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Did Erica Durance Get Cosmetic Surgery?

Erica Durance has thousands of fans around the world but the debate about Erica’s plastic surgery will not go away.

Born on June 21, 1978, Canadian actress and celebrity Erica Durance is famous for her role as Lois Lane in Smallville.

She has also been on many other shows including House of the DeadChris Isaak Show and Andromeda.

Has Erica Durance had plastic surgery?  (image hosted by this year she was cast in a modern version of Charlie’s Angels.  She is one of the most beautiful actresses around with her flowing blond hair, flashing eyes, and bright smile.

Has Erica Durance Been Enhanced?

But her beauty has also been the cause of much speculation.

As with so many female celebrities in recent days, Erica has been the subject of numerous rumors about having had plastic surgery. For instance, it has been suggested she has had breast implants; a photograph of her and others both known or rumored to have had this operation may be seen on the internet.

Other operations that Erica is rumored to have had performed on her include rhinoplasty (a nose job — more than one person have commented that it looks like she had a bad one), liposuction, and improvements on her eyes, jaws, and lips.

Plastic Surgery – What Erica Durance Actually Says…

Erica herself, however, denies all of this.

She has even stated in an exclusive interview for Buddy TV in 2007 that she dislikes the very idea of going into celebrity plastic surgery:

These folks don’t know me too well to think that I’ve done rhinoplasty and all those things. Besides the fact that I don’t like the idea of being in surgery and going under, I have these freakish ideas that you’d be awake during surgery and it totally freaks me out.”

Apparently, her breasts look larger as a result of weight lifting — specifically, bench pressing.

Certainly it is known that she does aerobic workouts on her treadmill and yoga exercises, but can working out with weights really make the female breasts get larger?

And she engages in many healthy forms of recreation, including kayaking, jogging, kick-boxing, snowboarding, and surfing.

She also eats a great deal of broccoli and other foods that are high in protein and low in carbs.

Anyone who looks at pictures of her taken between appearances in House of the Dead and Smallville will notice changes that are clearly the result of weight training.No before and after pictures for Erica Durance as she denies plastic surgery

Erica described how, when you are a celebrity, people who do not know you too well often make unwarranted assumptions (see also Hilary Duff).

They may take casual looks at different photographs and then jump to the conclusion that something unnatural has been done.

As to the idea of a nose job, concealer can make that part of the body look a lot thinner.

There ‘s no real proof Erica ever had cosmetic surgery. As the photo to the left shows, she doesn’t really need it either.

The real reason this kind of media hype starts is because of the impression that a woman’s beauty as she ages decreases and needs to be artificially revamped.

Also, the way a person looks in a photograph depends on how the picture was taken:  the lighting, viewing angle amongst other things (see also Christina Aguilera).

Many of her fans simply do not care whether Erica Durance’s surgery has happened or not— they simply love her and admire her great beauty and talent.

Erica Durance – Before & After Pictures…?

Take a few minutes to look at some of the many celebrity pictures of Erica below and decide for yourself whether she has indeed gone under the knife and had plastic surgery.

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  1. am not in support of such propaganda says:

    people wil try as much as possible,to investigate before jumping into conclusion,erica durance is a kind strong,perceptive,lovely and sexy woman i have ever seen,she have an examplary character,thats quite emulating,so people stop leveling acusation on her,she s innocent,NO plactic surgery s done…

  2. she was prettier b4 she had the plastic surgery now she is just like every one else in hollywood nothing but plastic why erica why not keep the body you use to have now you have all these scars that i am sure you didnt want cause of all the bad plastic surgery you had if you would of just kept your body natural you wouldnt of had this problem

  3. jasmine benjamine says:

    i think we should give
    Erica the benefit of the doubt

  4. I grew up with this beautiful young lady. Unless she has changed a whole lot since then she WILL NOT have gone for surgery. She was terrified of the thought of surgery when we were younger. So no, I don’t think she has gone ‘under the knife’.

  5. She was topless in House of the Dead, when she was 24yrs old. (

    She’s had breast implants. And you can’t enlarge your chest by doing bench press exercises. It’ll strengthen the support of the breast, but certainly not make them that much larger.

