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Emily Maynard & The Cosmetic Surgery Debate

Emily Maynard gained a lot of attention when she appeared on the Bachelor season 15. While she seems to have an impeccable figure, to some it is because of cosmetic surgery or enhancements. There have been many rumors regarding her increased bust line and faultless face.

Has Emily Maynard had plastic surgery? (image hosted by realitysteve.com)Born February 1st, 1986, Emily has been asked to return as next season’s bachelorette. She was dating Nascar great Ricky Hendrick who passed away in a plane crash.

One month after his death, Emily found out she was pregnant with their daughter at the tender age of only 18. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC, but is a country girl from Morgantown, WV. While she enjoys the city, she admits inside she is nothing more than a country girl.

Emily is known for her down to earth charm.

She was Brad Womack’s pick on The Bachelor, but the couple has since separated. Her greatest accomplishment in life is her daughter, Josephine Riddick “Ricki” Hendrick.

Being a single mom and raising her daughter is what her life is all about.

Whenever dealing with impeccable beauty, people will start rumors about plastic surgery. Some stars, like Michelle Pfeiffer , admit to having surgical procedures to enhance their aging face.

Since Hollywood demands perfection, these women have to keep up with every other pretty new face.

Emily Maynard yearbook photo (image hosted by dailymail.co.uk)

Older Hollywood stars do not seem to try to hide plastic surgery like the younger ones. Take for example Linda Evans and plastic surgery; she had obvious work done to preserve her flawless looks.

Younger stars, like Melissa Rivers do not like to disclose what procedures they have had done.

Has Emily Maynard Had Any Procedures?

There is a lot of gossip on the subject of plastic surgery and Emily Maynard.

While Emily is in the spotlight and being on one of the most popular TV shows, makes her a prime target for the fiery gossip.

Some people notice that her face nose is considerably altered, insinuating that she has had a bulbous nostril rhinoplasty. Her breasts are also possibly larger in shots making them a target for the rumor mill.

Some might argue that she is too perfect, suggesting that she may have even had fillers or injectables to her mouth to enhance her lips. While she is a young and fresh face, it is possible that she could look flawless and not have had any work done.

While there are many assumptions, nothing can be proven as fact. There are many times that Emily might look different in the various pictures of her.

Her hairstyle, cosmetics, even the lighting of the picture can all create the illusion that she may have had work done. At the young age of 24, most would say that Emily certainly does not need plastic surgery.

While she is not the 19 year old face she once was, she had enough beauty, inside and out, to be picked by Brad Womack on the Bachelor as his true love. Some may argue and say that she defiantly has had plastic surgery, but there is no proof.

Emily Maynard and Ricky Hendrick (image hosted by dailymail.co.uk)

Emily Maynard: Never Admitted To Cosmetic Surgery!

Though there have been several rumors regarding her nose and breasts, but Emily has never answered questions regarding plastic surgery.

Perhaps Emily does not want to be another statistic of bad plastic surgery. The television industry is full of celebrities plastic surgery gone wrong stories and she may have the natural beauty that requires no surgical procedures.

For now though, there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of substance to the Emily Maynard cosmetic surgery rumors.

Emily’s Before & After Photo Gallery

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  1. No doubt she’s had breast implants. The nose is different too. I wouldn’t doubt it, she is so vain.

  2. I think a lot of women are jealous of Emily. She’s naturally beautiful, smart, kind, and well off. She’s attracted the attention and love of some amazing men. She has a sweet daughter. She has it all. Something a lot of women DON’T have and couldn’t HAVE even if they had all the plastic surgery in the world! Did Emily have some work done? I don’t know. And I don’t care. It doesn’t take away from the beautiful person she clearly is both inside and out. If she fixed a little something here and there, so what? Most of us women do a lot of things to look better: wear makeup, color our hair, wax that moustach off, get our teeth fixed, etc etc etc. If we had the money to enhance a thing or two, many of us would. So leave Emily alone and work on your own “ugliness” (meaning, your hate towards her out of jealousy because you yourselves are insecure).

    • Thank you Paige, I have to totally agree! I also believe part of
      The reason Emily is portrayed so attractive is a lot of her beauty is her personality
      and heart. That makes her even prettier. A genuine sweet kind girl only
      Magnifies her outer beauty. Same old saying my mother used to tell me; is “you have to be
      Pretty on the inside to be pretty on the outside” is not just an ole wives tale but
      Is sooo true. It’s like taking vitamins and eating healthy!! (Your soul that is!)

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