Jada Pinkett Smith

Like any attractive and powerful woman in Hollywood there are Jada Pinkett Smith surgery speculations aplenty.

But let’s back up a moment. Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of actor Will Smith, is a woman that’s gained success in a multitude of fields.

She’s an actress, a singer, a director and on top of all that she’s also a producer and song writer that started her own production company and makeover line. Quite a lot of achievement to fit into a life that began in 1971.

But despite her natural beauty and her success, there are still some that cry foul on what they believe is bad celebrity plastic surgery.

Jada Pinkett Smith before and after photos (image hosted by mydochub.com)

Has Jada Pinkett Smith Had Cosmetic Surgery?

While she might not draw the same fervor as the Lady Gaga cosmetic surgery speculations, there are people that remain convinced that Smith has had plastic surgery.

However, different from other women in Hollywood who are accused of a laundry list of celebrity plastic surgery procedures, the main culprit appears to be Smith’s cheeks.

Jada Pinkett Smith before and after (image hosted by http://lindaikeji.blogspot.com)Fans of Jada Pinkett Smith have pointed out that her cheeks appear to have grown rounder and fuller, stretching the skin slightly and making the change look unnatural. While even if this is true it’s a far cry from making Jada Pinkett Smith a surgery celebrity, there are fans that worry if she’s had one procedure that she’ll have more in time.

Jada Pinkett Smith – Before and After Photos?

Unlike other speculations, such as the Suzanne Somers surgery rumors we still keep hearing, there’s a lot of wiggle room for Jada Pinkett Smith’s appearance to be completely natural. Since we’re comparing before and after photographs, it’s important to remember that photographs can, and often do, lie to us. Especially if you have a pre-conceived notion and you’re looking for proof.

As a for instance, the hairstyle you’re wearing can completely change the look and style of your face, and one thing that Jada’s known for are her occasionally wild and exotic looking do’s.

So there’s one potential explanation. Additionally light, background and foreground composition, head tilt, distance from the camera and dozens of other factors can all influence how one picture looks. So in order to make a comparison, just like when you’re doing an experiment, all of these little details need to be the same, or as close as possible for you to attribute the difference to a change in the celebrity’s face.

Does all of that mean that Jada Pinkett Smith’s various looks and styles are hiding her plastic surgery?

No, in much the same way that it doesn’t answer the question of whether she did or did not have any work done on her face. And since doctors can’t divulge their work without fear of being sued, we essentially have to wait for Jada to step forward and answer a definitive yes or no.

Though as we’ve seen in the past just because a celebrity denies surgery, that won’t mean the rumors stop. Jada Pinkett Smith cosmetic surgery rumors aren’t any different.

Jada Pinkett Smith Photo Gallery

Do you think Jada has had plastic surgery or cheek implants?


  1. Nettie House says:

    Of course I beleive that Jada has had plastic surgery. It doesn’t matter how she wears her hair. She looks totally different. It is a shame that she felt as if she had to have plastic surgery. She was a natural beauty. Pretty soon whe will look like the walking dead like a host of the other celebrities. she is on 40, and she looks as old as I am (53). Stop Jada!!!

  2. blackpoodle says:

    Hi yes she have had surgery on her nose and around her mouth.Her nose not as flat anymore and mouth not as wide and long of a smile.She took some of her smile wrinkle out.And she had her nose lifted up and made smaller at tip Just in case she want to look down on someone . Lol Well she look like she have age a lot . Black people don’t age that quick.But she still a nice looking lady.

  3. Actually… she should have left well enough alone. While not a fan of hers at all, I do have to admit that she was an attractive woman. Now she looks like a zombie and well beyond her years. Celebs black, white, brown alike… take care of your skin, avoid excessive sunlight, drugs, alcohol, drink plenty of water and get 8 hrs rest. You will not need plastic surgery. Too many of you are looking like death warmed over at a marshmallow roast!

  4. NONE of you Jada-HATERS couldn’t get close enough to hold a candle to her beauty…neither inner nor outer beauty! Her younger or so-called “before” pictures are different because she was younger and had not yet matured into her current Jada-self. Her so-called “after” photos show a mature woman who eats correctly (not bloated by an unhealthy relationship with food), engages in regular workouts (which accounts for her low amount of belly and body fat), and possibly engages in yoga (for a lean, strong and toned body that gives her that sinewy appearance). All women could learn from her GOOD habits and promote them amongst ourselves instead of huntin’ & peckin’ for something ugly to pick at. This is the nature of women in our patriarchal society. This encourages us to compete with each other unmercifully instead of pulling together to form a strong, cohesive womanhood for ourselves that our daughters can be proud of, learn, and grow from. Would your daughters be proud of the things that you are thinking and speaking of someone you have never met? Even if she has had work done, it has NOT diminished her beauty, confidence, talent or ability. If you had her money, ALL y’all would have something lifted, tucked, or sucked…so STOP THE HATE! All that matters is that Will likes/loves her with or without “enhancements”. Ladies all over the world reading this and still hating, get a hobby. Also, work on YOURSELF to become YOUR best self. That should keep you busy for a few decades! Bye!

