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Hollywood is rife with rumors about who’s going under the knife, so it was only a matter of time before middle aged actress Mary Louise Parker’s plastic surgery rumors took center stage. Parker, born August 2nd 1964, is the star of the Showtime original series Weeds and she’s been an acclaimed actress long before this.

Before and after surgery? (image hosted by’s also a mother, with an adopted daughter and a son from a previous relationship. Given all of that, it seems that her face is still amazingly smooth and unlined, which has prompted rumors of celebrity plastic surgery.

Has She Had Cosmetic Surgery?

This one is a tough call, especially since Parker isn’t what you’d normally call a plastic surgery celebrity. Others fall conveniently into that category – see Kris Jenner for example.

Mary Louise Parker  -  did she get cosmetic surgery (image hosted by is traditionally a place for actresses that want to age gracefully without the assistance of a surgeon’s knife. But it is hard to argue with the notion that for a mother in her 40s Mary Louise Parker does have remarkably few wrinkles. Whether it’s around her eyes, her smile or frown lines, her face is smooth and youthful looking.

Of course, if you throw out clean living and lots of personal care as the only reason that Parker looks so good at her age, you’re left with a lot of plastic surgery options. For instance there is laser skin rejuvination, which can help maintain a youthful look and vitality with regular treatments.

There have also been those that have claimed she must be a fan of Botox, and it does appear that her face has the smooth, difficult to emote through veneer common to those that use Botox to remain wrinkle free and youthful.

Mary Louise looking fantastic (image hosted by in the end, you have to weigh the claims against any sort of evidence that we can find about whether or not there has been cosmetic surgery.

Mary Before and After Cosmetic Enhancements?

When it comes to Mary Louise Parker, she has something of a unique case when it comes to plastic surgery rumors.

Mostly it’s most of what she’s accused of lies outside the realm of “traditional” plastic surgery. There’s no knife involved, no bandages or recuperation time.  Other stars are also pretty tight-lipped about the cosmetic procedures – see Scarlett Johansson and also Jwoww).

Botox injections are about as non-invasive as you can get with cosmetic surgery, and there haven’t been accusations of rhinoplasty, face lifts or any more traditional cosmetic surgery procedures. On the other hand there also haven’t been confirmations from the actress herself.

When it comes to the procedures in question, you have to ask yourself if they even qualify as plastic surgery and then look for the signs. Botox injections tend to come with a smooth face, but also a difficulty moving the muscles of the face.

Laser treatments are very hard to detect, unless something goes wrong and the patient gets burned by them. And while people have pointed out that Parker does look even mor bright eyed now than when she was young, no one’s yet stepped forward with a copy of her medical chart to confirm the Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery.

A Few Before & After Videos & Photos

Here’s Mary on the Rosie show in 2002.

And more recently on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2011.

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  1. I think she has had some work, but it looks amazing! Either way, she is beautiful in both.

  2. MLP is unattractive either way. Her nose moves up and down when she speaks. She has a mouth like the Joker. She’s pale and just annoying. Her role in Weeds hasn’t helped me like her. She a fine point of an ugly chick romaniticed to be beauitufl. The Sarah Jessica Parker effect.

  3. Mary is stunning, her eyes are beautiful and she is very sexy . She is a very talented actress I believe she is a credit to the movies and plays she is in, my vote goes to her none the less . Hope to meet her someday.

  4. I guess I don’t understand why everyone says if a woman looks good, it must be due to cosmetic surgery. I am two years older than Mary Louise Parker and have no wrinkles. My skin is very soft and my skin still has spring to it. I am also caucasian.

    I think what we inherit has a lot to do with how we age, and also how we take care of ourselves. Why do we not want to applause women or men who just look well and age well? We all do not run to a surgeon’s office.

  5. Ruth Smith says:

    OMG. Who ever that was that said Mary Louise Parker is ugly either way must be a very ugly person and bitter over it to say something like that. Mary Louise Parker is GORGEOUS!

