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Has Jennifer Lopez Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Jennifer Lopez or J.Lo, as she is known by her thousands of fans worldwide was born on 24 July 1969 and is an American actress, singer, record producer, dancer, television personality, fashion designer, and television producer.

As she reaches her middle-age, internet forums, blogs and chatrooms are full of chat about Jennifer Lopez and plastic surgery with many fans find themselves wondering whether Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors have any truth to them.

Lopez, famed as a top grossing singer and a dancer of consummate skill as well as a model, record producer, fashion designer and television producer, is certainly no stranger to Hollywood.

J Lo before and after pictures (image hosted by

Though out of the main spotlight, Lopez is still doing a lot of work behind the scenes as well as appearing on shows like American Idol where she acts as a judge.

Lopez is of Puerto Rican descent, and in her 40s she has continued to maintain her vitality and beauty that helped make her famous.

But many of her fans wonder just where Lopez is keeping her fountain of youth, and if she is seeking out the aid of celebrity plastic surgery to keep herself looking so good.

Has Jennifer Lopez Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Unlike situations such as the Nikki Cox cosmetic surgery rumors, Jennifer Lopez has gone on the record and said she doesn’t get cosmetic surgery.

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If people want to get enhancements here and there and little shots or whatever… I don’t do it, but I don’t want to judge because I don’t know how I’ll feel when I’m 40 or 50 and if that is something I would do,” Lopez is quoted saying at the Make Me Heal website.

That would seem to be a pretty bold statement, but then again Lopez is in her 40s now, and there are several plastic surgeons that are of the opinion she has gotten plastic surgery done.

However Lopez’s procedures have been subtle and natural looking, nothing at all like the plastic surgery gone wrong horror stories Hollywood sometimes produces.

Jennifer Lopez: Before and After Photos?

When presented with the photos of Lopez as a so-called plastic surgery celebrity, several doctors have weighed in with their views and professional opinions.

Jennifer Lopez before and after pictures (image hosted by

Dr. Bruce Katz, a board certified dermatologist believes that Lopez has gotten Botox done to help smooth her face and help lift her brows.

This opinion is seconded by Dr. Steven Pearlman, who has pointed out the notable lack of crows feet on Lopez’s face. However, neither surgeon commented on the rumors about Lopez undergoing a rhinoplasty or any of the other rumors that bear a striking resemblance to Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery speculations.

Both doctors agree that, in the event Lopez has gotten work done it is tasteful and natural looking; a far cry from the bad plastic surgery you occasionally see in Hollywood.

Despite the opinions, there hasn’t been confirmation as to what Jennifer Lopez has and hasn’t had done as far as cosmetic procedures goes.

There are still fans and commentators that will split hairs, debating whether or not non-invasive facial injections and Botox procedures count, or if Lopez has to go further for it to be considered real cosmetic surgery.

With that mind set it’s doubtful that anything will quell Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors short of her statements on the matter.

Jennifer Lopez Photo Gallery – Before & After

Do you think J.Lo has had celebrity plastic surgery?

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  1. I just watched Ananconda and it looks like she’s had a complete head transplant. It’s quite a stretch to believe that make-up alone could be responsible for such a transformation.

  2. I agree Kai, my wife and I were just watching Anaconda and thinking the same thing. There is no way she hasn’t had serious work done.

  3. Yes… The movies Anaconda and Selena will definitely show the remarkable difference in the way she looked before the plastic surgeries done. The nose job is quite apparent; no doubt about it. She is beautiful ; that’s a given and plastic surgery just amplified that. I am hoping she stops already though because it would be a shame if she ends ups overdoing it and ends up looking like a cat woman…

  4. This is disgusting, she just looks better on the other pictures. Look at her wrinkles, there aren’t any. Just accept people being very pretty, without any plastic surgery. Nothing changed, just make-up. She is beautiful in every way.

  5. I just don’t understand why people like JL continue to deny the work of Plastic Surgery. She’s a star, has money, the looks matter the most. Of course, she’s done Plastic Surgery. Her nose, and importantly, her face got smaller, and the young JL had the distinct prominent jaw, and it’s obviously she had her jaw shaved off and her chin got pointed sharply. It’s a shame while she’s done things consciously, but she continues to hide, deny, and lie out loud. There’s nothing to be ashamed about Plastic Surgery. She should be the beacon of the truth teller.

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