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Has Marlo Thomas Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Marlo Thomas (born November 21, 1937) underwent plastic surgery before her first major role on That Girl in the 1960s.

The daughter of a comedian, she grew up in the heart of the Hollywood atmosphere in Beverly Hills.

Marlo Thomas before plastic surgery (image hosted by most famous 1966-1971 role in the popular sitcom “That Girl” earned her a total of four Emmy nominations in addition to a Golden Globe Award.

Today’s generation might recognize her better for her role as spokeswoman for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. As the national outreach director for St. Jude’s, she devotes both time and money towards this worthy cause.

Over her career, Thomas has served as producer, social activist, and more recently in a Broadway production called Relatively Speaking.

Marlo Thomas before and after nosejob? (image hosted by

Has Marlo Thomas Had Plastic Surgery?

Like all Hollywood starlets, Marlo Thomas has attempted to maintain the illusion of youth via a powerful weapon – plastic surgery.

Marlo’s journeys in surgery began before her role in “That Girl” did with the first of several procedures. A good old-fashioned nose job was the actress’s first choice.

From there, plastic surgeons believe she has had a face lift, brow lift, botox injections, and facial fillers as well.

What Went Wrong With Marlo’s Surgery?

Marlo Thomas before plastic surgery nosejob? (image hosted by, as it happens in the majority of these cases, the more procedures Thomas gets the less natural she looks. It is the number of procedures that tends to make a celebrity appear that they are the victims of bad plastic surgery.

Marlo Thomas’s celebrity plastic surgery before and after reveals that it is the overdone nose job that immediately gives it all away. The unnaturally pinched nose immediately clearly shows that her face has undergone the knife one too many times.

Critics call Marlo Thomas’s facial texture “tight” and her describe her nose as “pinched.” Botox and facial fillers are to blame for the tight facial expressions, while an obsession with her nose accounts for odd schnozz.Marlo Thomas after nose job surgery? (image hosted by

As opposed to successful nose jobs, like Chelsea Clinton cosmetic surgery, Marlo’s nose has appears unnaturally thin. On the other hand, That Girl’s brow lift has fared far better than Carrot Top cosmetic surgeries and obsession with the particular procedure.

The quest for eternal youth is as old as time itself. Celebrities like Marlo Thomas turn to plastic surgery in their effort to achieve the desired effect.

Unfortunately, like in Thomas’s case, trying too hard soon manifests itself in unnatural facial features.

For Marlo, a pinched nose – reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s unnaturally tiny one – can sabotage the effort for a beautiful face. Instead the celebrity winds up with an expressionless or unnatural face.

Marlo Thomas’s cosmetic surgery for her nose has been confirmed. However, the brow lift and the potential face lift – although fairly apparent – have not been confirmed by any sources.

While not a total disaster of a result, Marlo’s face is far from the naturally beautiful one it once was when she starred as the glamorous Ann Marie. Her case makes one wonder whether a beautiful woman would not age beautifully if given the chance to do so naturally.


  1. I think she looks wonderful, beautiful and graceful. Some of that comes from within too!
    She should make her doctor a rock star by letting everyone know who did that beautiful face.
    It looks natural and it’s the best advertisment in town.
    The doctor is an artist!

    • LOL! *cough* *cough*.

    • She is still “O.K. looking”, in other words, not a total nightmare like Michael Jackson; but she looks unnatural to me. From a side view, her face is flat. The nose job was NOT a good idea; there was nothing wrong w/ her nose b4 she had plastic surgery. I think that she should have grown old gracefully….she was such a strikingly beautiful young woman.

      • are you referring to her nose on ‘that girl’, or her ORIGINAL nose? it’s cool if you mean how she looked BEFORE she was ‘ann marie’.
        she was cute, naturally [with a wider nose]; she looked a tiny bit like her dad.

    • Anne Huteson says:

      Are you kidding?

  2. Youth isn’t the only thing that makes a person beautiful.
    Marlo Thomas, like so many other people need to grow old with dignity and just be thankful for the gift of inner beauty that never leaves them.

    • Yes, growing old with grace and dignity is what our society needs to embrace. We all age, and our elders should be respected and cherished. So much wisdom, so much to give back to the fickle minded youth of today.

  3. Who is she kidding? Looks disgusting! Result of always being told she was so cute. She believe it. Have no respect for her.

  4. says:

    I was shocked to see her in an advertisement for St. Jude. Watching her on ‘That Girl” on ME TV or Antennea TV ( I can’t remember which one she looks HORRIBLE. I couldn’t tell if she had a stroke or a really bad plastic surgeon. It’s so sad that people can’t see life for what it is.

  5. I’d hit it! I don’t care if she’s 76! I’ve been in love with Marlo Thomas for 40 years!
    She’s amazing, wonderful, beautiful , intelligent and compassionate the WHOLE package, and one I’d love to unwrap!

  6. Ladonna Smith says:

    If she would use that money she spent on Botox and plastic surgery to help those kids she and others would not have
    to beg all us common people for money!!!!!

  7. Are you kidding? At 76!!!! she looks better than ever. She’s a knock out! I can’t get over it.

  8. It is a tragedy that women obsess so much over their appearance. The disease is passed down from mother to daughter and Madison Avenue is no help. My wife used to lament every grey hair and wrinkle. She is beautiful to me; it is pity that she is not beautiful to herself. I argued against surgery for years, but she went through with breast augmentation “so she could fit into her clothes better”. Later I learned that she was telling people that she was all natural. Not only was that a lie, but it made other poor women feel that they were not blessed with good genes. She is a mess inside and outside now.

  9. luchetti says:

    she looked much much better in the picture before the surgery, I saw her today on the morning show and thought OH MY GOD THAT DOES NOT EVEN LOOK LIKE THE REAL MARLO THOMAS …WHAT A SHAME POOR CHOICE…

  10. Marlo Thomas look awful. Why can’t stars grow old gracefully. She should sue her doctor. She looks artificial. Shhs!

  11. lm motherchuckler says:

    horrible job- I wish older women would just stop and age gracefully it just makes them look old with facial work done

  12. Those of you writing about how beautiful and wonderful she is need to read That Girl and Phil, by Desmond Atholl.

    Her face finally reflects what is inside.

  13. Well, yuh think that nose job looks bad, you should have seen pictures of Marlo in High School when she had a schanozza on her like her father’s, Danny Thomas!

  14. Anne Huteson says:

    Wow! I used to want plastic surgery until I saw what happened to Marlo Thomas. It is so sad, she doesn’t even look like herself anymore!

  15. She Just needs to darken her hair a little and use the correct makeup. More brows and less shine, she would look great. Looks pretty good at her age anyway. Its not that she needs more surgery just good and the right makeup and color for her hair. Hope she calls a makeup person to help her learn how to apply. She is so beautiful inside and out.

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