Kim Kardashian

When some people think cosmetic surgery, Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities that immediately jumps to  mind.

Born on October 21st, 1980, Kim, on the surface at least, seems like one of those celebrities who is famous just for the media frenzy surrounding her mother, her stepfather and of course her sisters.

Kim along with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are the daughters of the late Robert Kardashian.

Kim K in 2006 and 2010 (image hosted by

Her mother is Kris Jenner who is married to former Olympic decathlete and gold medalist and certainly no stranger to the world of cosmetic enhancement, Bruce Jenner.

An exotic blend of Armenian and Scottish heritage,  she possesses a unique look that she has used to her advantage becoming a model, a fashion fixture and later on an actress and a hostess.

She’s no stranger to controversy either, given that she’s one of the celebrities out there with a famous sex tape, but she’s also been on several television shows hosted by E! Entertainment, most notably Keeping Up With The Kardashians which has already spawned more spin-offs than you might think.

Since she relies so heavily on her looks, many are bound to ask whether Kim has gotten any cosmetic work done?

Has She Had Face Surgery?

(image hosted by

There have been many rumors flying, both online and in the tabloids, about the work that Kim is supposed to have had done on herself.

Everything from face surgery, a nose job (what professionals refer to as a rhinoplasty), to breast implants to chemical peels, botox injections (see also Nicole Kidman) and even butt implants.

Like Jenni Farley (see Jwoww’s surgery) and Lady Gaga, there are all sorts of rumors when the truth may be quite disappointing.

Of course, it isn’t as though certain eminent plastic surgeons have stepped forward into the spotlight to tell all of this to reporters; part of their profession is supposed to be discretion and confidentiality after all.

But most fans, or just those who accuse Kim of going under the knife, will use the tried and tested method of comparing recent photographs to one in the past to point out how she may have physically changed as evidence of surgical procedures.

Nose job photos perhaps? (image hosted course, it is important that you keep an open mind since if you’re sure something is there you’re going to end up seeing it even if no one else does.

First of all, the human body changes over time and even if a person is recognizable, she isn’t going to look like the same person she was even a few years ago.

So it’s important that if you’re using pictures to support claims of cosmetic enhancement that the pictures were taken so close together that any changes can’t be a result of nature.

More than that though, pictures can be deceiving for other reasons.

Video Slideshow

In this video-photo slideshow, you can clearly see the extent of the problem (view more sensational Kim K surgery videos here).

The before and after pictures, however, certainly plant more than the occasional seed of doubt, no matter what Kim ‘officially’ says.

Much like a scientific experiment, two photographs have to be as similar as possible for you to use them reliably.

More Kim K then and now (image hosted by a photographer makes changes like the lighting, the background, the angle of the picture, or even the type of lens and distance to the subject it can distort what you as the viewer are actually seeing.

Additionally if the person being photographed is wearing different makeup, has a different hairstyle or even something as simple as wearing a different color scheme in one picture than in another it can throw off your eyes and make you think there’s a difference when in fact there isn’t.

This is one of the great Hollywood tricks for covering up blemishes and enhancing the star, so of course it will make them look different.

Kim K Before and After?

Kim has gone on the record with ABC’s Cynthia McFadden to deny that she has had any sort of surgery done.

Before 2007 & after 2010? (image hosted by even went so far as to have a bit of fun at her own expense, saying:

If I take this bra off, you will tell me I need to get them done.”

Kim continued the interview, saying that she isn’t against plastic surgery.  A good position to hold for a celebrity since this type of surgical intervention has been an institution ever since Marilyn Monroe (see also did Marilyn Monroe have any surgery?) got work done on her nose and chin to create her classic, timeless look.

However Kim also said that as things stood as of May 2010, the furthest she’d gone down that particular road was to get botox injections which, according to most people, is a cosmetic procedure but doesn’t quite qualify as plastic surgery. Other stars have also confessed to Botox without directly going under the surgeon’s knife.  Kyra Sedgwick’s confession is one such example.

Extended booty perhaps?Kim also denied rumors of a rhinoplasty, saying that “I’ve never had my nose done“, something which she admitted was something of an irony since her nose is, according to her, one of her biggest insecurities about her look.

Other stars it seems have also succumbed to such a suggestion – see Megan Fox after  surgery.

