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Has Meryl Streep Had Plastic Surgery?

It is extremely unlikely that Meryl Streep will ever become a candidate for plastic surgery gone wrong!

In Hollywood circles and now the wider ‘blogosphere’, Meryl Streep is well known for her very negative stance towards any type of cosmetic or celebrity plastic surgery.

Meryl Streep before and after but not plastic surgery (image hosted by

Meryl Streep was born on June 22nd, 1949 and, given her age, some may have expected the Oscar-winning actress to have at least tried a facelift (see facelift without surgery) in an effort to keep up with some of the younger A-list beauties that now get the top roles in the latest Hollywood productions.

Meryl made her screen debut as long ago as 1977 in The Deadliest Season and then later that year, her film debut in Julia.  Following starring roles in Deer Hunter in 1978 and the Kramer vs Kramer in 1979, she was nominated and then won an Oscar for the latter. Meryl Streep is widely respected and revered as one of Hollywood’s all-time female actresses.

Meryl Streep Speaks Out Against Cosmetic Surgery

Meryl Streep anti-cosmetic surgery (image hosted by - thank you)

Back in 2008, Meryl criticized Hollywood celebrities of both sexes for going under the knife, arguing that there are indeed advantages to growing older in Tinseltown as different types of roles are offered.  She would no doubt be critical, therefore, of Jane Fonda’s very public decision to have cosmetic enhancements (see also Jane Fonda).

The good thing about getting older is that when they do cast you it’s often something interesting – you’re no longer asked to be the beautiful leading lady,” she said.

When actors aren’t hired just for their matinee looks they are given the chance to play roles that “examine all the idiosyncrasies people have.”

Streep clearly understands that it is impossible to hold onto the smooth clear complexions of youth forever.

I think you have to embrace getting older and celebrate life,” she advised.

That’s may be something Meg Ryan or Jocelyn Wildenstein (Cat Woman cosmetic surgery) should have considered.  Those two are considered examples of bad plastic surgery.

Meryl Streep Photo Gallery

So, Meryl Streep has vehemently denied ever having plastic surgery and has spoken out against it.  Instead, she prefers to let the ageing process define the way she looks naturally and grow old gracefully.

For now at least, there is no story as far as Meryl Streep plastic surgery goes.

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  1. Dude! She has HUGE cheekbone implants. How can you not see it? They hurtin’ mah eyes! Florence Henderson also has them. If you’re not skilled enough to spot them, you can always tell because these old ladies wrinkles everywhere except around the TAUT SKIN AROUND THE SILICONE which stays smooth & wrinkle free.

    • I am not sure about the cheek bone implant statement.
      I did use to b a plastics nurse for several years so I still remember
      A little and can spot a lot that I notice naturally just from ingrained observation skills but
      Meryl “always” had high cheek bones. And I would think if she had that done she would of done
      Something around and under the eyes.

  2. Nope, Meryl hasn’t had any cheek implants at all. It would make no sense to have the implants done and then leave the wrinkles around her eyes. Meryl has no motive to lie about plastic surgery. She has really nothing more to gain in the world of Stardom, she’s reached the ceiling and proved there is no better actor who’s mastered the craft of acting than she. Meryl is much too classy to put on airs and has no need to impress or compete. As she mentioned, aging has its benefits and different roles are offered that are equally as interesting. For example, twenty or thirty years ago she wouldn’t have been casted as Margaret Thatcher. Helen Mirren wouldn’t have been casted as Queen Elizabeth. Both of these women gave superb performances, and imitating someone so high profile and well known around the world is a very tedious role at best with no forgiveness for mistakes or anything less than perfection. No facades with this beautiful, genuine woman.

  3. OhComeOn says:

    No woman in her sixties has a jawline like that. Please.

  4. She said she HATES plastic surgery so please trust her! Open your eyes guys, you see that she still has wrinkles on her all face. You just have to make the difference between real life or event AND films or articles magazines or photoshoots (in which she IS photoshopped AGAINST her willingness)

    • maitte netschh says:

      She has had cheek implants without a doubt! She has had rhinoplasty. She has had a face lift. She has had a brow lift along with very subtle lip enhancement. She has had her teeth done.
      She has undergone various chemical peels. Her face is like porcelain.
      Notice the rounded cheeks, they give her a very youthful and pretty appearance. They have not been enhanced with fillers, which tend to give you a puffy and rounded look. Hers are implants and they make her look very pretty all the time. She has had one of the best, if not the best, plastic surgeon in the country.
      The wrinkles are left in to eliminate the appearance of a pulled look and create the appearance of a more natural,
      aging process. It is done on purpose and if you deny they have had plastic surgery because the presence of wrinkles, then they’ve got you! That is precisely the point, that is, to throw off the public.

