Kathie Lee Gifford

Has Kathie Lee Gifford Had Cosmetic Surgery?

That’s the question that fans of Kathy Lee Gifford have asked as rumors abound over the last few years.

Kathie Lee Gifford was born on August 16, 1953 and is an American television host, singer, songwriter and actress, best known for her 15-year run (1985–2000) on the talk show Live that she hosted with Regis Philbin.

She has received 11 Daytime Emmy nominations and won her first Daytime Emmy in 2010 as part of The Today Show team, but is she another TV personality who has had celebrity plastic surgery?

Kathie Lee Gifford Admit Cosmetic Procedures But Not Facelift

Rumors have circulated that she had Botox, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation and a face lift.

After years of speculation the truth has come out. Kathie Lee admits to having celebrity plastic surgery (see Jennifer Aniston’s cosmetic surgery).

Kathie Lee Gifford before and after (image hosted by photobucket.com)

The National Inquirer got information from Gifford’s publishing company about the 2009 tell-all she worked on.

Kathie Lee Gifford after cosmetic enhancements? (image hosted by villagevoice.com)In the book entitled “When I Thought I’d Dropped My Last Egg: Life and Other Calamities” she admitted to “undergoing cosmetic procedures — including Botox and laser treatments.”

What she denies having done is a face-lift. Her reason for not taking on the procedure is “fear of a botched job.”

A year later, rumblings of plastic surgery came back full force. Rosie O’Donnell accused Kathie Lee of having plastic surgery on her then Sirius XM radio show.

She fired back saying that her face is “surgery free and I can prove it.” A month after this challenge Gifford was bare-faced live on the Today show (see Teri Hatcher plastic surgery). She did the one hour show without makeup.Kathie Lee Gifford (image hosted by timessquaregossip.com)

Gifford even dared Rosie to “look for scars, baby” on television. The show was in HD and the only thing she admitted to wearing was lip balm.

After admitting she was wrong, O’Donnell later apologized to her on her talkshow saying “I thought you looked good, but I just thought you looked different.” Gifford admits to feeling vindicated.

So the facelift fear of awful plastic surgery remains. Kathie Lee Gifford is a real woman who is not afraid to admit what is going on and will go to lengths to prove her point.

This opinionated lady is indeed an open book. While she doesn’t admit why she got plastic surgery in the first place, if there is any more work done on her face she will tell the world about it.

Kathie Lee  – Before & After

Looking at the photos indicate some plastic surgery because her face looks somewhat ‘stiffer’ than before.

But not only was she brave to admit it, she was brave to show what she didn’t have it live on TV. Are these photos an indication of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong?

Either way she tries to age with grace and regardless of her efforts fans will still debate on Kathie Lee Gifford’s cosmetic surgery.


  1. JANE lEWIS says:

    well it hard to see her now and not get the impression she had some serious work done on her face, This morning, while I was in my dentist office, was the first time I saw Kathy for a while, and I thought I was looking at Joan Rivers. She had that plastic surprised look, as though she was in a state of surprise, I am just saying.

  2. Ralph DeMatti says:

    What happened to Kathie Lee Gifford,? She looks like she accidently covered her face with Super Glue instead of cold cream. And is Hoda Kotb being punished by the network? Why is Kathie Lee even on TV?

    • networkgal says:

      Kathy Lee is still one step above Jenna Bush Hager! The entire Hoda and Kathy Lee show is a joke and waste of network time.

  3. luchetti says:

    yes Katie lee thinks she is something she s not….very over rated opinion of herself and this religious crap I don’t buy, never liked her even on Regis she is as phony as a 2 dollar bill.

  4. Nancy Justice says:

    How does Hoda get her hair straight and what products does she use because I know she has wild hair, I have seen the show a long time ago when she talked about it but I can’t remember what she said. THANK YOU

  5. elaine delbuono says:

    love Kathie lee. she is a honest person, very good hearted person. the people that work with her just love her.she is not a phony. and yes she is religious, why is that so wrong. to each there own. just love her.. the real phony to me is kelly ripa.. bless you kathie lee. just love your show. you are the reason I watch..

  6. Joe Griffin says:

    Kathy Lee is disgusting, has-been – over-rated and rude on television. Time for a fresh face without the plastic fake look and attitude.

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