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Has Goldie Hawn Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Where the cutting edge of beauty treatments meets super stardom, we can expect to find Goldie Hawn. Just don’t expect to hear her be very outspoken about the subject of plastic surgery.

Born in Washington, D.C. on 21 November 1945, Goldie Hawn is best known for her role in the television series Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, Foul Play (1978), Overboard (1987) and Private Benjamin (1980).

Goldie Hawn has long been tied romantically to Kurt Russell (since 1983) and is the mother of three, including Oliver and Kate Hudson (both from her second husband, Bill Hudson) and her third child, Wyatt Russell, is her only child with Kurt Russell.

Goldie Hawn before and after pictures (image hosted by

She is also a step-mom to Kurt Russell’s son, Boston (from his first marriage).

Goldie Hawn Autobiography: I Had Breast Augmentation

Her 2005 autobiography A Lotus in the Mud reportedly reveals that Goldie has in fact undergone breast augmentation in addition to frequenting cosmetic doctors for skin smoothing injections (perhaps laser resurfacing or Botox).

Goldie Hawn before plastic surgery? (image hosted by was also quoted in a 1992 edition of People magazine (vol.37 No.3):

Why would somebody want to talk about plastic surgery? I don’t think it’s anybody’s business.”

Goldie Hawn may occasionally fall victim to another celebrity plastic surgery rumor-mill but she has been allowed to age gracefully. This is due in part to her healthy lifestyle and not multiple trips under the knife.

Many are left wondering, though, with those beautifully arched cheekbones and full lips, if the iconic actress has in fact gone under the knife for some touch up work.

The overall consensus seems to be, that even if she has in fact had some work done, it’s not over the top and she is still as beautiful as ever.

Weighing 115 pounds at 5’6”, Goldie Hawn would appear to be a more likely candidate for touch up work on facial features and not more invasive procedures like liposuction.

Goldie Hawn after plastic surgery (image hosted by are too many celebrity bad surgery stories, see for example Mary Tyler Moore. Besides what was told in her autobiography, Goldie Hawn has managed to keep her surgery secrets under wraps while keeping the words true -“less is more.”

Dr. Paul S. Nassif has been quoted on stating “Goldie Hawn may have had filler injected to her lips, as they do appear more pouty in certain photos. Overall, if filler was injected, it was not too overdone. Her look still appears natural.”

The “trout pout” look is a nickname given when the filler starts to wear off and a noticeably uneven effect is left in the injection site. For Goldie Hawn, this may be a result of Restylane or Juvederm.

On the flipside, many Hollywood critics have noted that Goldie Hawn’s face looks much different now than when she started in the film industry. Other critics would say that some plastic surgery may do her some favors.

Goldie Hawn – Before & After: Then and Now

Did Goldie Hawn have plastic surgery? Recent pictures show Goldie Hawn with a larger, upper lip and cheekbones that appear to be lifted or possible implants.

Goldie Hawn before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by

Her natural glowing beauty shines through, although her skin is showing aging, especially on her neck and chest.

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  1. Joe Rossi RPData says:

    So what if Goldie has had a little surgery, she is a beautiful and intelligent actress and deserves to do whatever she wants.

  2. Kris Eubanks says:

    I have loved Goldie since I first saw her in Laugh-In, but she has impressed me with her ability to stick with it all these years. I remain a big fan. My favorite movie is Overboard, both she and Kurt shinned!

  3. Shows you what happens when you use the lethal tobacco drug!

    • Carl Levinson says:

      Yep, smoking makes you look 20 years older (as in sea hag), besides wrecking your health and life. Tobacco should be banned, now. We should prosecute the tobacco pushers, too. Tobacco is terrorism.

  4. Anna jones says:

    So what! if you had the $$$ you would do it also. She is a beautiful person inside and out. You people kill me with that jealous heart of yours.

  5. Its amazing what folks post about celebrities. Look at your own youthful photographs, then look in the mirror today, we all age, some of us beautifully and some of us not. As with all of us, she has the right to age naturally or fight it with all means available to her. I always enjoyed her humor.

  6. Joe Mason says:

    She’s old now, especially for a actress, almost 70. Throw sun damage in the mix, living in Malibu. She had her day, most than one can dream of.

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