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Has Janice Dickinson Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Celeb magazines and TV talk shows are buzzing with rumors that Janice Dickinson has an addiction to plastic surgery.

Born February 15, 1955, in Brooklyn, N.Y., this self-proclaimed supermodel definitely was one of the hottest models during the 1970s and 1980s.

She has been an actress, talent agent and fashion photographer who took her skills to TV. In 2003, she judged four cycles on America’s Next Top Model.

In 2005, she opened her own modelling agency, which was filmed in a reality-TV series, The Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency.

Janice Dickinson before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by starcasm.net)

Janice, Are You Addicted To Plastic Surgery?

Truth To Cosmetic Surgery Rumors?

Janice Dickinson has been as open about her plastic surgery as her hedonistic party adventures.

Janice Dickinson plastic surgery before and after pictures (image hosted by www.magazine13.com)

In her interview for Closer Magazine, Janice reveals her obsession with her body and her intent on having plastic surgery whenever needed.

Jokingly, Janice stated, “I’m going to be the best looking corpse on the planet.” She openly discusses her experiences with plastic surgery in her book, “Everything About Me is Fake – And I’m Perfect.”

In her usual entertaining manner, she playfully talks about the underlying reasons that propel women to have plastic surgery.

Not only does she talk about celeb plastic surgery, she talks about the needs of the mainstream.

Janice delves into the effect of women being bombarded with images of that Cover Girl smile and the impact it has on their psyche.

She admits the pressure she put on herself from the unattainable ideas about beauty that emanate from the Hollywood atmosphere.

Janice also discusses her troubled childhood of living with a paedophile father and constantly being told that she would never amount to anything.

Throughout her book, the theme of feelings of inadequacy directly relate to her need for plastic surgery.

But is Janice Dickinson happy with all of her plastic surgery? While she says she is pleased, she still does not feel perfect; her statement is in direct conflict with the title of her book. Perhaps, it is meant to be.

Janice’s Before & After Pictures?

First going under the knife at 31 years of age, the 50-something celebrity of today has had many cosmetic surgeries.

Janice Dickinson before and after cosmetic surgery? (images hosted by http://hausofbazaar.blogspot.com)To improve the appearance of her upper and lower eyelids, Janice has had a blepharoplasty. This procedure removes fatty deposits on the upper eyelids and removes fine wrinkles on the lower eyelids.

Judging from the before and after pictures, she certainly looks more rested and alert. Many would agree this is definitely not an example of the worst plastic surgery and produced results similar to the subtle effects of Michelle Pfeiffer’s cosmetic surgery.

What plastic surgery has Janice Dickinson had? (image hosted by http://www.plasticcelebritysurgery.com)Janice has also had breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, extensive Botox treatments and a mini-face lift (see natural face lift without surgery)  in her quest for perfection and to fight the age of time.

In comparison to Goldie Hawn cosmetic surgery, the results have not been too natural looking. When looking at the face of Janice Dickinson, there is somewhat of that feared alien look.

Has Janice Dickinson had plastic surgery? The answer is yes and plenty of it.

Is she really happy with her cosmetic enhancements? We will probably really never know.

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