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Has Jennifer Westfeldt Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Jennifer Westfeldt was born on February 2, 1970.

She moved from New York to Los Angeles in the mid-1990s where she landed a leading role in the ABC series, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place.

Has Jennifer Westfeldt had plastic surgery? (image hosted by recently, she and a partner also independently financed and shot a film titled, Kissing Jessica Stein (2001). It has been released to critical and financial success.

In 2003, Jennifer Westfeldt made her Broadway debut in the musical Wonderful Town, and more recently showed herself as a success once again with Friends With Kids in 2011. When she is not busy acting, Jennifer is busy coming up with new material.

Jennifer Westfeldt cheeks (image hosted by for plastic surgery, Jennifer herself can’t be found actually admitting to getting any done, however if you look, (and you don’t have to look closely to see) you will see why some are laughing about her being related to the chipmunks.

Jennifer Westfeldt Before and After

Now in the 40+ age bracket, there’s no denying that Jennifer Westfeldt is a beautiful woman.

Jennifer Westfeldt before surgery? (image hosted by

After all, long time boyfriend of 13 years, Jon Hamm himself seems to love the way she looks, but many of his fans, whether out of jealousy or other reasons, love to point out that she seems to be suffering from an addiction to Botox and that it’s a clear case of bad celebrity plastic surgery.

There definitely seems to be some puffiness to her cheeks, and it’s almost scarily noticeable depending on the angle she’s looked at.

All we really know is that, unlike some celebrities (such as Michael Jackson or Dolly Parton breast enhancement where there was no way to deny they had procedures done), in Jennifer’s case it could be that age and diet are responsible for her ‘chipmunk’ cheeks.

It could, in fact, be that she’s been using Botox or other methods that she just isn’t comfortable making public.

One thing is clear. Until Jennifer Westfeldt decides to put the question to rest herself, the question will remain on people’s minds. Is it really a case of plastic surgery gone wrong?

You be the judge and decide for yourself after looking at some of the pictures of Jennifer through the years.

What happened to Jennifer's face? (image hosted by

Before & After Pictures

Those who defend Jennifer in saying she has never had plastic surgery could argue that looking at her pictures over the years, you can see the potential for her popping cheeks even at a young age.

Regardless of whether Jennifer Westfeldt underwent the knife, needle, or any other procedure, she’s made a success of not only her professional life, but also her personal life.

Obviously she’s very good at what she does and no amount of scrutiny by the public is going to change that.

What do you think? Check out our Jennifer Westfeldt photo gallery and leave a comment to let us know.

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  1. I watched “Friends WIth Kids” the other night and I found her face to be incredibly distracting. And, no, I don’t mean that in a good way. I saw her 2001 film in the theaters and don’t remember thinking that, so I looked up some old pictures of her. She should have left well-enough alone. Her cheeks were fine, she should have NEVER had the cheek implants. It makes her much less attractive.

  2. Double what Birdie said. Her top lip never moves for the duration of the movie.

  3. Haha, I watched “Friends with kids” and I actually had to turn of the movie because I just could not concentrate. Her face was THAT annoying, I kept thinking during the movie: “WTF is wrong with your face?!?!”

  4. I don’t like it when people are mean and pick on a person for their looks or what ever. But at the same time, I agree with absolutely everything everyone on here has said. the botox face is instantly obvious, the cheek bone implants are instantly obvious and yes, even distracting when trying to watch a movie that is not about her oversized cheekbones…. Sorry Jennifer, you were most deffinately a perfectly beautiful person, with the original face god gave you.

  5. The comments made me lol! It was hard for me to watch the movie because of it also. I said “something is up with that lady’s face…” To my girlfriend and she had no idea what I was talking about; she didn’t notice. Looked it up to find this site so I proved to her she had stuff done to her face.

  6. Lol, I found this site for the same reason. I got too distracted that I have to stop the movie and look her up if she did something to her face

  7. These comments are cracking me up because I just started Friends with Kids and had to find out what is up with this chick’s face. Her cheeks are bad, but her chin and lips are the worst. I’ll never understand why these actors think it’s better to look like a deer in the headlights, with their faces frozen and shiny, than it is to age naturally.

  8. If the women in this movie get more facelifts, they’re going to have beards.

  9. I tried to watch that movie (mostly because Jon Hamm was in it…duh….hook line and sinker…) but I couldn’t watch it because

    a. Jennifer Westfeldt’s existence
    b. Bad writing
    c. Bad acting with the exception of one or two actors
    d. Bad (over) acting by J Hamm
    e. oh, right Jennifer Westfedlt’s cheek balls were a ‘little’ annoying
    f. YA THINK?

  10. Dianabgky says:

    I’ve seen Jennifer Westfeldt in several things over the past few years. Kissing Jessica Stein just came on Sundance, and I would not have recognized her if not for the information on.the channel guide and her voice. Wow!

  11. sophie lemesurier says:

    What a shame she was so much nicer before the plastic surgery. The natural look is invariably more attractive and wholesome.

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