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Has Diane Sawyer Had Cosmetic Surgery?

One of the most accomplished female broadcast journalists, Ms. Sawyer currently anchors ABC’s flagship program, World News Tonight.

She began her exemplary career in 1967 as weather girl for WKLY-TV in Kentucky after winning America’s Junior Miss scholarship pageant four years earlier.

She was recruited into the Nixon administration for a time but by 1984, Ms. Sawyer became the first female correspondent for 60 Minutes. She went on to anchor Primetime Live and Good Morning AmericaDiane Sawyer - did she get plastic surgery? (image hosted by divadebbi.blogspot.com)She has received numerous awards including the Peabody.

Born Lila Diane Sawyer on December 22, 1945 in Glasgow, Kentucky, she has spent at least four decades in front of television audiences worldwide.

Any hairstyle changes and quirks in her facial features are constantly examined. Diane Sawyer in her latter years looks impossibly better than she did 30 years ago.

Is this Diane Sawyer after having plastic surgeries? (image hosted by http://homelessinportland.tumblr.com)

Her name is casually mentioned in discussions of celebrity plastic surgeries, but has Diane Sawyer ever been under the knife?

Diane Sawyer- Aging Gracefully

Photos of a 16-year old Diane Sawyer as a pageant queen hint at a beauty in bloom.

Being a public figure, the evolution of Ms. Sawyer from Southern belle to accomplished journalist was chronicled by the press. It is easy to see from available photographs that she has benefited from good genes, skilled makeup artists and healthy living.

A 16 year old Diane Sawyer as pageant queen (image hosted by http://homelessinportland.tumblr.com)

It is safe to surmise that she has had some help, albeit very subtle procedures by highly skilled professionals who eschewed dramatic transformations for tasteful tweaks to maintain her natural beauty.

Diane Sawyer and her representatives are quiet on the topic. There will never be any Diane Sawyer plastic surgery gone wrong pictures because she has chosen to age before her audiences’ adoring scrutiny, rather than risk an overdone cosmetic job like Joan Rivers.

Subtle Procedures For Diane Sawyer – Before & After Pictures?

Diane Sawyer - natural signs of ageing but not plastic surgery (image hosted by vanityhotel.com)The only before and after pictures available to show the changes in Diane Sawyer’s features are those taken from year to year.

Crow’s feet and eye bags are evident from current photographs. Wrinkles on her forehead that can be easily erased with Botox or Restylane fillers are noticeable under the makeup.

Nevertheless, experts and fans believe that she may have had a facelift or two to trim excessive sags and re-contour the face for a more youthful effect.

There is some loose skin on the neck, but not nearly enough to indicate being in her retiring years, so it is assumed that she may have had a neck lift as well. Evidently, Ms. Sawyer has not had bad plastic surgery, unlike other celebrities.

Photographs of Diane Sawyer also indicate that the profile of her nose became more streamlined as she aged, suggesting minor rhinoplasty along the way.

She appears to be one of few fortunate women who retain their youthful pucker as they age, limiting the need for lip plumping. There are others who opt for natural changes; Susan Sarandon’s plastic surgery comes to mind.

So if you ever again wonder if Diane Sawyer’s had plastic surgery, look at her as the quintessential journalist that she is, a trailblazer for women of her generation.



  1. Wayne Tyler says:

    Who cares if she did . I think she looks 15/20 years younger.
    You go girl !!!

  2. Who cares who had plastic surgery?
    It is obvious when an older woman had work done to her face …… she might have a “younger lookin” face but you can see the aging process taking place ….. her neck, the way that she walks, her voice etc!
    Not to mention the rest of the body ……. it must be extremely stressful having to keep up with younger looking women ….. have confidence in who you are ….. I rest my case ……. if you go under the knife ….. it is impossible to hide it, , especially when you are in your 60 and 70’s!

  3. I stopped watching her evening newscast ….the fuzziness ..trying to make her looke younger hurt my eyes……oops look.talking about airbrushing….but to airbrush camera in a newsroom that’s a bit much..don’t you think?
    Thank you
    Mrs cross eyed

  4. diane sawyer is a very powerful and smart women.she could do whatever she wants to do to her face.the most problem is most amercan women like to gossip.they wish they had the money to have plastic surgery.go for it diane.

  5. Bobbie Greene says:

    I love Dianne since I was a young woman, when the Nixson admin…”If a girl starts showing sag’s, unwanted dimples in the wrong areas, blemishes or age spots, why not” This last century has brought this new century, one to demand beauty at any cost” Dianne is not only recognized, awarded, and down right human when you speak to her, happily I have, then if she can afford it, I say Do It”
    Nobody is a Beauty Queen, no one has too…I’ve been called a “Dogg” but it matters nothing to me, because my face and body is not my consern, I smile within me to everyone and become the sweetest person when you meet me. “So if I can smile, and get a smile back from the heart, that’s all that matters” people who have vision, beauty, limbs, hearing, and normal beauty, who critic others for not having it, need to get educated on just plain old passion, love, and understanding, and beauty on not so beautifull girls! “Just figure it out and take care of what you CAN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • My beloved mother, Charlotte, had a face lift in Canada, right along with her sister-in-law, a Canadian. My brother and sister-in-law urged Mom not to go through with it. However, I told her to have the procedure. Although she did have complications from the surgery, they soon abated and she never regretted having the face lift. Today, would have been my mother’s 99th birthday. I am happy that she was always “beautiful,” in every way possible.

  6. Bobbie: Beautifully expressed! Bravo.

  7. Who the hell cares? I’ll tell you: Only the 40-somethings and younger who will NEVER look as good as she does now.
    What’s with all the whining? The docs can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and her current outstanding look is as much a result of genetics as it is of any scalpel. I agree with Wayne Tyler: You go girl!!
    She’s a class act with looks to match, 68 or 28 years old.

  8. judy austin says:

    I’m 68and I wish I looked as good as Dianne,if I had the money I certainly would have my eyes and lips bone in aheart beat,she is a beautiful woman, and so nice and kind I would love to give her a hug and shke her hand.so it is her choice, so just leave the beautiful lady alone.judy68insc.

  9. Alan Allen says:

    She looks beautiful now, and before.

  10. JEANNE E. S says:


  11. Sarah, I respectfully disagree; we have no right to the private side of a celebrity’s life; we pry via the gossip rags, which celebrities pretty much know comes with the territory; but medical procedures, which include plastic surgery, are off limits; I can instantly tell when a celebrity has had plastic surgery, and that’s enough for me…I don’t need proof.

  12. That couldn’t be Bill Cosby ? Above ? Then again, His M.O. is dumb white women.

  13. Ginger Hoffa says:

    I dont think Diane Sawyer was drunk on election night. She turns 69 the 22nd of Dec., and what do you expect of someone
    that age doing strenuous newscasts the way she does. Look at that old hag, Barbara Walters. She hung around ten to fifteen
    years longer than she should have with that old quivering voice. I am so thankful she finally decided to shut her mouth and
    rest it.

  14. Robert Stone says:

    Its up to the individual whether they have plastic surgery or not.When every thing starts to head south its time to have surgery why not.
    Most people dont admit that they would like to look younger than what they are.
    at the end of the day who wants to get old and wrinkled covered with age spots.
    Celebrities should have plastic surgery if they want,They are in front of hot cameras baking there skin and drying it up.

    Mr Robert Stone
    West Midlands
    United Kingdom

  15. Lynn Coleman says:

    I just want to know where she had it done! I am in, lol

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