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Has Maria Shriver Had Cosmetic Surgery?

That is the question on many peoples minds!

Maria Shriver, born in Chicago, Illinois on November 6th, 1955, is the only daughter and second child to politician Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Maria is an author of six best selling books as well as an American journalist. She is part of the Kennedy family as her mother is the sister of the US president John F. Kennedy, US senator Robert Kennedy and US senator Ted Kennedy.

Maria was married to actor turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. Their marriage ended when the scandal broke that he cheated on his wife and fathered a child with their former maid of many years.

Celeb plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery is when a person goes “under the knife” to alter their appearance. One of the the most common types of plastic surgery is a Rhytidectomy or a facelift.

The process involves removing excess facial skin and tightening the tissues underneath. The effect leaves the patient with a more youthful appearance.

Maria Shriver Before & After PicturesMaria Shriver: young and before plastic surgery? (image hosted by

When the news broke of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infidelity, Maria Shriver was not only heart-broken and shocked but also embarrassed as the world watched.

Rumors began to fly that after the 25 years of marriage to Arnold, Maria wanted to freshen up her looks to begin her new journey.

She is rumored to have had a facelift although celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Ellenbogen believes that Maria has not had any major procedures done.

However, he believes she has had botox injections. Botox is an injection that helps to tighten the face and helps fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

Celebrity plastic surgery is very popular in today’s society. In order to “stay in the business” some have gone to extremes to look good from male to female from young and old.

Maria Shriver before surgery? (image hosted by, there are many celebrities that have gone under the knife and have had awful plastic surgery results. One such celebrity is Joan Rivers.

Another celebrity that has bad plastic surgery pictures that have circulated in the public is comedian, Carrot Top.

Maria Shriver on Plastic Surgery: Silence!

Although there are countless celebrities following the same path, Maria Shriver has never stated she has had any work done to improve her looks.

Maria Shriver: after plastic surgery? (image hosted by are several pictures circulating on the internet and in magazines of Maria Shriver with and without makeup. Seeing these, people automatically assume that she has had work done.

The sad part is many people with no knowledge of makeup mistake good application techniques for having cosmetic surgery. Maria Shriver has never had any discussions publicly how she feels about celebrities or herself going under the knife to improve looks.

Has Maria Shriver had plastic surgery?

Some think she has given her appearance change in the past few years. Others will argue that she has not, that she is starting a new life, striving for a better future for herself and her children.

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What do you think? Did Maria Shriver get cosmetic surgery?

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  1. L Guttmann says:

    I believe she may have had a tightening and lifting procedure like Thermage and also had fillers. Her face had hollowed out over the years and she replaced some of the fullness which makes her look younger. Her family (mother Eunice in particular) tends towards the hollow eyes and cheekbones as they get older and Maria is following in her footsteps. Fillers have become very popular among celebrities and sometimes, if not done very well, will make people look different than before or look like they are on steroids. If done well they will just look like a better and younger version of themselves. That is, in my opinion, the primary reason for the change in Maria’s looks….and she might have gained a few pounds too since last year.

  2. I think that she has just put on a little weight! It is very becoming! She is absolutely beautiful:-)

  3. I absolutely believe that she had some type of “procedure(s).” I have been a fan of hers for years and scrutinized her as she has that Kennedy face–the jowls, the sunken cheeks. Lately her wrinkles were more noticeable and her face was giving into gravity, as all of our faces do. I was even wondering if she would get something done. I noticed immediately when I saw her on the “Today” show. It doesn’t matter, I am glad for her. ( I wish I had the money to do the same thing. ) The fact that people question just means that it was a great job because the masses are not positive if she did or did not have anything done. Only Oprah knows. It took at least 10 years off and she still swings that hair like it was made of gold, like her heart. The whole family seems to give their blessings back to the world.

  4. Gail Downey says:

    She positively did have a lift. She had chomps & wrinkles that are now gone.She had brow & eyes done too.Her cousin Caroline should follow her lead she looks haggerd.

  5. Darleen Wright says:

    I remember Maria with so many wrinkles on her face and neck,now she has none. Her mother was very wrinkled and I saw that coming on on Maria’s face and neck. It is typical in the Irish which she has Kennedy in her. Yes I do see a huge difference in her face. She must of had a good Dr.

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