Kris Jenner’s Latest Plastic Surgery: Lip Fillers?

Wow, here’s one for the plastic surgery speculators!

Last year, Kris Jenner very publicly underwent a minor facelift in advance of daughter Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

Virtually everyone agreed that it turned out very well and stood out as an example of excellent cosmetic surgery.

This week, however, Kris’ lips are suggesting a whole different story, that is according to some of the higher profile celebrity blogs and news sites.

In the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris’ lips are unmistakeably swollen.  She claims she had a food allergy.  Others disagree claiming a bad reaction to lip fillers or Botox.

We’ll leave you to decide what really happened.  Here’s a sample of the web’s top sites running this story.

Kris Jenner’s Gigantic Swollen Lips – Plastic Surgery Or Allergic Reaction?

“Kris Jenner is used to fans talking about the things that come out of her mouth, but now they’re abuzz about the state of her actual mouth! During the July 1 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris’ top lip swelled up to five times its normal size during a family vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Though Kris says she suffered a food allergy, fans were quick to speculate that the Kardashian matriarch was having a bad reaction to cosmetic fillers, similar to Kim Kardashian’s allergic reaction to Botox in 2010…”

Kris Jenner’s swollen lip on ‘KUWTK’ an allergy or work done?

“Sunday in an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kris Jenner’s swollen lip was the highlight of the show. The matriarch of the family, who is known for having plastic surgery in the past, said her inflated lips were due to an allergic reaction. But was it the result of more work?

 On July 2, the Daily Mail reported that while the Kardashian family vacationed in the Dominican Republic, Jenner woke up and discovered her trout pout when she gazed into the mirror.  Moments later, she called in Robert and Kim Kardashian to see the hideous sight in the mirror. While she expected some form of support from her son and daughter, all she got in return were laughs and snickers from the duo…”

What happened to Kris' lips (image hosted by

Kris Jenner’s Lip Blows Up

“The phrase ‘I think you’ve over done it love’ was made for this story.

The Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner has either been stung by a bee or has over done with the lip filler.  It’s claimed on the latest episode of Keeping Up… that she had a suffered a bad reaction to some food she had eaten.
Stop laughing at the back this is serious. Don’t you find it odd that this allergic reaction has restricted itself just to her top lip? Now I’m no expert but surely if you have an allergic reaction to food and it makes one lip swell up, surely the other would swell too or there would be a rash at least?”

Kris Jenner’s fiasco: Food allergy or lip filler?

“Some plastic surgeons say it’s unlikely that Kris Jenner had a bad reaction to food when her top lip blew up in an episode of  “Keeping up with the Kardashians” that aired on Sunday night. While food was cited as a possible culprit on the show, the doctors suspect lip injections gone awry.

Dr. Richard Chaffoo, who’s served as president of the San Diego Plastic Surgery Society and chief of plastic surgery at Scripps Memorial Hospital, says the reaction looks like it was caused by a lip filler because it was limited to a specific area.”

Is this really plastic surgery?  What do you think?

Leave your comment below and let us know.


  1. B clark says:

    So I was on vacation in Dallas last week visiting a friend from the Dominican Republic only to wake up to only my top lip being swollen probably 3 times Kris ‘s lip. The doctor said it was probably some honey I had (which I am not allergic to) but possibly the fillers or preservatives in that particular brand. So when I saw this story and the fact she was in the Dominican Republic I totally believe it was an allergic reaction.

  2. Oh yes, I know THAT look from experience. It is the difference in one and one half syringe of filler as opposed to two. It takes about two or three weeks and it will look great. Come on Kris, fess up! There are times when less is more. Kris should have learned some lessons from poor Bruce. I hope they don’t still use THAT plastic surgeon. Let’s face it, we can say what we like about the Kardashian’s but, in the end, they are very beautiful, very industrious women. The Kardashians have played a large part in the trend of American women embracing and celerating their beautiful curves. I think mamma Kris will give us all a reason not to fear starting over in our fifties. If you don’t particularly like the Kardashians you still have to admire their strenght and courage. I also love the fact that they are very old Hollywood glam. Rarely will you see any of those women leave the house without full makeup and dressed to the nines. Let’s face it, it is refreshing to see a little of the old Hollywood “magic” make a comeback.

  3. Sick, sick, sick, narcasistic simpletons, get a life. The part of you that is ugly is your mind!