Greta Van Susteren

The Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery story is no secret, as this legal analyst for a host of television shows has publicly talked about her eye lift.

Greta Van Susteren was born on June 11, 1954 in Appleton, Wisconsin, and she has gained international recognition for her legal commentary on a number of television news shows.

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery (image hosted by currently has her own show and is quickly making a name for herself on the talk show circuit. She first hit the public stage as a legal analyst for CNN during the O.J. Simpson trial.

She then went on to work for CNN in a variety of roles, but she has recently changed to Fox News where she has her own show and makes nearly 1 million dollars per year.

Many, however, have speculated on the job offer and the plastic surgery that was completed before Susteren went to work for Fox News.

Greta Van Susteren before and after pictures (image hosted by

Greta Van Susteren: I Had A Cosmetic Surgery Eye Lift

This media journalist has gone on the record during an interview with People magazine and has openly talked about her eye lift.

She has done this much the way that Cameron Diaz’ plastic surgery has been discussed. Her procedure is known as an eye lift, and the star says that she was tired of the black bags under her eyes, and she had a month in between jobs.

Greta van Susteren before and after eyelift (image hostesd by

During this time, she decided to have an operation, and there are no worst plastic surgery pictures that are found with other celebrity plastic surgeries.

Most have commented on the improvement that Susteren has accomplished with her new look, and many have talked about its effects on her new job.

Does Cosmetic Surgery Go Hand In Hand With A Career Move?

Greta van Susteren (image hosted by wonder if this news personality went under the knife for her new high paying job with the Fox News Network.

She is the recipient of nearly a million dollar a year salary as a result of the bidding war between Fox and CNN. Before she went to work for Fox News, the star went public about her operation, and this has left many wondering whether it is associated with her new job.

There are good chances that this is the case, as before this time, she was known for her indifference to her public appearance.

Greta van Susteren in younger days (image hosted by the truth is, her results are far better than the Michael Jackson plastic surgery that was the perfect case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Greta Van Susteren has a brand new job and a brand new eye lift to go with it. This television personality has been open about her surgery, and she has gone on the record to talk about her eye lift.

This is a procedure that relies on an eye tuck, and it is the third most popular type of plastic surgery in the United States. Most of the pictures that have been shown are surprisingly good, and people are talking of the new plastic surgery celebrity and her new television show for Fox.

The Greta Van Susteren cosmetic surgery is an issue that is public knowledge.

Greta’s Before & After Pictures

Do you like Greta’s new look?  Should she have had it done?

Leave a comment below to let us know.


  1. francine says:

    don’t like it still looks old

    • For the love of all things green…. she is old. Human beings are so pathetic. Oh no an old looking person doing there job….how can we allow this? Lets bully people into getting plastic surgery! That’s It!

    • Suisse Miss Riss says:

      She looks GREAT!!!

    • Marian Barnes says:

      I think she looks great-better than some of the silly women like Kelly -she’s got looks brains and heart-thats a good combination

    • Patsy Yarbrough says:

      She looks great for 60 years old though, right??

    • Carole Drennan says:

      The object of facial surgery is not to look younger (this often results in a bizarre and irreversible change), but to look better. Of course she’s going to islook “old”. She is “old”, compared to some people. She does look refreshed, without going off the deep end of the world of radical procedures. This tells me that she and her surgeon decided on a sensible course of correction, and actually improved her appearance.

    • johnsnare says:

      Greta is a very talented news lady, and was never o.k., in the looks department. {Plastic surgery did not help her, since she is a natural born ugly gal.

      • Jay Arthur says:

        You called that opinion correctly. Greta ate ugly pills for breakfast, & is a poor excuse for plastic surgery….Greta; all you shekels will never get U in tage pretty store. Give it up, & tear up the contract from CNN. I change channels after a few minutes, no point in paying cable channels to see an ugly broad, when there are some really beauties……Sorry Greta, no offense, you don’t cut it…..

    • She had an eye lift, not an age lift. You will, hopefully, grow older and hopefully will gain some compassion and empathy along the way.

  2. to me she had more than her eyes lifted ,if you notice her chin. and now when she talks her mouth hardly moves, looks funny

    • I agree. She had something done to her mouth/lips/jaw. Her lower face hardly moves when she speaks.

    • Yes she should have stopped a long time ago. They did a great job on her face and neck. Now she looks frozen and plastic. Still I would like to know who her plastic surgeon is even though that I cannot afford it. I would like to get even my nose done. r3 notI had a grand mile seizure and broke it..My seizures were not diagnosed prior.

