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Has Megan Fox Had Cosmetic Surgery?

As it does with many young actresses the rumor mill has been churning out Megan Fox plastic surgery speculations for some time now.

Fox, born in Tennessee and finishing school in Florida, is an American actress and model that began her training at the age of 5.

At 13, Fox won awards for her skills, and she made her movie debut inย Holiday in the Sun with the Olson twins in 2001.

Megan Fox Before & After Surgery [VIDEO]

Megan Fox denies Botox on Facebook (image hosted by then Fox has appeared in films like the first two movies of the Transformers trilogy, in addition to the horror flick Jennifer’s Body.

She skyrocketed to prominence almost overnight, and as a result people have been looking very carefully at what Fox does and doesn’t do. And according to some people fame and fortune has gone to Fox’s head, and she’s become a plastic surgery celebrity at age 25.

Of course, unlike the Rose McGowan plastic surgery rumors which have at least a hint of confirmation, there doesn’t seem to be much backing up these speculations about Fox.

Megan Fox: Bad Plastic Surgery?

According to the celebrity plastic surgery watchers, Fox has undergone some bad plastic surgery.

Bad in this case meaning obvious, though it isn’t so obvious that there isn’t a lot of latitude for debate on the subject.

As is the case with Halle Berry plastic surgery rumors, Fox has denied that she’s had any sort of cosmetic procedures done on herself and that her good looks and body are the same ones she was born with.

Of course it is expected in Hollywood for celebrities to deny any plastic surgery, especially plastic surgery gone wrong, so the assumption is often guilty till proven innocent. But just what is Fox supposed to have had done, exactly?

Many of the rumors start out with the gateway drug of plastic surgery, Botox injections (see Nicole Kidman and plastic surgery).Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery (image hosted by

These injections smooth out the face by putting a small amount of neurotixin into the person that will make the muscles let go of their shape and thus eliminate wrinkles.

Beyond that though accusations raise the stakes, claiming that Fox has gotten breast implants, a rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nice job), and that her lips and face have been filled artificially using materials like Restylene.

Megan Denies Botox on Facebook

And just what has Fox had to say to all this? She has denied and denounced the rumors, but in a display of a celebrity throwing back at least one of the accusations she created a photo series on her Facebook page entitled “Things You Can’t Do With Your Face When You Have Botox.”

This photo series showed Fox making a number of facial expressions that lead to a wrinkled forehead and raised eyebrows, things that are hard to do once the Botox injections really settle into your system.

So while a series of photographs may have debunked one accusation, just what do various celebrity photographs say about the other plastic surgery rumors flying around regarding Megan Fox and her possible visits to a plastic surgeon?

Megan Fox’ Surgeries: What The Surgeons Say?

Various pictures taken by the paparazzi have showcased Megan Fox in all states of dress and undress, and it’s these pictures that have been used to look for the marks and remains of plastic surgery.

However, even the professionals are stumped by some of the accusations and how they’re not lining up with the pictures in question.

For instance, Make Me Heal asked plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia whether or not in his professional opinion Fox had undergone breast enhancement surgery.

Di Saia was confounded, since if Megan Fox did have breast enhancement done she kept the augmentation small and made it seem more natural with her lithe form.

Dr. Anthony Youn, another plastic surgeon who like Di Saia has not actually worked with Fox at any point, believes that the high riding, perky nature of Fox’s breasts is a give away for surgical enhancement, though that could just as easily be because Fox is still in her mid 20s.

Moving on to the other surgical rumors, Dr. J Walden says that it is possible, even very likely, that Megan Fox underwent a rhinoplasty procedure to refine and shape her nose.

Megan Fox rhinoplasty / nose job? (image hosted by

Walden also remarked that Fox might use fillers in her lips to give her the signature pout that has made her so easily identifiable.

Other accusations about Fox’s look that the doctors interviewed by Make Me Heal agreed were likely included dermabrasion and skin peels, and though they said Botox was a possibility it’s clear that Fox did something to show that she was most definitely not undergoing that particular procedure.

Is There Any Real ‘Evidence’?

So in the end, what do we really have to go on here?