  6. Sophie says:

    Love Mary Louise Parker. Honestly, whether she has or has not had surgery does not change my opinion of her as an actress. I like her very much.
    However, if the question is, has she or hasn’t she…..She most definitely has!
    I do believe the skin is “hers”,…she has always had gorgeous skin, so I bet it is all her. Though if she has had laser rejuvenation, who cares. That is a proactive treatment to remove sunspots and many, many women have it done…not just celebrities. Men have it done too.
    Laser treatment is hardly in the realm of “out there” or an “extreme measure”.
    With that said, it is beyond obvious that there are differences in the fullness of her cheeks and the angle of her nose. I mean, just LOOK. While it is extremely artful and well-done surgery, it is apparent if you have even half a discriminating eye. My guess is nose work and cheek implants.
    I do not think Botox, because she looks defined, not undefined. I actually detest botox and other injections. It does not make women look attractive to simply puff up and smooth everything out. That just makes you look like an alien. Bone structure and angles are what make someone sexy and attractive. And that’s what I see.
    A very beautiful lady, inside and out, who looks stunning. Good for her for embracing her beauty (natural or enhanced) and her career!

  7. cherrylipgloss says:

    She’s had a boatload of surgery….several to her nose alone….not to mention the fact that the idiot make up crew is air brushing her entire face and body with enough makeup for a legion of actresses….in fact they are over airbrushing everyone on the show…..I can barely watch season seven I am so distracted by the amount of make up caked on both the men and women….#unnatural

  8. I agree. It’s just the Sarah Jessica Parker effect. Her mouth does look jokerish, elongated and like putty, she’s way too pale, and she has a face that looks like it’s sagging. But most Americans do not know what real beauty looks like, and are just glorifying Mary Louise Parker because she’s a celebrity.

  9. Here is the real answer: Who Cares! – She looks great! And if she has had it it was very well done the way it should be. She is beautiful IMO. I had guessed she was still in her 30’s untill I looked her up. But beautifual regardless.

  10. I am 43 with 4 children and have always looked after myself eg good skin care regime and exercise etc. I don’t look my age at all and often get mistaken for my 22 yo sons girlfriend (awkward )! I don’t have wrinkles and I have never had any work done. I think Mary Louise is naturally beautiful and I don’t believe she has had cosmetic surgery. Some women are just like fine wine- they get better with age.

  11. I saw a movie last night and saw her in a preview for an upcoming movie. I had no idea who she was until they said it. She looks very different and slightly weird. Not bad, just a bit off. Her eyes and lips look very different. I’ve always liked her and had the hots for her and thought she was great just like she was. Now she’s sliding into that plastic zone. Sad.

  12. I recently saw her in person, as she walked out of her broadway play, and her skin is flawless. She has one of the most expressive faces. And she is a little quirky as well, which most utterly beautiful woman are not. What I look forward to is MLP at 60….cause she just gets better and better…..

  13. Probably great genes, like my mom. Her skin was wrinkle-free at 72 despite being in the sun all of her life (tennis teacher).

  14. Richard G. says:

    She looks great . There are people who grow more beautiful With age like a fine wine and she is a good example.

  15. In the first video she’s 38 and looks 25, so at 47 she can look 35. She probably eats a healthy diet and possibly a little laser and/or botox. If you don’t smoke or drink, stay out of the sun and have good genes it is possible to look pretty damn good until 60. Rachel Welch, Jane Fonda, there have been a few.

  16. Of course she had plastic surgery. It’s sad. It changed her trademark beauty, IMO, especially her mouth and quirky smile. Made me sad not to even recognize her at first. She can certainly do whatever she wants, but I so hoped she would fall into the “age gracefully” category.

  17. I think Mary Louise Parker is by far the sexiest woman in Hollywood. Peoples negative comments about her appearance is jealousy, plain and simple.

  18. Her role on Millions shows her to have seeming difficulty moving the right side of her mouth – it’s as if she’s had a small stroke – her lower face on the right side seems to droop and it affects her speech. It’s given her a slur in her speech . She still has luminous eyes and I hope she had Botox and not a mini- stroke.

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