    • Oh yes! You are right! She likely had a mid-face lift as well as something done to her nose and maybe a softening of her chin. Her eyes are overdone and even now look very odd. Bad plastic surgery! She tried to do too much. Surgeons are not supposed to try to make you look like someone else. At least the good ones don’t. Overall she looks “stretched”.
      I do have some knowledge after working with some fine plastic surgeons for 10 years.

  3. She still looks too MANLY…….

  4. I think she looks great! Most women would have something done if they could afford it. She is in the public eye, and like the men with hair pieces, she is keeping herself as youthful as she can. besides, she is a great newsperson!

    • K. Larsen says:

      i could not agree with Mary more here here to that comment i think she looks great.

    • ava laxton says:

      I agree. She looks great, but even better she is one smart lady. The haters hate that don`t they? I wonder why?

    • JILL REXFORD says:

      I think she looks great. She had plastic surgery before. Maybe 15 years ago. Good for you Greta.

    • John T. Moore Jr. says:

      I find her very attractive both intelligently as well as physically. She is Catholic trained no doubt. I only wish Fox did not have so many commercials that interfere with her. She did also a splendid job during the OJ trial and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. I am thinking that she just couldn’t be a Scientologist because she’s conservative, on Fox and simply too smart. I would love to meet and speak with her someday.

  5. David Huff says:

    Good for you Greta, Just remember true beauty comes from inside.

    • K. Larsen says:

      Greta looks great ,after all that she has been through in her life she looks amazing an still is an amazing news person on my personal favorite Fox NEWS . I am a 33 year old white male and i gotta say there ARE those of us who may not respond to all the bad things said on this web cite but please just we are out there .

  6. MARY ANDERSON says:

    Greta looks fantastic!
    I think she’s always been beautiful because she has a beautiful heart
    Being extra smart doesn’t hurt either!

  7. I think Greta looks fine. If she’s happy with doesn’t matter what other’s think.

  8. MzFlavor says:

    I like the new look on Gretta but her hair is way to light. If she darkens her hair a little she’d look much better.

  9. Evelyn Williams says:

    Greta does not look feminine, she is very boring and very masculine. Whatever the situation with her crooked mouth is, makes her look odd. I hate her in the new time slot. I really like Megan Kelly, she is a real “no nonsense” person. She is feminine and has a good “peppy” personality. Watching Gretchen could put you to sleep, she is boring!

    • She is boring but that wasn’t the question Evelyn.

      She’s working with what she was given from birth. Why don’t you ladies support her instead of looking to insult her.

    • heidigirl says:

      couldn’t agree more, but i don’t know how fox hired her with that horrible speaking voice. she can’t talk in a normal female tone she screeches. i can’t even believe she is married. let this one go fox,not only there plastic surgery for speaking?

    • shame on you evelyn. if you could afford it you would do it . greta is a beautiful person inside and out she is smart and thinks for the middle and lower class people she deserves better than your coments

      • I agree deedie..I think she is a breath of fresh air in news casting…really tired of the look down your nose , I know what is good for you, folks we see on the main stream media…they are the ugly ones..

    • I totally agree. Her mouth drives me crazy. It’s like watching a poor ventriloquist act. And she has that boring monotone to her speaking. Tonight she looked so dull and lifeless…no color to her makeup at all and it matched her hair. Not even a faint hint of lipstick. I don’t get her cavalier appearance.

    • Being a news anchor should be based on the quality of ones work, not on how big their boobs are and how short their skirts are. Kelly is ugly inside and out and has no talent what’s so ever. The hateful things she says and the ignorance supersedes that bleached blonde hair and eyes spaced on the sides of her head.

    • John T. Moore Jr. says:


  10. Phyllis mckee says:

    I personally saw Att. Greta Van Susteren in a Martinsburg , WV court trail that lasted for months in the early 1990 as Prosecuting Att. for, I believe the US vrs. the India Swami. She was a exceptionally bright lawyer. As for her new eye lift, she looks great.

  11. Dr. Mary Conley says:

    Women are always criticized for getting old! AND they bow to it. Instead of accepting aging as a natural process, we spend all of our time and money on cosmetics and looking good outward, instead of improving ourselves inside. America has become a country that punishes aging and throws the elderly aside. Instead of relishing our experience and wisdom this administration won’t stop until it has completed a holocaust on the unborn and the elderly. In 20 years we won’t recognize America!

  12. Shirley Hodge says:

    I think she is very pretty. She is very good at her job and I don’t how anyone can say she is boring
    I like Greta very much and think she looks great!!!

  13. Betty griggs says:

    Greta (sigh). Greta (heavy sigh). Greta (real heavy sigh)
    Get a softer more up to date hair style! A bob or something. Talk about putting your light under a bushel. You look like a transit bus driver. Let your attractive self shine through!

