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Has Melissa Gilbert Had Cosmetic Surgery?  Even an actress that’s been in show business her entire life isn’t immune to the rumor mill, and one of the results of this is the Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery gossip that’s floating around the Internet and tabloids.

The actress, perhaps best known for her role as Laura Ingles Wilder in the TV series Little House on the Prairie was born in 1964, and she has been acting in one way, shape or form since she was 5 years old.

Melissa Gilbert before and after pictures (images hosted by

An acclaimed actress and writer, Gilbert is the mother of two children as well. Despite this though, she looks extremely attractive for her age, which has lead some people to speculate that she’s had celebrity plastic surgery to help maintain her good looks well into her middle years.

A Nose Job & Breast Enlargement Perhaps?

Unlike the plastic surgery nightmares that the public has seen from Hollywood, such as the Heidi Montag plastic surgery debacle, if Melissa Gilbert is undergoing cosmetic procedures she’s doing so purely for maintenance of her already good looks.

The rumors, much like those relating to Halle Berry’s plastic surgery gossip you still hear, are that Gilbert has gotten a rhinoplasty (nose job in the common vernacular), breast augmentation and other, less invasive procedures like Botox injections.

However, far from the awful plastic surgery some celebrities have had, if Gilbert is going under the knife it’s with a doctor skilled enough to make his work look extremely natural.

Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery before and after? (image hosted by the one hand, the argument for Melissa Gilbert’s status as a plastic surgery celebrity is that her breasts have grown over time, and that her beauty has clung to her with very little fading over the years.

Since she’s an established Hollywood persona, the logic seems to go that she has access to all the best cosmetic procedures, so she should be using them.

What Do Melissa’s Before and After Pictures Tell Us?

Pictures of Melissa Gilbert throughout her life have shown that she’s aged very, very well.

Pictures today show a woman into her middle years with a smooth face devoid of crows feet and wrinkles, which has lead many to suggest that she’s been getting Botox.

Melissa Gilbert breast augmentation? (image hosted by there are those that have been studying the shape and size of Gilbert’s breasts to try and determine whether or not she’s had an augmentation.

Melissa Gilbert - Did she get cosmetic surgery? (image hosted by the one hand her breasts are large, though not too large for her frame. She has had two children, which can increase the size of a woman’s breasts.

Additionally, since the pictures of Gilbert are of her fully clothed it’s possible that tailored clothing and bras help maintain the youthful set of her chest, which can be misleading.

Just as with her nose it’s simply too hard to tell whether or not age has been kind to her and allowed her to change slowly into an older version of the attractive young woman she was, or if she has been getting subtle cosmetic help.

Sadly, without a definite answer either way, Melissa Gilbert’s cosmetic surgery speculations will likely keep going as long as her career has.

But what’s your opinion?

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  1. My guess is at the minimum she has had fraxel laser, botox, and fillers especially in the lip area… as for a boob job… yep you bet.

    • Paul Schilling says:

      Please, with all due respect to all of you who have commented in this section — most, if not all — statements can be seen as professional also with those who have either gone through similar procedures or have an a perspective about cosmetic surgery. As for me why not just ask her? I am reasonably certain that she is happy enough to absorb a few questions from her millions of fans. Then again she still has these things called Civil Rights, that accompany her right to personable privacy; therefore, some people are quite sensitive about their procedures. Yesterday, I went in to my personal dermatologist to have some cancer removed from my body. Although I don’t have a problem with it on jaunts to Honolulu, Sydney, or our Pacific coast many people can see the scars; and believe me I am not attractive enough for anyone to discuss my history with cancer, or cosmetic surgery. Please understand that I believe that it’s press-multi-media to keep irons in the fire so to speak. Thank you.

  2. Are you flippin’ kidding? “subtle cosmetic help;” “aged very very well”????? Like so many of these HollyWeird women, she looks like a wax figurine and has ruined her face with that “Joker” effect they all end up with. It’s HORRID!

  3. the before picture looks soooo much better.

  4. As Bella said. You must be kidding. There is nothing natural about her looks whatsoever. “Subtle”? Oh please, get new glasses.

  5. Billy THE Kid says:

    One of the very few who have come through plastic surgery looking better without going over the top.She is gorgeous.

