Kathryn Morris

Has Kathryn Morris Had Plastic Surgery?

Are the rumors true? Did Kathryn Morris really get celebrity surgery?

For some time now, speculation has been circulating the showbiz world regarding Kathryn Morris’ sudden face changes that were quite noticeable by hundreds if not thousands of people watching her on TV.

Did Kathryn Morris get plastic surgery? (image hosted by http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com)Aside from Kathryn Morris, her co-star in Cold Case, Lauren Holly, was also rumored to have undergone plastic surgery. So are these really just rumors? Or is it factual?

About Kathryn Morris

Born on January 28, 1969, Kathryn Morris is an American actress who was best known for her lead acting role as Lilly Rush, a detective in the hit CBS series Cold Case.

Kathryn Morris - the case for cosmetic surgery? (image hosted by celebitchy.com)Morris first started to act in 1991 when she took on a minor role in the tele-movie Long Road Home. After her debut, she began to receive several other small roles in movies.

She played a bit-part role as a psychiatric patient in the award-winning movie As Good As it Gets.

She also starred in a brief stint on one of the episodes of the 1999 series Xena.

After these small roles, she began to progress in her acting career with roles in the Contender, A.I: Artificial Intelligence, and Minority Report, wherein she played the tormented wife of the lead character which was played by Tom Cruise.

In terms of her personal life, Morris originated from the city of Cincinnati in Ohio. She also lived in Texas and Connecticut when she was just young along with her family, which comprised of five siblings.

She went on to attend courses in two colleges, Northeastern Christian College and Temple University, which were both in Philadelphia. At present, she resides in Los Angeles, California.

Kathryn Morris: The Case For Cosmetic Surgery

Now going back to the real question, did Kathryn Morris undergo plastic surgery?

Although most people quickly identify a celebrity when they’ve just had an operation done to their body or face, especially if it is plastic surgery gone bad, the case of Kathryn Morris’ seemed to have mixed opinions and was a bit hard to tell if she indeed had surgery.

There were no plastic surgery gone wrong photos on the internet or any statements that would solidify a conclusion to the question. However, as most answers on the internet state, Kathryn Morris did not have plastic surgery.

Did Kathryn get lip injections? (image hosted by thehairstyler.com)So why are the media and concerned fans still on the hunt for answers?

One major contributing factor that may have led people to believe that the actress did have plastic surgery is that she rapidly lost some pounds, particularly within the face area.

Forums and message boards found in the CBS site for Cold Case were even filled with comments regarding Kathryn Morris’ lips which, according to viewers, seemed to have puffed up or swelled.

Moreover, her lips seemed to be disproportionate to her face and made it awkwardly shaped. In CBS forum editors and facilitators, they defended the case of Morris to just be a new lipstick and have concluded to just leave the case alone.

If you are still hoping to find relevant information regarding this particular issue and other cases like Jennifer Aniston or Lindsay Lohan, there is a lot of pertinent information on the internet that can help you figure out these Hollywood issues and put a period onto it once and for all.


  1. Maiasatara says:

    How is this even a question? I’ve seen the promos for The Sweeter Side of Life, an upcoming movie on Hallmark, and have been wondering two things: How does a woman in her mid-50’s have a father in his early 60’s and who’s the actress with the terrible plastic surgery face that’s just breaking into TV movies? So I go to IMDB and learn it’s Kathryn Morris from Cold Case?! Let’s not insult the intelligence of viewers by either speculating or outright stating there was no surgery. We aren’t morons. Post a few stills from this movie along with these you have here then let fans say it’s just a new lipstick. There is no stigma associated to having plastic surgery in 2013; just own up to it! I would think if a woman started looking terrible she would claim botched surgery in a second! Why would a woman insist there has been no work done when the results leave her looking 15 years older than her true age and with the tell-tale pulled, stretched and puffed lips I see 50 times a day around LA? Anyone insisting this woman hasn’t had work done has obviously not seen the ads for her upcoming TV movie.

  2. Too funny, I was just watching this The Sweeter Side of Life & thought the same thing – who is the woman with bad surgery. These people seem to think that looking like a freak is better than looking their age.

  3. Delores Kirk says:

    Just saw the last few minutes of The Sweeter Side and thinking the same thing. Where have I seen this actress before, what did she do to her face and why? For them to claim nothing was done and then to blame it on the lipstick is totally ridiculous. Wow goes to show how little they think of the viewers intelligence!

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