Joan Van Ark

Joan Van Ark & Her Plastic Surgery

Joan Van Ark is someone who is well known as an actress.

However, in an effort to fight the hands of time, she is a tragic case of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

Recent before and after photo shots, which have appeared on the internet show that she may have her plastic surgery to extremes.

There is no doubt in her fans minds that she has had major work done, the question actually should be what was not altered?

Joan Van Ark before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by

Joan was born June 16, 1943. She is currently most recognized for her role as Valene Ewing in Dallas and Knots Landing. Joan is not one who got involved in the Hollywood marriage drama; she married her sweetheart, John Marshall, and they have been married since 1966.

Joan Van Ark before and after cosmetic enhancements? (image hosted by and Joan have been together for nearly 45 years and their marriage has produced one child, Vanessa. It was a guest appearance in Dallas in 1978, which would change her life. After the show ended, she was asked to star in the spin off Knots Landing, which she did for the next thirteen years.

Joan is no stranger to the stage, as she has done Broadway productions, many guest appearances on television shows and movies. However, as a woman of 69 years of age, she has taken trying to stay young to a new level.

Has Joan Van Ark Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Being well into retirement years can be difficult for a woman who wants to stay in showbiz. At many public events and photos, Joan’s appearance puts her in the running with Joan Rivers for worst celebrity plastic surgery.

Reviewing photos, it is apparent her entire face has been altered. Her nose appears smaller and more defined suggesting she has had rhinoplasty. Her cheeks have ample cushion signifying there have been cheek implants.

Joan Van Ark before and after photos (image hosted by face appears to be snugger and plump in other areas suggestive of Botox injections. The skin tones are blotchy and the entire face appears different.

While Joan definitely fits the role of celeb plastic surgery gone wrong, others have managed to pull off operations like this with success.

Sandra Bullock has made the headlines many times for possible alterations.  Megan Fox (see Megan Fox’s plastic surgery) is always in the news for something regarding her looks.

Joan: No Comment On Plastic Surgery?

In many interviews Joan has been questioned about plastic surgery and has avoided the subject.

However, fans believe that a significant amount of work has been done. While there are indications that she has gone under the knife, it is only speculation without actual proof or a confession.

Perhaps, Joan’s appearance in the series, Nip Tuck, was a way for her to let fans know that she has tried plastic surgery.

Joan Van before after plastic surgery photos? (image hosted by course one does not need a lightning bolt to hit them that something has been altered on her face. In many earlier pictures she has a natural look, while in the later pictures she appears have a strange gray area around her mouth, almost like a five o’clock shadow.

Her face has been pulled and tugged, which suggest that a face lift procedure has been performed. There are no subtle changes here and everything points to surgical alterations.

Though Joan does not talk openly about plastic surgery, the jury will not have to deliberate long.

Despite the fact that she is getting on a bit and not a wrinkle in sight, it strongly suggests that she has had work done.

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