Kris Jenner Gets Boob Job Aged 56!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, we learn that Kris Jenner, official ‘momager’ to daughter Kim and Kourtney, had undergone the knife again.

Regular readers will know that Kris Jenner’s last foray into the world of cosmetic surgery was prior to Kim’s short-lived wedding to Kris Humphries where she underwent a rather impressive mini facelift (saying that, there was the lip filler incident whilst on holiday but that wasn’t exactly a major operation).

This time, however, Kris has truly gone for it announcing new breast implants (yes, you read that right!) at the ripe old age of 56.

Has Kris become the oldest breast implant patient? (Did Joan Rivers get breast augmentation?) Probably not, but she’s surely one of the oldest.  As you can see from the images however, she’s not looking too bad.

How long will they last we wonder?

Breast augmentation aged 56 for Kris Jenner (image hosted by

Kris Jenner Gets Breast Implants at 56, Viewers Slam ‘Vain’ Procedure

“By Benge Nsenduluka , Christian Post Contributor Kris Jenner has been blasted for … slamming her latest plastic surgery procedure as age-inappropriate.”

Kris Jenner to Family: Look at My New Boobs!

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Kris Jenner gets a boob job (image hosted by

Kris Jenner to Family: Look at My New Boobs!

“”Where’s Joe Franics when you need him?” Scott quipped, while Khloe called them “Frankenstein boobs” in a voiceover. Check out the family’s freaked out reaction above — and see more stars who have admitted to having plastic surgery in the gallery below!”

Kris Jenner Strips Down & Gets A Bikini Bounce!

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What do you think?

Was Kris right to undergo such a procedure despite being 56?  Leave your comment below and let us know.



  1. It is without a doubt—all Kardashians are desperate for a brain transplant.