“Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Addict”: Kris Humphries

Shocking revelations from the Kim Kardashian camp this week.

No, we aren’t talking about the enduring plastic surgery debate, rather how dear Kim views her very own fans.

According to ex-husband Kris Humphries, Kim has in the past referred to them as ‘gullible’ and ‘boring little nobodies’.  Kris also claims Kim is addicted to cosmetic surgery.

It seems that Ms Kardashian needs to learn the meaning of the word ‘humility’ and while she’s at it, she might like to consider just what life might be like for her if her ‘stupid imbeciles’ stopped their fanaticism for her.

Here’s a couple of sites that ran the story.  This one is likely to run and run.

Kim Kardashian Alleged Plastic Surgery Junkie, Disses Fans

“Kim Kardashian has more than 15 million Twitter followers, but she is so disdainful of her fans she calls them “gullible,” “stupid imbeciles,” “boring little nobodies” and “pathetic people with no lives of their own.”

The bombshell is reportedly contained in text messages and emails that Kim sent to estranged husband Kris Humphries during their courtship and brief marriage…”

Kim Kardashian Addicted To Plastic Surgery, Hates Fans

“…Kimmy married the prominent paleontologist Kris Humphries last August, but called it quits after just 72 days of marriage. Now, as their divorce proceedings loom, Kris is ready to release damning evidence about Kim’s hatred for her fans and love of plastic surgery.

A source tells the zine, “Kris has text and voicemails from Kim where she calls her audience ‘gullible,’ ‘stupid imbeciles,’ ‘boring little nobodies’ and ‘pathetic people with no lives of their own.’”

And that’s not all! “Kim’s gotten liposuction, three nose jobs, a boob job and work done on her butt,” the source claims. “She can’t stop with the plastic surgery and I don’t think she ever will.””


What do you think? Is Kim a plastic surgery junkie?

Leave your comment and let us know.



  1. Loopsylou says:

    Plastic Surgery is an understatement!!!
    She can BS all she wants, but the truth is KK
    Is the biggest fanatic imagineable..
    Sad, really sad!
    No talent!!!!!!!

    Absolutely None!

    With all of her fake body parts in mind….
    Why not add a couple more!!
    Implantx in those terribly shaped legs!!!!!

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