  6. bob thomas says:

    yup she had them done…you pick them I mean those lips those eyes those large breasts wow momma yup but nicely done…

  7. She looks nothing like herself. She appears to have had more than a little plastic surgery. Not even recognizable. Aging gracefully is true beauty.

    • There is no such thing as aging gracfuuly, for some we need a little help to make us feel good about ourselves that isn’t such a bad thing. There’s a lot worse thing’s happening in the world than Melissa gilbert having a little botox and filler.

  8. Cath Hill says:

    What difference does it make to us ordinary folk. It is entirely up to Melissa if she wants to either look a bit younger or whatever she wants to do. She is still a good and very popular actress, and l for one, have always enjoyed her performances in all her films. So let her get on with her life, leave her alone and let her carry on giving us lots of pleasure in her acting career. Good luck Melissa… best wishes.

  9. She was so pretty. Her softness is gone and she’s replaced it with a hardness that is hard to accept. It’s difficult to look past her new brassy appearance. I’m having a difficult time watching her tonight in a Christmas movie. I’d say a little work is great but when it leaves your audience running to the internet to see what she has had done, its too much. I guess I will adapt. I really enjoy her acting.

  10. Laurie Lynn says:

    Really people…..The plain truth is…..Women don’t age well and getting old and looking old, is not a thing of beauty…..people dont turn their heads to look at an old wrinkled prune…..I think Melissa made postive changes…..I think she looks absolutely stunning!!!

  11. Anne Alexander says:

    Why do women do this. Ok a little is ok, but to do so much that I had to hear her speak to know it was her! I feel sad that society teaches women that this is necessary.

    • women do this because they want a little tweek here and there and sometimes there Dr gets it wrong . Melissa has gone just a little to far or her Dr, but it makes a change to see that she isnt one of these actress’s that want’s to be stick thin her figure is fab.

  12. Graceann says:

    It’s hardly a rumour – she writes quite openly and plainly in her memoir that she’s had her nose done and had breast augmentation. She even thanks her doctor in the acknowledgments. She’s not at all shy about it.

  13. JUDY JONES says:

    You don’t have s clue!!! Melissa Gilbert is a natural beauty and always has been. The work she has had done to herself is barely noticable. She is still vety pretty. —Judy J. Murfreesboro, TN

  14. I have been Watching Melissa for the whole of her career and wish she hadn’t gone so far in changing her looks It does notice considerably and in my opinion not for the best

  15. mark rauch says:

    Have you read her autobio? She readily admits to having nose & boobs done. They have served her well.

  16. She has a look similar to “Carrot Top”. He is the very definition of it gone waaaaaaaaaaaay bad!

  17. Ive watched Melissa since she was a young tyke on Little House on the Prairie, she was a freckled face/buck toothed fire engine red head. She was a typical young child but very talented as an actress, as she remains today! If shes had work done SO WHAT, if it makes her feel better about herself GO FOR IT! The work shes had done is subtle and not over the top like SO MANY of these CREATURES in phonywood.

    You’re BEAUTIFUL Melissa, wise decision to lose the implants, as ive never had any work done, I CHOOSE to remain au natural but respect those who want to do a little here and there to enhance what God gave them! HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!!

  18. Hey, some women age beautifully. I am 72, need to get very close to see any wrinkles at all. All natural. size 10 and of course I wear makeup and use hair color. Other than that it’s ME. No smoking, sun, drinking, good genes. Can pass for 45 any day, honest. No surgery EVER.

  19. I think she looks good, but perhaps less is more. That joker look tends to pop up in some of her photo’s , so less is more Melissa. Big fan of all your film’s from little house to true movies. Keep up good work.

  20. She don’t look natural ! Aged well ? That’s a joke ! Her face looks very artificial and creepy in many ways ! I am pretty positive she has botox, dermal fillers to the max, breast augmentation and other stuff done ! She was so much prettier natural ! I find it is hard not to stare at her pictures now because they look kind of creepy to me. Like a wax figure ! I feel sorry for her actually ! She must have been aging poorly to have that much done to herself ! She obviously was very self conscience about her real face and body…. anyway she would have been better natural…..even with a few wrinkles etc… !

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