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Has Heather Locklear Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Heather Locklear, always beautiful, started her career with appearances as a TV cop on the show TJ Hooker and a character named Sammie Jo in Dynasty.  In the 1990’s, she was a star on Melrose Place.

Now having turned 50 on September 25, 2011, speculations as to plastic surgery she may have had are surfacing.

Photos taken in the last year seem to point in that direction.

Heather Locklear before and after breast augmentation? (image hosted by famousplastic.com)

Heather Locklear: “I Think Plastic Surgery Is Great”

Heather was quoted on the TV show Live With Regis And Kelly as saying “I think plastic surgery is great,” in early 2011, but stopped before actually admitting that she had anything done.

Plastic surgeons have also speculated on a possible rhinoplasty, or nose job, due to the fact that her nose appears to be thinner now, as well as the tip of it having a more “pinched” appearance.

Heather Lockyear before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by alteredidentity.com)

In addition, her cheeks these days have a somewhat “shiny” appearance to them, possibly due to injectable fillers and maybe fat or skin grafting in the cheeks.

Sporting a somewhat “frozen” facial expression is usually a tell tale sign of possible use of Botox or other injectable fillers, and it appears to be difficult to smile these days, possibly indicating work done.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn from Michigan did an interview with the Orange County Register and speculated that Locklear might have had lips plumped with Restylane or Juviderm, as well as fuller cheeks, smoother skin that could be from chemical peels, laser treatments or Botox.

In addition, her tight jawline could be due to a mini facelift.

When Botox Goes Wrong

Earlier in 2011, a two sided picture featured on celebrityplasticsurgery.tv speculated that Heather Locklear may have had Botox treatments that went wrong.

Heather Lockyear before and after Botox? (image hosted by celebrityplasticsurgery.tv)

On this page, the picture is unattractive, and it appears that she’s about to cry. The heading below the picture sported the phrase “When Botox Goes Wrong“.

Why Heather’s Decided On Cosmetic Surgery?

Celebrating her 50th Birthday on September 25, 2011, and announcing in August of 2011 that she is now engaged to marry Jack Wagner, her former co-star from the hit series Melrose Place, seem like two possible reasons for having some “work” done.

Heather Lockyear before Botox? (image hosted by hollywoodbackwash.com)

Her marriage to Jack Wagner will be her third marriage, his second. She was previously married to Tommy Lee, drummer for Motley Crue, and Richie Sambora, Bon Jovi guitarist. Having just celebrated a milestone birthday and looking forward to an upcoming wedding, guesses are that she has had some work done.

Heather Locklear’s possible surgery could be compared to Michele Pfeiffer’s cosmetic surgery, another beauty that never fully admitted to having work done, but has said “I’m all for having a little something done, here and there.”

And if she keeps on the road she is on plastic surgery wise, she may begin to resemble a younger version of Linda Evans’ cosmetic surgery, now 67, a Dynasty co-star who admitted to having work done in her 50’s.

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  1. The inability to smile is always key to someone having had cosmetic surgery…..she might as well join the ranks of people like Cher and Joan Rivers…..the “Forever Young” oldies but goodies! Vanity will get you tv and movie roles…right?

  2. I remember Lisa before she ever had any surgery done. She was a beautiful woman, she looked like a model.
    The only thing I noticed was that she had small breasts, which was a perfect reason to be a model, because she
    could fit into. anything. When she had her lips collagen injected and I saw them for the 1st time I couldn’t believe
    how horrible they looked! I thought to myself……Why would a woman who many other women would love to look like
    do something like this, to me it seemed like she went to extremes! Lisa now didn’t look like Lisa. Then she had the Breast
    Augmentation, and that looked pretty good. The problem was you could no longer see her beauty because you were so
    focused on her mouth! It really was a bad job, then she had other things done and she was starting to resemble the lion lady.
    It was so sad to see her look like this. I was considering a couple things myself, I am 61 years old, but after seeing the results
    from these botched surgeries I decided to nix the whole idea! I’ll just grow old gracefully, I’m lucky because people think I’m
    least 10 yrs younger than I actually am! I may have hated that in my teens, but now it’s a blessing. I’m proud to be the real me
    from one end to the other! LOL! I thank all these ladies who had surgeries for telling me what not to ever do!! BTW I also understand
    that it takes more than one surgery to retain the “look” Anything can go wrong anytime. Kanye Wests Mother Dondra lost her life for
    attempting to change just a few things! Is vanity worth a breast implant leaking, among other things that could go wrong? I think not!

  3. johnsnare says:

    Heather is a great looking gal, and has some real talent. No question, she had some nose work, and also some boob enhancement.

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