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Has Mary Tyler Moore Had Cosmetic Surgery?

The girl-next-door face that has graced TV and Broadway was looking a little scary in September 2011, almost like a plastic surgery gone bad.

Publicly, Mary Tyler Moore has not admitted to having had any recent celeb plastic surgery, but it has been rumored that she may have, over the last few years, had several facelifts and other facial corrections.

Has Mary Tyler Moore had plastic surgery? (image hosted by Cheeks or Maybe Plastic Surgery?

From the September 2011 photos of Mary Tyler Moore attending public functions, prompted a comment from Dr. David Shafer, New York City celebrity plastic surgeon to say:

The recent pictures of Mary Tyler Moore appear to show abnormal fullness in the cheeks. This can occur when too much filler or the wrong filler is injected under the skin…

However, coming to her aide is Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon who stated:

The left side of Mary Tyler Moore’s face is certainly swollen. I do not believe it is from plastic surgery since both sides should presumably be swollen, but rather probably a reaction to an injury or adverse reaction of some sort.”

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Mary’s Minor Facial Work In 1995

Mary Tyler Moore reported that she had minor facial work done in her People Magazine interview in the October 30, 1995 Vol. 44 No. 18 issue, where she stated:

“…But first I decided to get a new face, or at least a much younger version of the one I already had. The operation went well, but the morning I was to leave the hospital, my face resembled a bruised tomato. My eyes were slits, and my entire head was swathed in bandages. I’d been told what to expect, but I wasn’t prepared for the apparition that squinted back at me from the mirror. I was a gargoyle…

Even though the early 2011 fall photos of MTM show a swollen, distorted face, like a celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, Ms. Moore only admitted to tripping over her dog Spanky and falling face first onto the pavement.

Mary Tyler Moore facelift? (image hosted by Tyler Moore was born on December 29, 1936 in Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. Dancing was her enjoyment and too many dancing gigs early in her career, also landing small parts.
The world best remembers Ms. Moore as the beloved wife, Laura Petrie, on the Dick Van Dyke Show in the 1960’s and the leading character in The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the early 1970s.Ms. Moore has won numerous Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, a Golden Globe, and Life Achievement award for her acclaimed work on TV and Broadway.
Her autobiography After All reveals her traumatic childhood, two failed marriages, and her bout with alcoholism in 1984, admitting herself into the Betty Ford clinic.

Mary Tyler Moore before and after pictures (image hosted by

Ms. Moore is presently married to Dr. S. Robert Levine, well known cardiologist who helps her support the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

Mary Tyler Moore Before & After Pictures

Unlike celebrities who have admitted to repeat surgical procedures gone bad i.e., Joan Rivers and Lisa Rinna, Mary Tyler Moore’s plastic surgery remains nothing more than rumors.

Although through various photos during the last 5+ years, her pictures show changes to indicate possible eye lifts and lip augmentation.

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