    • I concur…nicely put!

    • Beverly says:

      I don’t hate her at all. She’s always been so beautiful, and had a definite aura about her that was very appealing. To observe her facial change, through plastic surgery, does not mean we hate her. I hate the fact that she thought she needed to do it at all. She’s only 43 and a black woman. Too much, money, to much fame and too much self-absorption and mirror time lead to these celebrity surgeries. Will isn’t getting any plastic in his face. Her cheeks do not look normal, they have changed the orientation of her face and expression that was so uniquely her and made her so beautiful. She has taken away what God gave her and handed that power over to the surgeons who have misguided her. We don’t hate Jada, I hate the surgeons and I hate she felt she needed to change her face. A little nip and tuck here and there to remain youthful is one thing, but putting implants in your face changes the dimensions and inevitably how you look. And she looks not like Jada Pickett use to. So sad. I hope she stops here.

  5. I used to think she was so beautiful and the fact that she was so unique was a plus. I’m so disappointed in her to have gotten that surgey. It’s uncomfortable to even look at Jada because her face looks so strange. It’s a shame to have been blessed with such a beautiful face and not appreciate it.

  6. It’s a shame that Jada would even think she needed this kind of work done. She WAS a beautiful sister, and for whatever reason, succumbed to that mess in Hollywood…I don’t know. She did look youthful. Now, she looks much, much older. Hard looking face. When everything else ages naturally, she’ll be stuck with those ping pong balls in her cheeks. Bad move Jada.

  7. I was very disappointed in Jada’s new look. She was a naturally pretty girl and now her face looks awkward. Those big weird cheeks are a dead give away. This is not a good look for her especially since she is not that attractive anymore. Plus this surgery has made her look so much older. Just so pitiful to throw your true beauty away.

  8. I came across this site because I was trying to find out if she had had something done to her face or if she was sick or something. I’ve always admired the beautiful structure of her face since she was on A Different World. I’ve observed the graceful aging of her face. In her face you can tell what was once natural development and what is now just weird. I was watching the new show Gotham and the first thing I thought when I saw her was “WTH did Jada do to her face?!” I had seen the advertising pictures for the show and thought maybe they had altered it for the show. When I saw the show it was obvious that she had it puffed up or something. I got kinda sad because like alot of you, I hate that she went down that road.

  9. She looks great, as we get older we need a help in maintaining our beauty.

  10. I agree. My heart goes out to her to say what was she thinking. One of the most beautiful women on the planet earth. She looks scary with her eyes deep into her face. Her mouth is full of saliva! and cant barely laugh. I saw her on Black Girls Rock 2015!. It was sad. Will must say something, but she is strong-willed and proboably does what she wants to do. Please stop Jada! and dont left them fix it. How did you let your esteem get to that point of not return. I will be praying for you.

  11. GoodGenes says:

    I feel she has had work done to her face. Yes, she now,has protruding cheekbones, and I’m not sure if because of the work she’s done to her cheeks, that she smiles less now. Her smile is not as wide anymore. Perhaps it is now uncomfortable to smile now because of the work done on her face. I do understand that with age our features change, and that having children also adds on to that, however after having both kids she still looked the same. I must say there was I time I wasn’t Jada in the spotlight as much as before. And the time she resurfaced, she looked like a whole new woman. If I didn’t know how Jada’s mother looked like and, and someone had said that’s Jada’s mother I would have believed…that’s how much she’s aged now with this new look. When I watched her on ‘The Mothers’, I was excited to see it, as I’ve been a fan of Jada’s for years now. When I finally watched the movie, not only was I disappointed with her role but I just couldn’t for the life me understand why she looked as she did. She now has what I call “don’t f…k with me” look. She has very hard features now. Sad as I am with the change, we can all say we don’t know she was going through. We all have insecurities or something.

  12. Teeny702 says:

    I thought jada had makeup on to make her look like that.Too much money.Sold her sole to Hollywood which is the devil . jada she was pretty now she’s not.Old Asian lady now

  13. Jennifer says:

    Saw her on a talk show last night. I didn’t even recognize her at first. I said oh my god, what did she do to her face??? Hey its her face, Im not judging, but the change is obvious

  14. Angela Crespo Glenn says:

    I told my Husband that she had something done to her face! She looks older, not spunky as before (girlish).

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