  14. She’s wonderful, very bright, and thank goodness for conservative news people like Greta

  15. Greta is one of my all time favorite. I watch her evey day. She is smart, caring, and I hope to be like her one day.

  16. I think it was a good financial move on her part. I would have done the same. It seems she talks out of the mouth occasionally.

  17. Johnny Boy says:

    Greta’s a perfect 10!!

    Her looks are a 3, but she earns a million bucks a year to make up for it!!

    Yeah, she still has a “look” about her……it’s just different. I thought she looks like Katey Couric’s homely sister! Hahahaha

  18. I think she is very pretty to heck what other people think. Also a 1st class commentater

  19. Annalisa says:

    I really think she looks beautiful and fresh faced now. I am glad she did it, she is among the best commentators out there. She looked so tired before.

  20. Greta’s surgery – eye lift, cheek implants, chin implant, jaw narrowing, neck lift. She looks great, considering how ugly was previously. That wasn’t easy… it takes a lot of money, and a huge amount of determination- she was brave to go ahead with it. But Fox would not have hired Ugly, so it did work for her. Greta’s world view and ideology remain hideously hateful, sorry to say.

    • you’re not sorry to say it…you’re cruel and she’s WONDERFUL! She wins – you lose.

    • Lee, I agree. I recall her looking very very ugly before surgery. When I search before/after pics, I find the ugliest ones (as I remember her) cannot be found. She certainly had more than her eyes done. I’ve always enjoyed her show. I’m a registered Independent getting more conservative as I age, so her politics don’t bother me a bit.

    • You are wrong, Lee. Greta was already hired at Fox for a considerable length of time before she had the surgery. She was lucky to have had an excellent result; so many turn out to be horrors. I have a great deal of respect for her, especially because she always dresses as a professional in her field, unlike the others on Fox that are dressed like hookers.

  21. Marian Barnes says:

    Greta is in a competitive area-while her mind is clear and fresh-her looks have to go with it-I have had
    a minor face lift and these procedures are painful and sometimes risky-Glad yours worked out Greta-you
    sure look better that Joan Rivers-ehat a comparison!

  22. Greta you’re beautiful! Great personality. Love your courage to go after the news that needs to be told. Your surgeries shouldn’t matter. Keep up the good work!

  23. kathleen says:

    I remember her old look with very long hippy hair and remember thinking she is so smart but why no style.

    How she got the look is her own business,

    I believe, if you have a problem and it bothers you, then fix it…if not… let it go.

    Far better than gobs of eye makeup, implants and hair extensions, like all the weather and anchor woman..

    I really think her mouth is stiff as a result of bells palsy… a virus which affects nerve endings…many have had it…sometimes corrected with botox a it does leave a droop with eyes and mouth…

    Sylvester Stallone is one example…not sure about her.

    Glad for her that she is comfortable in her own skin so we need to applaud that and just leave her alone.

    Good job, person and smart, smart…

    not everyone is a natural beauty…most are well put together and we would not recognize them on the street.

  24. kathleen says:

    On my prior comment, I do not know if she has every had bells palsy but may have a my family member and own patients in my practice, present similar issues and plastic surgery is a means of correction…it’s not always about vanity

  25. I like Greta and her looks have zero to do with anything, her ability to communicate is my liking for her. She looks the same to me, maybe younger.

  26. Vince Van Owen says:

    Liked her better as a man.

  27. Don Nichols says:

    I became familiar with Susteran when she gave legal interpretatons on WTOP in D.C. Personally, I would not call her a true conservative. She has to go with “the money flow” — in this case the fox-tv. I have always thought she looks masculine.

  28. She looks great!!! Everyone we spoke to thought she was between 36-45 years old. Never imagined 60!!! She is a great personality and newsperson. Love her. One of my very favorites. God bless her – she’s a great woman.

  29. Patsy Yarbrough says:

    I have watched Greta for many years. She is great at what she does. I think she is smart and VERY FUNNY. I love her new look and I wish I could afford to do it. 🙂 Some said she looked like she had more done than her eyes. Well, maybe so, maybe no. I just know she looks great!!! Keep on Greta!!!!

  30. Timothy A Freeman says:

    You are a very nice girl and think you are extremely attractive and well mannered. T you.

  31. janis nerowski says:

    She looks like she had more than an eye lift. Something with her chin. She looks great. If I could, I would have the same eye procedure done. I think my chin is fine. More power to her. She is in the public eye, she can afford it so why not. Good for her.

  32. Chuck Chillin says:

    Sorry.. you all are being nice.. she looks like a hairless chewbaka .. strong chin.. strong face..

  33. greta is a naturally attractive woman who did damage to herself with plastic surgery. that’s playing god to yourself. the only time i would agree with plastic surgery is when someone had an accident and much damage was done to face then plastic surgery would help. the results 99.9% of the time are disastrous and i would never resort to it unless i had no choice.

