Has Madonna Had Cosmetic Surgery?

One of the most recognisable icons in modern pop culture, Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone on August 16 1958), is a world-famous US singer-songwriter, businesswoman and actress.

Following the release of her debut album in 1983, she shot to success through a string of hit songs, boosted by her showmanship and innovative and controversial music videos.

To date, she has sMadonna - had she has plastic surgery? (image hosted by over 300 million records globally and is the highest-selling female artist of all time.

Known for constantly reinventing her image, she has also enjoyed success in acting, and won a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her role in 1996’s Evita.

Madonna before and after pictures (image hosted by

Madonna Still Looking Youthful In Middle Age

Most women as they age become concerned about the increasing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as skin loses its elasticity.

Still young looking Madonna photographed in 2011 (image hosted by

As a result, celebrity plastic surgery rumors become the norm for any actress or star once she reaches her forties – and sometimes even younger.

Madonna before plastic surgery? (image hosted by, Madonna has been the subject of particular scrutiny and speculation about possible surgical enhancement over the last few years.

Despite being in her fifties, her face has remained very youthful and wrinkle-free – the face of a woman twenty years her junior.

In 2007, Madonna caused waves at the Oscars because of her remarkably refreshed appearance, which led to rapid speculation that she had undergone multiple facial cosmetic procedures (known as ‘mini face-lifts’) or laser resurfacing facial operations.

Aesthetic surgeon Dr Andrew Douglas suspects that she has had Botox injections, as well as a facelift with volume restoration, possibly using a collagen replacer.

Others speculate that she has had temporary hyaluronic acid fillers to lift her cheeks, as well as blepharoplasty (surgery on the lower and upper eyelids), collagen injections in her lips, a neck lift, or a chin enhancement.

Rumors of rhinoplasty (a nose job) have followed Madonna since the early 90s.

Madonna – Before & After Pictures

Madonna: before and after Botox (image hosted by the years Madonna has insisted that she has not undergone any procedures; but recently told a friend that she has ditched the surgical treatments, fearing that they are making her appear ‘a freak’.

There is certainly a dramatic difference: her forehead, eyes and cheeks lack the lines you would expect of a woman in her fifties, her face is fuller than it was ten years ago, her upper eyelids appear much tighter, her lips have the classic ‘bee-stung’ appearance, and her nose now appears sculpted and sharper.

A Case of Madonna Surgery Gone Wrong?

Examples of surgery gone wrong are all too common in Hollywood.

For Daryl Hannah, plastic surgery produced a puffy appearance to the face; for Linda Evans it led to an overload of facial fillers.Madonna before and after plastic surgery 1998 - 2008 (image hosted by

Madonna has been the subject of photos of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, with many commentators suggesting that she has had one awful plastic surgery procedure too many.

In November 2011 Madonna was said to have been upset by remarks at the Venice Film Festival about her noticeably fuller cheeks and slightly cat-like appearance (called ‘pillow-face’), a common sign of overuse of injectible fillers.

Madonna herself said, ‘Sometimes, photographs that I see, I just think who that is? I don’t know that girl.’

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  1. Anna Maria Dabrowski says:

    Leave Madonna alone. She can do whatever makes her happy just like we all try to. Because she’s famous, people get too involved in her business and start gossip and bad media. How would you like it, if the world was in your face about just EVERYTHING you do? Thought as much. So BACK OFF n GET ON WITH YR OWN LIVES. Enjoy Madonna the person, Enjoy her music! Step deeply into HER PERSONAL LIFE – which is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS – THAT’S A STEP TOO FAR. Live and Let Live!

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