Ha Ji Won

The possibility of Ha Ji Won having had plastic surgery emblazons dozens of different websites, and the minds of hundreds if not thousands of fans that find themselves wondering.

A Korean film and television actress, Ha Ji Won is young, beautiful and versatile, playing in a variety of genres and swimming back and forth between television and films with an ease very few other actors and actresses can manage.

Ha Ji Won - did she get plastic surgery? (image hosted by http://www.michelle-chin.com)But are her good looks just a product of natural beauty and a little cosmetic enhancement, or has she gone the route of American actresses like Demi Moore who has at least admitted to plastic surgery?

Has Ha Ji Won Had Plastic Surgery?

When you’re dealing with bad plastic surgery stories, such as Priscilla Presley’s plastic surgery maiming, it’s fairly simple to tell whether a celebrity has gone under the knife or not.

However, when you have an actress like Ha Ji Won, it can be nearly impossible to tell. A chameleon on screen and able to slip easily into half a dozen different roles as it is, Ha Ji Won is already hard to pin down.

Ha Ji Won before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by asiantown.net)However, when you look at the “rumors” of plastic surgery, no one seems to be quite clear what it is they’re accusing the young actress of in the first place. While tabloids and gossip forums claim that she must have had work done, no one can say what or where or when.

There’s just a blanket question, rather than wondering if she’s undergone rhinoplasty (a nose job), facial fillers, eyelid surgery, or any of a dozen different procedures that could be concretely investigated.

Ha Ji Won Cosmetic Surgery Pictures – Before and After?

Though there are dozens of websites out there, such as that shown on Asiantown.net (see left) which are releasing photographs of Ha Ji Won “after plastic surgery,” it seems like that phrase is being used as nothing more than an SEO search tag for those interested in seeing the post-surgery starlet.

None of the images presented seem greatly different from any other. In fact if you take into account what the woman does for a living, it’s highly unlikely that any of the slight differences seen in these online galleries couldn’t be pulled off with the help of simple cosmetic tricks.

After all, if you know what you’re doing you can slim down your nose, change the appearance of your eyes, alter your lips or even give your face an entirely different shape. Actresses excel at fooling the camera, and thus the eyes that are watching the pictures.

Ha Ji Won hasn’t made any statements about whether or not she’s had surgery either, which isn’t helping to settle the question. So what’s the conclusion? Is it possible that she’s had plastic surgery at the hands of an extremely talented and gifted doctor who’s hid the scars to well and performed so subtly that no one has noticed. Yes, that’s possible.

But it’s also possible that rumors of Ha Ji Won’s plastic surgery are just rumors, spurred on by the usual grist of entertainment.

What do you think?  Check out our before and after picture gallery below and let us know.

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  1. the facial features are the same (nose, eyes, lips, eyelids) . the complexion, make up, hairstyle and lighting are the things that differentiate the looks of her face.

  2. mao chan says:

    I agree with kumon!

  3. as i know, from the first her appears she didn’t have surgery..until then she got an accident when filming miracle on 1st street (she got fist on her face and her nose was broke).

  4. ohh…dear.its very beautiful transform.

  5. kumon is 100 correct! Ha Ji Won is a timelss natural beauty! She looks as beautiful as she was in 2003 Life Is Beautiful, in fact her skin was fairer then. The photo from school looks exactly she’s today except she was much younger.

  6. iezqandar says:

    AGREED to kumon!!, Our Ha Ji Won is neutral beauty! she is still in her 20’s~

  7. Okay, as an artist who’s always studying anatomy, from the face, to how muscles bunch and flex… I can tell you very easily that she hasn’t had any surgery done. I know how the face should line up, and it’s easy for me to pick out differences. It’s both my hobby and what I do in commissions all the time. Besides drawing and painting, I’ve also taken up photography (part of my degree), and I teach people how to use Photoshop. So here’s my take on this.

    In the first two photos, the quality is rather poor. They’re low resolution, blotchy, and the lighting looks off because it’s been passed around so much. File quality deteriorates with each download and re-save. Besides this, the actress was younger. Both men and women’s facial structures change as they get older. In the early 20s, and adult isn’t finished “growing up.” It really isn’t until one hits 30s that the body hits its peak as an adult. Compare yourself at 20, then at 30. For some men, the jaw structure is stronger or more square. For a woman, the cheeks change, and the jaw looks more graceful.