Fan speculation about Megan Fox and the procedures that she has or hasn’t had is driven primarily by the photographs of her on set or on red carpet events, with a dash of the pictures taken in unguarded moments by the paparazzi.

However it is important to note that most of these photos are taken when Megan Fox has been decked out for an event or a scene, and the Hollywood magic of cosmetic artists, talented fashion designers and teams of professionals have been called on to make her look even more stunning than she might normally.

Given that, without any sort of visible scarring on her body it’s going to be very hard indeed to determine whether Megan Fox’s looks came out of a makeup studio or from under a plastic surgeon’s knife.

Despite all of this logic though, and despite the unsure statements of professional surgeons as well as Fox’s own denials that she’s undergone any plastic surgery procedures at all, the rumors are still being churned out and circulated through a combination of celebrity gossip and fan speculations.

In the end though there is not any hard evidence, and unless the actress and model decides to reverse her stance all you really have is a lot of Megan Fox plastic surgery gossip.



  1. Where is money, There is beauty…..Everybody is beautiful, if your wallet is full…..

  2. Where Thera money, there’s beauty? She destroyed herself. She was perfect and now looks soooooo nasty. Stupid girl!

  3. To me, plastic is not beautiful. It’s a distraction. Sad that women (and men) do this to themselves.

  4. dennise says:

    well sorry but she just to look better before now she looks so old

  5. megan fox does NOT look like she’s had any kind of plastic surgery to me. there are so many little tricks you can do with makeup it’s insane. you can make your nose look narrower, your lips look fuller ect. people WANT it to be true because she’s a bad b*tch and people (mainly women) can’t accept that someone was just born beautiful like that and they weren’t.

    • I’m not a woman and I could care less if she’s had work done. What brought me to this page was the fact that I saw Ms Fox in commercial, and like with Rose McGowan and Sean Patrick Flannery, I immediately got a weird feeling that it looked like Megan but might not be. Something was off, something that changed her to the point of being ‘almost’ another person. That’s why I’m here, I saw her and something was off so I looked it up. To me, it for sure looks like she got a nose job, and the something “wrong” with the skin around her mouth, especially at the edges, but I have no idea what surgery would do that. I’m not jealous of her, I actual like her, but something has changed, quickly and dramatically about her appearance. I can’t think of anything besides plastic surgery that would cause that.

      Or it could be that I just haven’t seen her in a while, but other people age without losing their aura. She just looks like someone that looks like Megan Fox now. I can’t explain it.

  6. If you don’t think she looks like she’s undergone surgeries, you’re blind. Sure, makeup can make your nose LOOK more narrow, but it can’t make your nose that way. Her lips didn’t just get poofy and stupid looking because of her lipstick. Her jawline didn’t become chiseled and many because of the way she applied her foundation.
    And if you think she’s a “bad bitch”, you should rethink. Assuming that by that term you mean a woman who is superior to others, you are wrong. The girl has money, yes. People around the world know who she is, sure. But that doesn’t make her any better than any other female in the world. She seems so cocky to me. If you watch interviews of her, she’s so snappy and arrogant. Which makes her most definitely a “bitch” in my eyes.

    • Well, for all of the women out here still believing in pure feminity and decency, thank you. Good to know there is at least on person (besides me) disliking Megan Fox.

  7. If u really think that’s not plastic surgery ur an idiot. Yea a completely flat chest all of a sudden has two perfect round boobs? What do u think she hadn’t hit puberty yet n just sprouted them? Makeup is illusion that’s not an illusion. Dnt be naive ppl almost all ppl with money do it. Sometimes it looks ok but ppl dnt know when to stop n once u chop n slice up so much of ur face/body u can’t take it back there’s no cancel or erase u are now screwed up n ur money got u there congratulations!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Rachelle Brillante says:

    she is a lot better now… – a real malibu barbie to me ๐Ÿ™‚ i love you megan!!!

  9. Sherry Wallace says:

    I have had numerous cosmetic surgeries over the years, and I love it, thanks to surgeons, they can fix you up. I love her new transformation she looks beautiful, she had good canvas to work with on her face the doctor or doctors just enhanced it for perfection, you keep going Megan as you age. Take Care. Sherry Wallace

  10. John Raymond says:

    She looks so bad now. Yuck. People are stupid.

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