

 The Catman after plastic surgery (image hosted by the native American totemic journey has taken many forms, with people attempting to follow the positive qualities of the totem animal they identify with, Catman (see also Cat Woman cosmetic surgery) has taken it to an extreme by getting implants to re-shape his face, in addition to a fanged denture plate, steel whisker holders in his cheeks, and more tattoos than can readily be counted.

Doctors quoted in the Seattle Times have suggest that Stalking Cat suffers from a form of body dysmorphic disorder; an obsession with the appearance of one’s own body and how it must be changed.

People who suffer from this mental disorder are rational, and they can explain themselves and their desires in ways that make sense.

However, according to these doctors, plastic surgery is based on the idea of informed consent, and it is the opinion of some in the medical community that Stalking Cat has been medically maimed in ways that cannot be reversed, and that this was an irresponsible action on the part of the surgeons that performed some of the more extreme body alterations on Avner.

If you watch interviews with Avner though, he seems content. But he does have other changes in mind as well.

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