Leah Miller

Has Leah Miller Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Lots of people, both fans and the casually curious, wonder about Leah Miller’s recent TV appearances which have fuelled the rumors that may have had some sort of cosmetic “enhancements”.

Miller is a Canadian television personality, a former VJ (video jock), hostess on Canada’s So You Think You Can Dance and is now the hostess on an E! Canadian show.

Still young, Miller was born in 1981, but there have already been questions about celebrity plastic surgery procedures being done on the television hostess.

Leah Miller – What Happened To Her Face?

More recently, as this video from September 2011 shows, there’s been a great deal of talk about botox.

Here’s an interview following the show with more facial close-ups.

Given her age, other young stars such as Rose McGowan (see Rose McGowan), Katy Perry have found themselves subject to similar questions (see also has Katy Perry had surgery?).

Heidi Montag, however, is very well known for being so open about her 10 cosmetic surgery procedures that she had all at the same time (see Heidi Montag).

Older celebrities, however, are more than used to hearing the question.  The issue of Mariah Carey’s possible surgery, for example, has been around for years.

Of course, no one has stepped forward and given conclusive evidence, but there is still a great deal of speculation that’s floating around online about what she has and hasn’t had done to herself.

Leah Miller Cosmetic Surgery Speculations

There are some fans that have taken older pictures of Miller when she first came on the scene as a video jock and compared them to her current pictures and found that they can’t quite believe that she naturally looks the way she does now.

While it might not be celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, there are speculations about everything from Miller’s eye shape to the size of her breasts as being altered by plastic surgery. While she is still very youthful, some people just expect everyone in entertainment to go under the knife no matter how big or small their roles are in the industry.

Of course, there are some basic facts that viewers should keep in mind, especially when discussing an actress as young as Leah Miller when it comes to the possibility of her being a plastic surgery celebrity. Pictures might tell a thousand words, but not all of those ‘words’ are truthful. Photographs can make you look wildly different depending on the angle, the lighting, the composition and even what colors you happen to be wearing in the picture.

You can also change the way you look with subtle things like hair style and how you did your makeup, emphasizing some attributes and downplaying others.  Additionally, given that Miller is such a young woman it’s entirely possible that she just grew up a bit depending on when the pictures were taken.

Leah Miller Before and After?

There are some rumors that Leah has had a number of different procedures. A face lift, which might explain how the curves of her face became more angular, is one speculation that’s been bandied about.

Another is that she’s had her eyelids surgically altered, giving her a more cat-like appearance.  While there hasn’t been an official statement one way or the other, there are a lot of bloggers and commentators on posts she’s mentioned in, that are convinced her face and times her breasts, have been surgically augmented.

So, what’s the truth?

A good question, but not one that anyone seems to have a hard answer for, least of all any surgeons who might be the best qualified to say.  Here’s another video from 2009 with some decent close-ups.

Leah Miller does indeed look a lot different now than when she first came on the entertainment scene and one possible explanation is that she’s had cosmetic surgery.

Of course, while plastic surgery isn’t the only thing Leah Miller might have done to keep herself trim, fit and looking like good hostess material for her new show, there are still a lot of people that are convinced it’s the only thing she’s done that really matters, fashion wise.



  1. You’ve got it backwards, man. She doesn’t look catlike, she looks plump, like a duck or Joan Rivers. It’s botox gone wrong, which is a shame because she was BEAUTIFUL before!

  2. Actually we should do a page on Joan Rivers as that’s one sad story. As for Leah, well, she certainly looks a bit pumped up, that’s for sure. Catlike? That’s a matter of opinion – the pic of her on the right (above the last video) certainly looks a bit catty to me.

  3. scoobiedoo says:

    She looks like a freak. That’s all I have to say. Other than I wish they would remove her promos from E Entertainment TV. She’s so weird looking now!! Ick!!!

    • genie101 says:

      She looks like a freak, as soon as she comes on whatever the show. I change the channel. Can’t look at her.

  4. L Clarke says:

    I feel that the show, should have had some say. What is this saying to all the young girls watching? She was beautiful before, now she looks horrible. I feel like it is so bad, it takes something away from the show. Very sad.

  5. Without question she is in the top 3 of the oddest looking people on television. She
    Actually looks disturbing. Why the producers have her on tv is absurd.
    Many cannot look at her, it is just that bad. She looks like either she has had a bad
    Plastic surgery or needs it badly. She is unsightly odd very unattractive…

  6. yeah i remember back in much music she was pretty hot, now she recently updated her fb page, and im like wtf, botox so much, her face is so plump, and eyes so much smaller!!

  7. miche den says:

    Why do these girls do this, it does not look right, cant they see that?

  8. When I see her on Etalk snippets, all I concentrate on is her puffy face! She is so young, she was perfectly gorgeous. Now she looks freeakish like all the other celebs. Why didn’t she just leave her face alone??

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