She did admit going to a doctor and getting the pictures taken to see what she would look like if she had decided to go through with a certain surgery procedure on her nose.

In addition to denying that she’s had her nose fixed surgically, Kim has also had X-rays done on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to prove that her butt doesn’t have any implants in it to give her behind the very recognizable curve she sports.

Is Kim a Lying Fake?

Despite all these attempts to prove the contrary, some observers have sorted through the photo archives to produce a number of video comparisons.

Of course, all of Kim’s denials haven’t stopped the naysayers who claim that the opposite is true. Some people, from the camp that expect any celebrity to deny having gotten plastic surgery, point out that taking Kim’s word doesn’t exactly smack of real digging into the issue of whether or not her looks are natural.

Some individuals think the evidence is so overwhelming they have labelled her a fake. You can make up your own mind by considering them yourself.

Kim's butt & booty implants - real or fake (image hosted by, who might seem more reasonable such as Dr. Anthony Youn, point out that just because one procedure didn’t happen doesn’t mean others haven’t. Youn, in response to Kardashian’s proving that she didn’t have butt implants, posted on his blog that the absence of implants didn’t mean that natural fat couldn’t have been used to plump her rear, thereby creating a natural look without the tell-tale implants.

At the end of the day though, there is nothing more substantial than rumors and speculation about what Kim may or may not have had done on the operating table.  Like other famous celebrities such as Erica Durance, the jury is still out.

So far she’s denied any cosmetic procedures, but hasn’t shut the door on future possibilities, and that’s the story that she’s sticking to. In order to naysay that you’d need to have someone with evidence or proof. More than a red circle on a supposed before and after picture.

What do you think..?

Kim clearly denies having any major cosmetic surgery to date, but what do you think?

Leave a comment to let us know what you think.


  1. she was hotter before the surgery .. I hope she doesnt do any more i hate to see her look like michael jackson

    • Kristin says:

      I agree she was way gorgeous years ago she still has her days but she sort of looks like Michael Jackson now!!

  2. OhYeahAbsolutely says:

    People who try and get back their “youthful” appearance don’t look better, or even good. What they look like is strange and sad and usually (read: ALWAYS) look like they’ve fallen face-first into a bowling-ball cleaner. That anyone can look at someone who’s had it done and think, “Yeah, that’s the look for me!” just prooves that everyone in Hollywood is suffering from the same mass-dellusion. Emperor’s New Clothes, innit?

    A skillful breast augmentation or repositioning a nerve, okay, plastic surgeons ahoy. But please stop making people’s faces look like greased sacks of marshmallow.

  3. If it makes her feel better about her self than who cares, its her body and her decision. Get over it, HATERS. Theres nothing wrong with plastic surgery. Kim’s gorgeous and it sounds like someones jealous.

    • Alexander says:

      Jazmine Jealous of? There is nothing to be jealous about Why would anyone be jealous of someone who seem like she fake and who got the good life by making a sex video…. No I am good in my own body to me plastic surgery is pathetic and useless to all people who do it means they are insecure and un happy with their looks so they feel they “need” to fix it every flaw

      • I don’t think there’s an issue with her getting plastic surgery. I agree with Jazmine; it’s her body and if she feels happy about herself by having surgery then we should leave her to it. Besides I don’t think she looks that bad, I’ve seen a lot worse. The only issue I have is the fact that she lies about it, it doesn’t help her much. She would have been better off just admitting that she did have surgery and that it was her choice.

      • personally i think if this is how she wants to live her life than let her. she’s not any of your problems so love your own body and dont worry about hers. whatever she chooses to do is her decision none of you are her parents. she doesn’t deserve the kind of crap others give her so please stop judging when you don’t even know the person at all. she has problems just like the rest of us in this world, so i don’t see how she’s different just for getting plastic surgery and making sex tapes. you all made decisions that people may not like and so did she but that doesn’t mean you have to butt in our her personal life. i’m only 13 and it’s a shame that bulling people we know and don’t know still goes on.

    • I totally agree with you there, I love Kim k I think she is so gorgeous, and about plastic surgery some people I mean the haters need to know that if one don’t have that beauty naturally Just plastic surgery won’t do much, my point is sure it will help but it can’t change one 100%. She is a beautiful girl, that’s all I know. And if she doesn’t wanna tell people it’s totally up to her, if you had something done, would you go around and tell other people? I’m asking this question from Kim k haters. anyway, love you Kim k, u rock.

