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Despite her denials Halle Berry’s cosmetic surgery rumors still run rampant through the tabloids and along the pages of gossip columns.

Berry, born in 1966, is an Academy Award winning American actress and former fashion model that’s been in a variety of films over her long career.

In her 40s, Halle Berry has managed to maintain her physical attractiveness and to balance a personal life with a career that has spanned good and bad films, ranging from movies like Swordfish to less appreciated films like Catwoman.

Halle Berry before and after plastic surgery (image hosted by beautyeditor.ca)

However, the continuing beauty that Halle Berry displays has lead to rumors of celebrity plastic surgery, and those rumors have lead to speculations to rival other celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez’ surgery speculations or even Catherine Zeta-Jones cosmetic surgery gossip.

Has Halle Berry Had Surgery?

According to the actress herself the answer is ‘no’: Berry has not gone under the knife.

No I haven’t,” Berry said in 2007 when asked by Reader’s Digest if she’d had plastic surgery.

But that’s one thing I’ll never say never about, because I don’t know.”

It seems pretty obvious from this quote, and from other statements Berry has made where she said she hoped to be able to avoid the temptation of being a plastic surgery celebrity, that the actress hasn’t undergone any cosmetic procedures just yet.

While the fear of plastic surgery gone wrong likely plays a factor, Berry has said that she hopes she can allow herself to age without trying to hold onto more transitive standards of physical beauty.

Halle Berry – Before and After Photos?

Despite the statements made by the actress there are still those claiming bad plastic surgery shenanigans on the Internet and in some corners of the more regular media.

Hally Berry photo comparison - younger and older (image hosted by http://www.estetikainzdravje.si)

Many people will point to pictures of Halle Berry wearing prosthetics for her role in Truth or Dare, where the entire shape of her face as well as the size of her breasts, changed.

Others will point to a scene with Berry’s head covered while she’s outside a hospital. However, no one has yet been able to substantiate that Berry has given in to the temptation of becoming a plastic surgery celebrity, or to provide any evidence or even opinions from a plastic surgery professional that Berry has had cosmetic procedures done.

Halle Berry before and after breast implants?? (image hosted by mydochub.com)

At this point it seems that Berry is one of the celebrities in Hollywood who has achieved and maintained her good looks through a combination of hard work, beguiling cosmetics and being blessed with good genes.

However, despite the fact that icons since the silver screen have had cosmetic surgery to create or maintain their famous faces, it seems that Americans just expect celebrities to deny having had plastic surgery to enhance their appearances.

Halle Berry cosmetic surgery? (image hosted by surgeryspy.com)

So even when Berry has flat out denied plastic surgery, though she hasn’t ruled it out as a future possibility, it seems that people are digging all the harder to find what it is she’s covering up.

But such is the nature of Halle Berry’s surgery rumors; they don’t need proof.

Halle Berry Before & After Photo Gallery

What do you think?  It seems the jury is out on Halle Berry’s forays into the world of celebrity cosmetic surgery.  Take a look at the images below and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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  1. whether she had breast implants and a nose job done or not, she still looks fabulous. If she didn’t have any work done, then good for her, if she had, then she definitely made the right choice in choosing a surgeon.

  2. I think she had her breasts done. but other than that her features look the same. she’s natrually gorgeous.

  3. Yes, Halle Berry had nose job It’s under your nose what you can’t see

  4. DeNetra says:

    I actually don’t think she got work done…I think when she was younger she may have been heavier that she is now like what we call “baby fat”…and over the years your looks do change a bit and you may thin out. But if she did get work done…at least she did not go to the extreme like some ppl do and just totally mess up their faces and bodies.

  5. Loopsylou says:

    People please….
    Fyi…When Hallie Berry was a model..
    So was I…..and still am.
    She most definitely has had work done….
    Photographs will ALWAYS SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!
    Even when the person themselves Will Not!!!

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