Elsa Patton

Has Elsa Patton Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Elsa Patton’s experience is an example of what can happen when plastic surgery goes wrong.

Considering how important it is for her to look good at all times, it is no wonder why plastic surgery was her choice.

Something obviously went horribly wrong with her surgery. Looking at the before and after pictures from her plastic surgery shows the difference. There are a few reasons it failed.

Has Elsa Patton had plastic surgery? (image hosted by cafemom.com)Elsa Patton was born in Cuba and still has a very heavy accent. While her birth date is not publicly listed, we do know that she is over seventy years of age.

She was a true beauty in her younger days. Had she allowed herself to age naturally, she might have looked far better at this point. It seems that things went the opposite direction for this former Hollywood actress.

Elsa Patton: What Surgery Has She Had Done?

The most obvious reason why she ended up looking ridiculous is her age.

At seventy plus years old, her skin and basic form is not as receptive to celebrity plastic surgery. She reportedly had rhinoplasty surgery.

It just didn’t turn out as she planned. It is sad to see the results.

Now she is stuck with it for life.

After the surgery on her nose (see also Michael Jackson), she also had a lip filler injection and facial injections as well. None of that has helped her look better though.

Elsa Patton after cosmetic surgery (image hosted by dailymail.co.uk)She seems to become more grotesque each time she has a procedure performed. One might wonder at this point if she even realizes that it is useless. Her pursuit to vanity is leading her down a path that is useless. The more she does, the worst she looks.

Elsa Patton Before and After Photos

According to the media: her before pictures show a woman that actually looked far better.

While she did need to have something done to prevent looking seventy something, she has apparently had far too many of these procedures.

While some actresses like Meryl Streep have aged gracefully, Elsa Patton seems to wish to live in denial about her actual age.

It makes one wonder why this is a pursuit. After all, everyone knows your real age when you are famous.

Elsa Patton: “One Too Many Surgeries”

Elsa Patton after plastic surgery (image hosted by starcasm.net)Her public statements about the surgery are honest at least. She admits that she has had one too many surgeries. Therefore, it appears that bad plastic surgery can be just that, very bad.

While it might help a person look good at first, after a while the damage to the tissue and skin can have devastating affects.

One can end up looking like a burns’ victim rather than the beauty that they seek.

Elsa Patton’s surgery was obviously a horrible disaster. Her skin has collapsed and, according to her own admissions in the media, there is very little that she can do about it all now.

This is obviously not the desired effect that a Hollywood actress, who must face the cameras and the paparazzi, would desire. She seems to take it all in stride though.

Her own admissions of the truth go a long way in helping her through this painful issue.



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