    • Jack Ketch says:

      Haters ??? You’re hilarious, dear.

      • I would have given her a pass in 2012 but look at her today Oct 2013. Totally fake from head to toe. She has officially jumped the shark. And she did not get but “implants” as proven with X rays on KUWTK. She had fat transfer injections to enlarge her derriere. That will not show up on X rays. She tried to fool everyone but the smart ones know.

    • She was gorgeous before plastic surgery.

    • I agree, Whats with all the hate?

  4. mammakitty says:

    It’s not the fact that she has had surgery: It’s the fact that she is possibly not truthful about it!!!

  5. I hope she did have plastic surgery and continues until she goes completely over the top!

    • Sounds like jealousy and envy to me….maybe cuz every man in the world drools over her? hey…admit it…she’s got it and jealousy will get u no where.

      • trust me no one is jealous of that Mexican and only man wh*res drool over her

        • Mexican get the facts straight. She is not a Mexican. Your not only a hater but your a dumb hater. Who really cares what nationally she is. She and all her family are just beautiful. So get a life and stop being a dumb hater but.

          • yes she definitely has cheeks implants or fillers, also her eyes look different – not only smaller but the shape – more like a cat eyes … or laughing eyes , and definitely she had her nose job – could be a millimetres but it does look the bridge of her nose is much narrower than before and she had a small hump BEFORE NOT now…… she has a cat face now one some pictures looks like plastic doll.. i am scared …prefer her natural beauty before, feel sorry to her it looks like she jumps from one relationship to another …maybe too fast

          • This is quite a late response but I’m glad u pointed out the newly cat shaped eyes. Do u know how one gets this shape. It’s called a face lift.

      • You can see changes in the dimensions of her face and body, so yes, she’s had lots of work….

        Well, okay, I’m a man and I will tell you what I and most of my male friends think about her. Hollywood does this, many people support it. She’s, unfortunately, very “plastic” and becoming more and more that way all the time -both internally and externally. That is something I cannot become unaware of now, and so I don’t find her attractive. Besides having a bit of a “cat face” from surgery (as mentioned above & I admit I am repelled by it and would have difficulty kissing someone like that), she is also a mini-porn star. This show of hers is just an extension of that pornographic display- which might still seem normal to many people — but all this, the surgery, the sex tapes, the selling out of herself, the attention desperation, it is all part of a mental illness. It is heartbreaking, depressing to consider giving it any attention.

        I used to have one friend who thought she was somewhat attractive (he noticed her, no one else did)… Maybe it’s not a shock that he’s living with a popular topless dancer (who happens to have had extreme plastic surgery) , and she’s also got a pattern of looking for popular men …who did not get popular with their strength of character or caring hearts. Women like this, therefore, end up with some horrible men, who are wish-washy, they don’t take their relationships seriously, are flimsy and weak for being willing to be exploited by a reality show, and are emotionally switched to either “almost dead” or just “off.” Emotionally indifferent or dead is not attractive, no matter what someone looks like. There is something intrinsically faulty about seeking others for their false status, and something just as broken with those who want to use that status alone to attract.

        Yes, all the more cognitive men find this Hollywood nonsense, and women like this, disgusting. This is all fine for the men who would marry a porn star, or for the women who don’t mind living with someone for popularity, status, or even cozying up to a drug dealer or thug. You may never hear this kind of voice again.

        The only beautiful thing here? It is that people can change…..

        ~Bon Vivant

    • She has had so much plastic surgery that is it hilarious at this point to say she hasn’t had any at all. It is really sad to think so little of yourself to keep having these surgeries. She is fake from head to toe & no, believe me, I am not zealous of her at all.
      Her butt is so animated now…that you have to laugh. How many surgeries has she had on her face. She really doesn’t look normal anymore. She was pretty to begin with.

  6. she was beautiful without plastic surgery…she didn’t need those surgeries…so sad that she need to do that to feel love for her self…

  7. Way better before! she is starting to look like a cartoon character with those awful facial cheek implants.

    • She doesn’t have cheek implants. She makes her cheeks look more prominent by contouring them with makeup.