  34. I like Greta and watch her as often as I can. However, now that’s she’s had her eyelift, how about going to diction school? A person in her position should have the most perfect diction of anyone. She talks soooo fast, I can hardly keep up with her. Her pronunciation is atrocious. President becomes ‘present’, government becomes ‘gumment’ and on and on it goes.

  35. i think Greta looks nice she needs to pluck her eyebrows I have a reall issue with that plus I think she should wear prettier clothes not nice suits other than that she is great and very concerned on her issues she talks of

  36. Anne Larson says:

    I think Greta looks very nice; quite an improvement and it shows the confidence she has now. Before, she was a aware of her face so much!
    I am happy for her! Greta, I was born and raised in the U.P. and have been through Appleton a few times while traveling with my hubby.
    Nice scenerey around Green Bay in the summer, too.

  37. Pat Colgate says:

    Her Hair is tired, some days it looks like she just got out of bed, it is time for a change. It makes her look old. I really wonder why she does not look like the other woman on fox, hair, make up and clothes. The difference between she and Megan Kelly is un believable. Hard to believe they work at the same network.

  38. Ouch, Lee, seems like you’re the one who’s hideously hateful. Greta is forthright, intelligent and has an opinion that some people may not agree with. So you HATE her for that? Funny how it’s usually the liberals who are so mean. Why is that?

  39. I actually just got online to read about her having a stroke. To my surprise she didn’t have a stoke it was plastic surgery. All you people being polite saying she looks nice don’t know her very well because she doesn’t like to be lied to. She wants the truth. So here it is…. Greta, Sue your surgeon. He did a terrible job. Just being real.

  40. too much Greta. Although I would like to know who her plastic surgeon is. I broke my nose during a 5 minute grand mile seizure. Wish I could get it repaired for I can hardly breath thru it. It looks ok on the outside I guess. Oh, well guess I will never be able to afford it. Greta should have stopped before she got that frozen look.

  41. Greata is a real person who speaks her mind on issues that she really cares about,,she is not shallow and biased like most you hear from..She is a beautiful human being, inside and out..this is why she has a hugh following and many fans…keep your petty mean critisism to yourself…

  42. Margaret Dunson says:

    I think Greta is very beautiful,surgury or not.Truth be told,if her critucs could afford it,they would have the surgury also.
    The before nd after photos,even the before pic of her mouth looks similar to the after.
    Thank God, she doesn’t look like the extreme Barbara Walters.

  43. I think Greta looks fantastic! Good for her!!

  44. bea green says:


  45. One word: sexy!

  46. Considering to it so she can attract the young children she now needs to consume in order to keep her f@cked up plastic surgeries from sliding off the face she started with. When she was natural, she wasn’t the best looking, but she was okay looking for her age and certainly not ugly or unattractive (except for the time spent on Fox, working there makes you ugly inside and outside, and leaves you soulless to boot). I find it shameful that she fell victim to the “must look younger” crap that pervades our society, I thought she was smarter than that. Had she done nothing to her face surgically and relied on more holistic means, she’d be so much better off. So she has some eye bags and some wrinkles, so what! Most everyone her age does too. It’s not like they were open, weeping sores on her face, she just chose to exercise her stupid and foolish options and went with what she heard and saw in the media. Instead of being a smart, sensible person who has enough self esteem to love herself for what she is, a loveable (?), complete person, she went with the Fox method that starts with a partial frontal lobotomy (so you can say that shit they spew without laughing or wanting to go postal), then onto plastic surgery so you can look like the rest of your coworkers, then bible indoctrination, then you end this up with your new chipset (a set of 3 microchips strategically located throughout your body to control sex drive, intelligence and several other areas, which helps the management at Fox to keep their assets in line.

    Poor Greta, she never saw it coming. It was supposed to be just another routine surgery, she could have never known that the surgeon was in collusion with all the doctors in that particular clinic. There was nobody neutral there to provide some sort of ethical framework for that office, and without that, those surgeons developed strong tastes for the money and young women they had been enjoying for some time now. Too bad for Greta, she clearly stepped in it with this one. I bet you can still smell it, each time she walks by.

  47. Jack Mooney says:

    I personally think she looked better prior to the face work. It looks more like a facial reconstruction versus a facelift. If she was really insistent on “face work”, just a very slight tuck would have looked better on her. I DO think she lost those wrinkles, but also some of her attractiveness. To each his (or her) own….

  48. Jay Arthur says:

    Everybody cannot be Meryl Streep………some of us got hit with an ugly stick………look at it like this, she still has ‘white priviledge’.

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