    • Ellen Stokes says:

      I had forgotten how small her breasts were in HOUSE OF THE DEAD till I saw the movie on dvd again last night. Unless she took something similar to what Angelina Jolie took before she played the role of Lara Croft years ago (I read that Angelina said she took something to enlarge her breasts for the role and took too much and they were larger than she planned, but I forget what it was that she took.), then I have no clue how Erica Durance’s breasts could have gotten so much larger from the time she was in HOUSE OF THE DEAD until she was in SMALLVILLE. Her breasts were MUCH larger in SMALLVILLE than in HOUSE OF THE DEAD. Anyone can see that and unless you get pregnant or gain a lot of weight, your breast size doesn’t increase that much and especially not that fast, on it’s own, simply with diet and excercise. I haven’t paid much attention to her nose, but her breasts are noticeably larger.

      • carl anderson says:

        In House of Dead Erica is thinner , her ribs show as she takes top off . In Smallville episode she’s in a red bikini look at arms down of both movie and episode and look at the female six pack , so she can do some of her own stunts fighting and fall back . She got more meat arms up in fight club cage ribs do not show .

    • carl anderson says:

      Look carefully at the images House of Dead Erica’s , ribs are showing along with multi center ridges. In other words she is thinner , not skinny more of a healthy car show models figure.On Smallville TV show she has more meat on her bones and weight training means she puts her arms in back and flex chest muscle under her breast . She is long torso short legged so her boobs draw my eyes faster. Also she is married last name Durance must of or maybe had a baby or babies during shows run since she has been on first guest star later regular . Notice there are other stories , minus Erica and when on show MILK breast maybe . I have notice breast size changes for costumes depending what she wears ah wonder womanish comic con costume hidden push ups or marriage cancellation sad braless look .

    • carl anderson says:

      Correct but you eat more food and pump correct iron , She can flex her chest muscles and breast poke out more . This is handy far body language , ready to rumble pointy , sad braless look ah a bit saggy .

  6. Nah, I don’t believe she got any plastic surgery. Boobs can grow as you age or change your diet. Mine did — unintentionally — when I gained some weight, but when I worked off the extra weight, the boobs remained just as big. I have the same body frame as her, though just a few inches shorter in height. And hey, if working out can make men’s pecs look big, why not for women as well?

    As for Angelina, she didn’t take any boob enhancing pills. She openly admitted to having to wear a boob enhancing bra for Lara Croft movie. She was already a C-cup, but they wanted to make her resemble the character’s proportions more.

    • Valerie she has most definitely had breast implants and only the most hardcore fanboy or girl would refuse to accept this. She was nude in House of the Dead and she was a B cup at most. Now she’s at least a large C, with full round breasts that are unnaturally separated at all times regardless of bikini or blouse that she’s wearing. She gained breast size without having kids, without gaining weight. As a matter of fact she LOST weight and became tone & fit while her breasts remained HUGE. I have no problem with a woman having implants. I do have a problem with someone being so vain they will lie about the obvious work they’ve had done. This is the 21st century and celebs have thousands of pictures taken of them and available online to see. You can’t get away with the kinds of lies you used to in the Joan Collins days. It just makes Erica look bad to lie about this rather than admit it or even just say “no comment” or “mind your business.”

  7. Maybe this will answer the question about facial plastic surgery. In her first season or two of Smallville she had two deep facial lines around her mouth. One on each side. I remember thinking she’s too young to have lines like that. Then around 2008-09, POOF they were gone. That doesn’t happen naturally.

  8. Come on, for several seasons her facial lines around her mouth had disappeared. Maybe the Network made them disappear electronically. That’s rude, she was beautiful from the beginning. She should know this. K

  9. Connie DeVivo says:

    Erica has definitely had plastic surgery. The shape of her nose and face has changed. Initially her nose was improved. It is obvious that what I saw on previous programs is definitely her. Her acting ability is superb and her voice and facial expression remain the same. The plastic surgery has done her justice and her acting ability is great. The improvement has gained her fame and fortune…

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