      • She has cheeks implants, you cannot get your cheeks to look like that with contouring EVER. Her cheeks protrude more from her face and it has made her eyes smaller. Even without makeup her face still has that shape. Don’t lie to yourself & don’t lie for her.

  8. Uh. Yaaaa. Kim Kardashian’s Brazilian butt lift has been 100% confirmed by a number of plastic surgeons specializing in this area. The BBL wouldn’t show up in an X-Ray, and Kim obviously thought she was fooling the public by claiming it was real via X-Rays. NOT.

    Fat grafting your bottom doesn’t make you a bad person , for it seems everyone wants a black backside, but flatly lying about it only makes her look less authentic . She’s become a circus clown.

  9. Anastasia Higgenbothem says:

    It is not the fact that she has had plastic surgery. It is not even the fact that she will not admit to it. It is because she will conduct interview after interview AFTER INTERVIEW telling anyone that will listen that she has not had any plastic surgery. That she is all natural. That all of this perfection (at least that is the message she wants to send to the world) is natural. If she did not cram that down everyone’s throat, then I would not have an issue with whether she came clean with it or not. It makes her many things…..especially a hypocrite. What about all of the young girls that look at her and wonder why they cannot look like that . When she is not real or authentic. Face it. Kim K has had a multitude of plastic surgery (you did not see her offering to have her breast x-rayed on national t.v. now did you?). And a brazilizan butt lift that her first husband still has the records to prove it. $40,000.00 on plastic surgery is what she milked him for. Kim K is as fake as her most recent marriage. Don’t let the sweet, considerate, compassionate person she portrays on t.v. fool you. She is a shark.

  10. Kim Kardashian lied about not getting plastic surgery and she’s got worse. She looks like an Asian Michael Jackson imo. I wish there were more pictures when she used to be fat; its funny and she’s famous just for a p*rn video that’s so disgusting.
    She looked better before she had plastic surgery.


  12. Nina Kristin says:

    Then your eyes should be checked REALLY carefully. HOW the HECK couldn’t you see the totally OBVIOUS differences between all the before and after pictures?

  13. i love kim kardashian regardless of her having plastic surgery it doesn’t matter she is not the first nor the last woman to have had work on her and she has the money for it and if her looks is whats getting her fame or what not so be it…with or with out she was and is still beautiful.

  14. Well, I will help insight all of those who are missing the main idea of why her success is fraud. First and foremost, Kim Kardashian is in fact a very beautiful woman and deserves some respect for it I guess, for some reason we worship attractive people and put them on a pedestal, BUT. What are we teaching the young people of our future, that you can have whatever you want if you look better than others and can afford to change your appearance? What kind of message is that to our youth? Girls will be beautiful no matter how hard you try to set a status quo, all people are beautful for that matter. And her personal life isn’t fully exposed to us, all we see is the good, but how can she be proud of a career thats based on pornography. Besides her qualities cant be that great if she can’t keep a man down, so go ahead and follow her example, you’re going to end up alone for thinking you’re too good for anyone. People enjoy looking at the Kardashian faces, but they wont be much to look like when there’s nothing left! So keep following people! We know what you value. lol.

  15. It seems liked she intended to morph into something more ‘mainstream’…she looked more ethnic before. More Armenian; she was prettier to me, because she looked more unique. Now, she is pretty but the thinner nose is not that appealing though.

  16. sinderella says:

    Her nose isn’t thinner, it’s just her smile lines are gone so it looks thinner. The only differences I can see in her face is that her smile lines are gone and the way she plucks her eyebrows. Also her makeup is a lot better. I think 75% of the rumors are probably due to her improved makeup.

  17. plastic surgery or not she is gorgeous and she is pleasant to see and not a bag of bones like posh.

  18. she is beautiful…’re all haters.

  19. kimberly says:

    she still looks ok with the surgery………but what’s with the cat eyes??????!!!!!!!$

  20. says:

    Kim’s butt got big because she started eating more and exercising.But why do you guys care about If someone else ass is fake or not?Worry about your own ass for once.

    • Dozie Linda says:

      good. they 4get themselves and worry bout others

      • I’m not a big fan of Kim Kardashian but I don’t believe she’s had surgery to her face, it’s all make up tricks, believe me I know heaps of them and I’ve seen amazing transformations! Her body perhaps but I doubt she’s done much to her face, take a look at your own photos when you were young and one recent one and compare, they won’t be the same!

