Marg Helgenberger

Marg Helgenberger cosmetic surgery rumors, while certainly not at the same prominence of Jennifer Lopez’ plastic surgery gossip, have definitely grabbed their share of space.

For those not familiar with her name, Marg Helgenberger is an American actress who was born in 1958 in Nebraska.

She holds a degree in drama from Northwestern University, and in true Hollywood fashion she was picked up by a talent scout to start her career. A staple on the Lifetime channel, Helgenberger has also appeared in films like Species, and Tootsie, as well as in television series like “E.R.” where she was a single arc love interest for George Clooney’s character.

Marg Helgenberger in 2011 (image hosted by despite her age, Helgenberger looks amazing, but this has lead to speculations of celebrity plastic surgery.

Has Marg Had Cosmetic Surgery?

According to New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shefer if Marg Helgenberger has become a plastic surgery celebrity, she’s had very good work done:

It appears that she’s had a facelift. Her skin looks tight and cheeks fuller with a slight disconnect with the appearance of her forehead. This is all speculation since I don’t see any incisions in the photos.”

In addition to a facelift, Shefer believes it’s very possible that Helgenberger is undergoing Botox treatments in order to give her such a youthful appearance.

Far from plastic surgery gone wrong, if a surgeon is responsible for her looks, it’s made Helgenberger at least as, if not more, attractive than many actresses half her age.

That’s no mean feat, particularly when other plastic surgeons simply can’t be sure that you’ve had work done, and if you have, then what exact procedures you underwent.

Marg Helgenberger – Before and After Photos?

Since it seems highly likely that Helgenberger is having something done to maintain her looks, you’d think it would show up in photos of her.

However, it seems that the camera has been kind to Helgenberger, who if she has gotten cosmetic procedures has skipped right over the bad plastic surgery pitfalls that so many celebrities fall into.

Mary Helgenberger before and after (image hosted by

However, much like Halle Berry’s cosmetic surgery gossip, Marg Helgenberger has remained silent on just what she is or isn’t having done to her body to keep up her looks. As a result you have to look really hard at the photos to catch a glimpse of anything.

First off, there’s no scar tissue that would indicate surgery that we can see in most of her pictures due to Helgenberger’s hair style.

And while her forehead is quite clear of wrinkles it doesn’t seem to be quite right, which would be indicated by Botox injections if they weren’t delivered evenly.

Of course this surgery, if it is surgery, is done as a way to maintain Helgenberger’s looks rather than to change them. As such this makes the results of the procedures a little more difficult to spot since the results will be much more minimal than if the surgery was meant to really change her.

And until Marg Helgenberger plastic surgery gossip is confirmed by the actress, we’ve got speculation.

Before & After Photo Gallery

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  1. Mary Weber says:

    I believe Marg Helgenberger has had numerous plastic surgeries. Botox, facelift, cheek enhancement, lips blown, breast implants, eyes. You name it and I reckon she’s had it done. Even on CSI the lighting was always dim.

  2. Her lips look lopsided to me.

  3. Nickie Gail says:

    Her top lip looks awful. They seem to sag on both sides and there is a crease above her lip.

  4. marg looks like her top lip is harelipped or cleftlipped

  5. SAD she was really pretty not looked damaged

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