Fan Bing Bing

Fan Bing Bing is a Chinese actress and singer, best known for her role as Jin Suo in a television drama in Taiwan called Princess Pearl back in 1997.

This show was very popular in mainland China and a sequel to the film came out a year later.

Fan was born on September 16, 1981 in Qingdao, Shandong and was raised in Yantai, Shandong. She has done several other films since Princess Pearl and has become a very popular actress in China.

Other than acting, her fame includes, posing for magazine covers, being a spokeswoman for television commercials, and singing. She has also released several albums.

Has She or Hasn’t She Succumbed to the Knife?

Fan before any surgery? (image hosted by many people claim that they can prove that she has had plastic surgery, Fan continues to deny it. As a matter of fact, she wishes to dispel the rumors so badly that she has actually taken the case to court…and won!

In 2009, a Chinese hospital in Beijing had been ordered to pay the actress 100,000 in yuan because they used her photo illegally to promote their plastic surgery skills.

She says that this rumor hurt her reputation and she maintains that she has not had any celeb plastic surgery.

Despite  winning her court case, there are still skeptics who insist that her features appear to be altered, especially her eyes and the shape of her face.Fan after enhancement procedures? (image hosted

These people claim that they can see that the shape of her face is more sculptured than before and that she has had double eyelid surgery.

They also say that her eyes now appear to be larger. What do you think?

These claims bring to mind other celebrities who have been said to have had plastic surgery but deny or minimize it. Two such celebrities that come to mind would be Sharon Stone and Rihanna.

Amid the rumors, people have come to all kinds of conclusions.

Some suggest that maybe her photos have been airbrushed to achieve the larger eye appearance and more sculpted facial features.

However, despite her obvious offense to these rumors, there are some who still insist that she must have had plastic surgery.

This group of people maintain that the differences in her features are just too obvious to ignore. Still others suggest that perhaps her facial structure has changed on its own due to natural changes.

As for Fan Bing Bing, it is said that someone of the same name did have plastic surgery at the clinic where she supposedly had surgery.

Fan Bing Bing – Before & After Pictures

They used her likeness to capitalize from her fame. That is why, in the case of Fan Bing Bing’s plastic surgery, she won her case!

Thus, no matter what anyone believes about her cosmetic surgery rumors, Fan is satisfied with the outcome.

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  1. farish Kamal says:

    without her previous photo can tell that she has gone for plastic surgery, because her face look shaper and her nose can look than she done the rhinoplasty her eye look different… all of this facial feature look static differrent for natural look.

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