  21. As much as Kim kardashian is good looking, she is one of the biggest douche bag celebrities out there, who really only got famous over a sex tape

  22. Kim Kardashian lately is beginning to look like the Octomom’s twin. She may not have had plastic surgery in the past but she certainly has had it recently. Either that or she’s just aging badly. *Kanye shrug*

  23. She was average before and is still average. She is pretty, she was never ugly, but she wasnt stunning and she isnt stunning, she looks gorgeous with the make up on, without it she looks like any other Wallmart girl. It doesnt bother me that she had plastic surgery, anybody is entitled to do with their bodies whatever they want, some put piercings, others tattoes, other weird 3D implants and some other women find beauty in retouching their noses, not a big deal. What I dislike about her choices tho is that huge butt, it just looks so out of place. To each their own tho.

  24. Kim Karashian is faker than a 2 dollar bill trying to become the ultimate woman for a rich black man.He ass is obviously very fake she had a Brazilian butt lift hell she’s probably eating more so she can have more fat to store in her ass.He hips look deformed and her chicken thighs and legs are not proportioned to her ass she got a rhinoplasty and other procedures done to her face as well.You all can keep believing that you can eat alot and exercise to get an ass like that all you want Lmao I’m a black girl and by ass hips thighs and legs are very proportionate to my body just like most black women;) she got famous for having sex with Ray J that’s the only reason why she is relevant right now!

  25. I agree that Kim Is beautiful, I believe that she has had her nose done, ( nose is definately thinner) Botox, ( her face seems flat or frozen especially around her smile lines, mouth and eyes) breast augmentation ( that is very evident) As far as her ass is concerned who in their right mind would want their ass to look like that????????

  26. she was pretty before and she is so pretty now too. she had a nice body before and has a nice body now. fake or not she is beautiful and i dont think anyone really cares how many plastic surgeries she had and will do

  27. WOW haha calm down guys. This is starting to sound childish. The reason almost everyone is here is because we all have a doubt that Kim is natural. The other portion is simply due to boredom. It’s ok I’m really bored too…


    Those of you who are “hating”; it’s ok. Jealousy helps us want to work on the parts we lack. Protein and workouts help grow mass in both butt and boobs. At most, you might gain 1-2 inches more. It won’t be as dramatic as JLO but it will make YOU look better. Trust me I’m a certified personal trainer. Be the best YOU. Work with what you got and enhance it. Don’t try to look like some famous person. How do you think they got there? They choose to be the best that they could be and because of this, they are all unique and don’t copy either, well they do copy cloths occasionaly.. but they choose to wear it THEIR best.

    One more thought: Make up doesn’t make you beautiful. It only makes what is already beautiful stand out even more.

    Ex: I have pretty big boobs for MY size. I’m 5’2 and weigh 95 pounds (I know I need to gain weight I’m aiming for 105 pounds.). I’m 32 C and I have a cute little butt. I’m currently working on my building more butt mass. I am also a pin up girl not model. Big difference (I don’t model.)

    One more thing: You ALL have a right to freedom of speech.

    Oh Yea Right.. I’m here because I believe her butt is fake not all of it but a good portion of it is fake. Really? 30 something years old and not even a single cellulite? Yea right. NO massage can do that. Most Massages relax the muscles and others work it out but none do a 100% great job not even a 75% great job. I’m also a Physical therapy assistant and no therapy makes it 100%. Others wise my body would be like Bam! Sexy Momma! and I’d charge all of you a bunch of money and teach you how to get that look.
    So let’s be realistic. Oh and I have a lot of licenses and certifications because I took advantage of rop in highschool. I want to be doctor probably specialize somewhere in the thorax. Premed is fun and I have 3 majors; MircoBiology, ChemBiology, and of course PreMed. Sounds hard but all my majors require same classes except for one which requires one math class higher.
    Wow I just told a bunch of strangers my life’s history and future. I’ll let you know when the 2nd book comes out. lol Laugh its a joke. haha 🙂

  28. yvonne jimenez says:

    Hi Kim , the before and after you still look beautiful ,Best of wishes on the birth of your baby girl , welcome to mother hood .I am a mom of three and love it.

