Kim Delaney

Has Kim Delaney Had Cosmetic Surgery?

That’s the question that thousands of fans worldwide are asking. If her change in looks did not cause enough suspicions, then her meltdowns publicly have. There are only rumors about her possible use of plastic surgery gone bad.

The American actress was born on November 29, 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is best known for her television roles as Detective Diane Russell on NYPD Blue and her early career role as Jenny Gardner on All My Children, both which were on ABC.

Has Kim Delaney had plastic surgery? (image hosted by has had leading roles on TV shows like CSI: Miami, Philly and more recently with the Lifetime network drama Army Wives. Her work in feature films includes The Delta Force and Some Kind of Wonderful. She has had a career working in both television and movies, but her movies have been less renowned by fans.

Kim Delaney: Substance To Surgery Rumors?

A younger Kim Delaney (image hosted by is a lot of pressure for women in the limelight and celeb plastic surgery often is a solution for them.

They try to fight back aging and keep their looks vibrant for the cameras. This is especially true of television actresses, due to the constant seasonal shooting schedules.

Although Kim Delaney has not made public any plastic surgery, it appears that her lips could have undergone some work. If so, it is most likely injections of collagen to make her lips appear fuller.

Kim Delaney Before and After…?

Kim Delaney - no substance to plastic surgery rumors (image hosted by Aesthetic Surgery Education & Research Foundation claims that 9 out of 10 collagen injection patients tell their friends about getting work done. Since no such leaks have been reported, it is not confirmed if Kim Delaney has had lip work done.

One of the most common types of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong is with lip injections. The plumping is embarrassingly apparent when the lips are done badly.

Kim Delaney may have had this problem. If you compare the results from the plastic surgeries on Courtney Love or Lisa Rianna, you see similar issues with their lips.

Did Kim Delaney’s Cosmetic Surgery Go Bad?

Kim Delaney (image hosted by a StyleList staffer commented recently, “Kim Delaney’s lips have taken on a life of their own. It’s a little condition we like to call ‘Trout Pout’ (when lips are artificially enhanced to the point that they curl back unnaturally, resembling those of a fish).”

This type of lip work gone badly is sometimes also refereed to as ‘duck mouth’. The end result of badly overblown protruding lips has cursed more than a few actors and actresses in the entertainment industry. There are before and after pictures online that make fans question Kim Delaney’s use of plastic surgery.

It is just another example of how an actress can unwittingly go from attractive to attraction. The media is never kind about such matters as plastic surgery lip work, but neither are the cameras on television today.

The rumors are merely speculation, if Kim Delaney did have plastic surgery, it definitely did not go well.

Kim’s Before & After Pictures

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  1. tedbohne says:

    My dear. you are one of a few women who would best stay away from people with sharp objects. your face (not to mention what’s left of you) is as beautiful as ever. many beautiful women are mutated each year. please leave your face alone!
    love you dear

  2. Lisa Poole says:

    Kim, You are a beautiful lady. I don’t care ‘if’ you’ve had plastic surgery or not… I’ve admired you since the days of All My Children and through to and including Army Wives. I hope you can pull your life together and enjoy it. I hope to see you on television in the future. Take Care and God Bless.

  3. Jukes Danbury says:

    Ditto to the above comments. Who cares if she’s had anything done! She is gorgeous!!!

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