    Ji-Won’s face did just this. In 2003 or so, her cheeks still had that roundness, but her cheekbones matured as she became a bit older. Besides this, the second two photos show a different application of cosmetics. Clearly this was a higher quality photoshoot. For the Dove chocolate photo, her eyes have darker eyeshadow, and she’s meant to look more romantic. I see no real change between those two photos and the bottom two. If anything, the first two photos just look older, between file quality and the time they were taken. Technology has also changed, which plays a big factor in how idols look these days. HD does wonders, since not everyone understands how to use film SLR or Digital SLR. And tabloids use their external flashes so much that it can wash out an idol’s complexion.

    Bottom line: There are so many factors to consider. For one, the makeup artist can make or break someone’s image. Secondly, how the makeup artist in a drama’s crew will do the makeup can age a person or make that person look younger. Compare Ji-Won between her dramas. Better yet, compare her look in Secret Garden from her boyish appearance to when she was dressed up like a rich woman. Major difference, right? It was on purpose. Her eye makeup was dark and sultry, her face looked slimmed down, and her hair gave her a very regal air. That alone shows us the power of how cosmetics will change her appearance drastically.

    Therefore, instead of wondering if she had work done, why not find out who does her makeup, or what techniques are used? The power of cosmetics is a force to be reckoned with. Try it yourself. Experiment with cosmetic application from the 1920s-1950s. I’ve recently studied how it was done in those time periods, and lipstick application alone wasn’t about going with the line of your lips, but how to make your lips more pouty. Foundation was meant to give a smooth, porcelain look, and eyeshadow was all about brown tones. How does that compare to today, with all these bronzers, highlights, and 5-tone eyeshadow?

    Ha Ji-Won is an actress who can pull any role off. She invests so much into her characters, and is very hard on herself. She doesn’t even think she’s interesting. I find the accusation of plastic surgery to be very disappointing. She doesn’t need this kind of drama in her life. She needs to be appreciated for who she is, outside of her acting roles.

  8. Believe that the artists who had plastic surgry will absolutely get rid from action performance as to avoid deformation. For sure, Ji-won is natural beauty!

  9. hajiwon real beauty. so pretty!

  10. Since when is double eyelid surgery isn’t plastic surgery anymore? She has done double eyelid for sure, 100%, so you can’t say, it’s 100% natural beuty!

  11. jane Nicholas says:

    i love her so much if i also have d money i will undergo a plastic surgery too

  12. jane Nicholas says:

    i love u han ji woo

  13. See no difference before and after !

  14. all Korean stars had plastic surgery

  15. The great actress in hwang ji yi.salute

  16. Ha Ji Won is a natural beauty. the pictures when she has still young differs from her face now because she grows old, she matures so does her face. her cheeks are more slimmer now than before because she maybe lost weight because of the roles given to her that requires physical action! stop making a fuzz over an actor or actress that have undergone a surgery!!

  17. i do love ha ji won..

  18. yes, ha ji won had plastic surgery. check out her earlier works and you will see…
    but she’s a good actress!

  19. She most definitely HAS HAD plastic surgery. I’m not basing this off of the photos shown above. If you search for her high school picture, you can tell she’s definitely had her jaw shaved to give it a “V” shape look. As for the eyes, nose, and lips, I don’t think she’s had anything done there.

  20. Wheather she had surgery or not she is not beautiful. Actually she’d better have V-line surgery cause her face is too Big like an Alien haha

  21. beautiful indeed. I dont think she had any plastic surgery, Her beauty comes natural

  22. Defintely no plastics on naturally beautiful Ha Ji Won, her features have not changed from her school days photos posted on the internet. From then and now only her puppy fats have gone…Bravo! Ha Ji Won is a true Korean natural beauty…Cheers!

  23. Over the years, she is still accused by many whether she has undergone a surgery or not.

    To end that notion, why don’t the inquisitors refer to her parents and see the semblance between her and and them.

    Guess, she has her father’s look with a streak of her mom’s face.

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