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Has Lindsay Lohan Had Plastic Surgery?

That is a speculation question that many people have been wondering.

Celebrity plastic surgery has long been the speculation of the masses for a long while.  More and more celebrities are changing their looks using plastic surgery and some people have been suspecting Lindsay Lohan to be among them.

Lindsay Lohan is a beautiful actress who has taken major roles in a range of Hollywood movies like Matchete. She came into the limelight as a teenager and since then she has been considered one of the hottest Hollywood stars.

Lindsay Lohan before and after (image hosted by, she has been the center of controversy with police arrests after drink-driving and being under the influence of alcohol. She was also sentenced to 90 days in jail for probation violation in the year 2010.

Lindsay’s Surgery: Truth or Myth?

This is a question that many people have been wondering.

When Lindsay came into the limelight, many people fell in love with her beauty. She was in the Megan Fox type of league (see also Megan Fox).

However, much later, people mainly men, started noticing her rather larger breasts and it was alleged that she had had breast enlargement plastic surgery.  So, are they fake or real?

On being asked to comment on the issue, Lindsay dismissed the claims as “ridiculous and totally untrue“. Her family has also maintained that there is no way she would have any plastic surgery on her ‘gorgeous body’.

Her family has also had to lately intervene on allegations of plastic surgery on Lindsay’s younger sister, Ali Lohan. Ali landed a lucrative modelling deal and her body allegedly changed almost immediately.

Her skin freckles disappeared and she appeared to have shed some weight. Her facial features also seemed more prominent and questions were raised on whether she had had any surgery.

When asked to comment on this, Ali, just like Lindsay, dismissed the claims. She said she was 17 and there is no way she could possibly have ever opted for something as ‘illegal’ as that.

She further described plastic surgery as ‘not right thing to do‘.

The alleged change has been termed by some as an ‘awful plastic surgery’.

Some ‘plastic surgery gone wrong before and after’ pictures have been published in various blogs to prove her allegedly distasteful weight loss.


Is Lindsay’s case just like Ali’s? Are there before and after pictures that prove the change?

There are photographs that have been published to compare Lindsay’s body before and after the alleged plastic surgery.

The main area of focus has been her breasts.

In her earlier photos, Lindsay Lohan seems to have smaller and less prominent breasts as compared to the more recent photos.

Due to this, there is a reasonably large number of people who believe that Lindsay really had cosmetic surgery to make herself look sexier.

Lindsay is among among celebrities who have been in the center of plastic surgery controversy.

A case that is similar to hers is the Mariah Carey cosmetic surgery. Another case is the Rihanna plastic surgery issue.

They have similar physical changes that make people wonder has Lindsey Lohan had plastic surgery?

Lindsay Lohan Before And After…

What do you think?

Check out Lindsay Lohan before and after pictures below and leave a comment to let us know.

Lindsay Lohan before and after plastic surgery pictures? (image hosted by



  1. kamille1234 says:

    Hi, Everyone. I bet you all agree that Lindsay Lohan was beautiful before she got surgery done. I think the surgery looks awful– in both places! Too bad she couldn’t see the real beauty in herself. THERE IS NO GOING BACK… 🙁

  2. In my opinion she was a pretty girl before plastic surgery and if the breast pictures are real, she didnt have to go THAT big…but shes still young and her body will continue to develop, so I hope that shes happy with the changes shes made. Just know Lindsey…your still young, be the best you can be in all you do. 🙂

  3. Her lips look like she can no longer close her mouth. My my. Why why!


  4. alex adam says:

    she was my best actor of all time but look 2 her now she looks like 90 years old why u did that im very sad about it
    but there always a plan b now my best actor selena gomez

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