Janeane Garofalo

Noted for making people laugh, Janeane Garofalo has had a great deal of speculation regarding possible plastic surgery.

Born September 28, 1964, Janeane has always been one to quickly dismiss rumors. She is most commonly known for her stints on the popular television show “Saturday Night Live”.

Throughout her extensive career, she has done sitcoms, movies and a great deal of standup. From humble beginnings as a bicycle messenger, to a well loved and respected comedian, Janeane says she is a bit of a pessimist.

Janeane Garofalo before and after pictures (image hosted by usbacklash.org)

The TV industry has prevalent rumors about cosmetic surgeries. Plastic surgery gone wrong before and after pictures, oftentimes are huge sellers for magazines and newspapers.

Janeane Garofalo (image hosted by flickr.com)TV and movie stars like Heather Locklear, often choose to have plastic surgical procedures to counteract the hands of time. Accusations of plastic surgery become more widespread, as actresses try to stay fresh in the business by appearing younger.

There are always stars that can draw interest about their plastic surgeries. Take for instance Joan Rivers, she proudly talks about her surgical procedures, including many face lifts, and makes no qualms about it.

In a society where no one seems to age anymore, there are a few celebrities who do take the natural approach. She has often appeared in columns regarding worst plastic surgery before and after photos.

Has Janeane Garofalo Had Surgery?

Since Janeane is a straight shooter, rumors about celebrity plastic surgical procedures are not as intense with her.

Janeane admits to having breast reduction, because at her small 5 foot frame, she had a rather large bust area. Because stars are always in the public eye, it is often tempting to have some work done.

Stars like Janeane will just tell the fans what they want to hear and not leave much to the imagination. She has 15 tattoos and loves every one of them.

But as she ages, she might find herself wanting to have them removed through laser tattoo removal. Some people see her as a person who will just accept what is given to them. Though she had a plastic surgical procedure done in the past, it was more out of medical necessity than trying to alter an aging face.

Janeane Garofalo Before & After?Janeane Garofalo plastic surgery? (image hosted by imageshack.us)

There are still some who will speculate regarding work that she may or may not have done.

Most actresses will photograph different from one picture to another and that is not always a sign that work has been done. Women often change their hairstyles, makeup and try different locations for snapshots.

Because someone is in the public eye so often and often have paparazzi following them, the shots taken can be misinterpreted. Just because a photo looks different, does not always signify surgery has taken place.

Melissa Rivers is another one who has been targeted by paparazzi and getting different angles of photos has sparked speculation. To some it is just her face that has been altered, but to others they see a entire body of work.

Janeane Garofalo: Answers Surgery Questions

Janeane has always answered her fans questions clearly. When asked if she had any cosmetic procedures, she quickly pointed out her breast reductions. She claims that it is the only procedure she has had done.

She did not rule out any future procedures and she is still young to make that decision for now. There is no bad plastic surgery before and after pictures and perhaps she does not want to be part of the statistics of plastic surgery gone wrong.

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  1. She looks great no matter what!

  2. Wow. I am so shocked and saddened to see that Janeane Garofalo has decided to go under the knife. I too am a rather short, large breasted woman, who has probably *always* wanted to be about 10 lbs lighter, and I always enjoyed seeing Janeane on screen, as someone who sort of represented ‘me’, or at least, the ‘normal’ type of girl/woman. Ok, so she got a breast reduction, which is ridiculous, (so she went from a C cup to an A?) but I get it (though now that I’m a nursing mama, I thank my lucky stars I never did that to myself!) but somehow she also got a face reduction! I find her unrecognisable in her most current photos!!! She no longer has a rounded jawline, her lips are different? And I have no idea what happened to her eyes and nose but *some*thing!!! Awwww, gosh darn it Janeane! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? I wish you all the best but I am SO sorry for your loss.

  3. Janeane has avoided plastic surgery other than the publicly acknowledged breast reduction (how very Brazilian of her), but has had professional Botox treatments at six month intervals to deal with smokers wrinkles. The injection in the center of her forehead worked, whereas the ones on the edges did not. Still, I can accept that because I trust her judgement. I do wonder if she is going to keep all her tattoos, but am relieved to hear that she is moisturizing.

  4. feminist my ass

  5. mi dispiace, la preferivo quando era piu’ rotondetta come le donne italiane.

  6. wendilee says:

    Who cares? As far as breast reduction, maybe she had back problems. I think about reduction surgery and wish I could afford to reduce mine. Fans got upset when she lost weight about 10 years ago because she represented and often said that people shouldn’t be judged on their body size. So the idiot fans reverse-judged her on LOSING weight. Really?? Yes, people shouldn’t be judged on their body weight. GET IT??

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