  29. I think she was much prettier before surgery! She now looks just like her mother.

  30. Layluvarmenia says:

    In the actual “before” pictures she already has surgery. In the before pictures she already has nose job, cheek implants and a large chin implant with her lips enlarged.
    In the after photo she has mid facelift, facelift, another nose job, smaller chin implant or possible sliding genioplasty or chin reduction and augmentation, forehead enlarged either with browlift or electrolysis and upper and lower eye lift.
    Can’t bs a plastic surgery connoisseur. I can tell just by one look what she has done.

  31. Rache Nelson says:

    Well the evidence seems clear to me. Fake- just trying to be societies Barbie.

  32. Even Kim can stop the denial of plastic surgery now that it’s 2013 her face,butt,boobs everything is fake.I saw the Christmas special for Dec 2013 and it was sad to see Kim used to be soo beautiful and now even on film she looks like the Joker.Kim could hardly smile her beauty was that of cat woman the socialite that botched her surgeries.Looking at Kourtney Kardashian on the Christmas special Kim must envy her now that in 2013 Kourtney looks like how Kim used to look and has retained her Armenian looks that Kim has erased.Kim has to look at her pictures and the show and realize what has she done to her face?.And for the delusional people out there a booty does not get that round,deformed and huge from eating more if anything Kim has lost alot of weight and managed to retain a huge booty.Old pictures show Kim’s booty of normal size it was quite small and regular.Booty injections helped her to achieve that booty and yet she denies all because x rays can’t pick up booty injections.The people that deny along with her will continue to see how deformed her face and body become with her plastic sugery addiction.Bruce and Kris Jenner have the same problem.Kourtney has admitted to breast implants 1 person who doesn’t lie and still looks the same.Poor Kim if she doesn’t stop it will be sad.

  33. Kim is soo funny when she states she has had no plastic sugery and would never get a face lift when she has done soo much work to herself she lost her beautiful Armenian looks.Kim Kardashians booty was small,flat and wide there is no way exercising and eating more would give her such an ugly,deformed booty.Kim insists it’s real but people around her her whole life in school know she’s fake.Kim is a sad lady even she must miss her beautiful looks .Kim looks at Kourtney Kardashian with envy since Kourtney still looks Armenian and they used to have similar features and Kourtney has still retained her Armenian looks.That is why the people can’t stand her because she lies about everything and she’s soo sugeried up she lost her looks.

  34. Please stop saying ‘haters’ unless you are twelve. It sounds absolutely ridiculous from anyone past puberty. TY

  35. she was so pretty before, these small eyes are so ugly

  36. Why would anyone want a fat a** like that? It is not attractive, it is repulsive, gross and disgusting. Did she do it because she thinks black men like it and she will be a magnet for Black men with that big fat **** a**? Curves are one thing, a huge grotesque out of proportion a** attached to your backside does not look good.

  37. nhl xlord xd says:

    She looked better before plastic surgery.

  38. Im sure we all have things about ourselves we would like to change and I guess if we all had $s most of us would given if we had the guts . I personaly think Kim was attractive before her work but we all strive for perfection in some way .

  39. Many people find her repulsive. It’s beyond the porn and plastic. It’s her profound mentally sick deceit and emptiness. sHE IS COMPLETELY INAUTHENTIC AND STRANGELY WITH ZERO TALENT IN A WORLD WHERE MOST PEOPLE HAVE AT LEAST some KIND OF TALENT.There’s a deep ugliness when someone makes a lot of money and gets faux fame from nothing. Absolutely nothing but a rude and crude sense of entitlement and demanding grotes exposures.sque

  40. don’t u see the way u look beautiful b4 surgery…? she look more lyk a old woman after surgery. nonsense

  41. Ryan S shame on you for over producing that dumb ass show. It has no relevance to anything.

  42. Wow… after reading all these messages regarding Kim’s physical appearance it saddens me that she is judged so harshly. I see a girl that is lost and in need of her Dad.There is no stronger comfort in life than having a ?Dad around .Life is just empty without his arms of love to hold you and give you comfort.I too lost my dad almost a year ago.Please stop judging Kim and just pray that she can be happy within herself before it gets out of control.Kim you are beautiful.. please learn to love yourself and your beautiful daughter.My prayers go out to you that you can one day feel loved again.

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