      I believe the following women have also had this type of cheek implants, namely: Nancy Polosi, former Speaker of the House, Diane Keaton, Diane Riggs, Diane Sawyer and possibly Hilary Clinton.

      • Why is it so hard for people to accept that some people just age really well? She just takes good care of her skin, having to be cast for movies and such, and she has good genes. Get over it, she didn’t have work done.

  5. When I first began dating my now husband in the late 1970’s, he told me once that to him, I resembled a cross between Meryl Streep and Angie Dickenson – wow – if only I could have aged so gracefully~I personally believe Ms. Streep, and have huge respect for her as an actress and as a classy lady all around. In my really younger days, my boyfriend suggested I was a Cybil Shepherd look-a-like – THOSE were the days!!

  6. Meryl doesn’t need plastic surgery to win all the awards… it is just her… try to put anybody instead of her…You cannot…That is why she is the simple Meryl Streep shocked that she’s got another Oscar ! She is genuine ….Is only Meryl…! No matter how she does it…she is excellent, she is in our hearts…Meryl is not winning only for physical qualities, but for her fantastic acting …what every actor should focus on… ildi

  7. She’s all plastic surgery. Look at her in the deer hunter and no. She looks younger now with that stretch way too tight look, like she’s about to kiss you. She mugs for the camera way too much. When she’s 70 and still looks like that, it will be obviously ridiculous.

  8. Meryl streep is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. She has been my idol for years and years and I’m only 13 years old. She has a beautiful voice and face and she is the best actor ever. I have watched like her every movie even from the 1980’s and she has always been peaceful to watch. I will cry and cry when she is no longer able to perform or cast in movies.

  9. i believe meryl,she has wrinkles all over her face and looks realy natural.I just hate this rumours,only because she still looks gorgeous !!!love her ,sorry for my english

  10. Meryl is just one of those women who have been blessed with wonderful cheek bones. You can look at all her pictures from her younger years to today and you will see they have not changed except to make her face age as gracefully on the outside as she has on the inside. She has always been one of my favorite actresses.
    I love the movie It’s complicated and I must say she put the 2 men her costars ( Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin) to shame her beauty and wrinkles stole the show Steve, and Alec with their tight faces just gave me pains looking at them and wondering how many more in Hollywood are striving to look like something they are not, I have always loved Steve Martins movies not for the way he looked but for his acting. I wished Hollywood had people with more brains who aren’t afraid of who they are instead of following the leader down a path that could end up in tragedy of a surgery gone wrong!

  11. just because her cheekbones are taut and her appearance is youthful doesnt mean she’s had work done.she just take care of herself.she doesnt go into the sun barefaced,she wears sunscreen,she exfoliates,all of that will take years off of your face.and she’s just healthy;she exercises and eats right and both of those will have an effect on your body and looks.i mean look at drinkers and smokers who look ages older.while meryl doesnt look her age,she doesnt look like any of the celebs who’ve had work done.She looks classy and elegant and natural.i for one think she is a gorgeous woman and someone who is totally in her element.why would she condemn other stars who’ve had work done and then deny it herself?thats just hypocritical.meryl hasnt had work done,my opinion.

  12. Maria jones says:

    Giveve 9
    I agree no way my mom is fantastic looking but platic surgery is not Botox and fillers that’s what she is doing

  13. Charlotte says:

    Okay. Can we please just get one thing straight. Some people, men and women just age well. This doesn’t means they’ve gone and stuffed their faces with plastic they just have really good luck! Meryl hates plastic surgery just like her character (Jane Adler) from it’s complicated. She’s totally against it. Meryl has just been extremely lucky and blessed to have aged this well. She obviously has very well looked after skin which is probably why she has such good skin. It really comes down to your genes and the way you live your life if you smoke and drink lots and treat your body like crap, you’ll end up with really bad skin as you grow older, but if you treat it well you’ll end up fine! She hasn’t had check implants, it’s her bone structure!!! Some people, believe it or not, have some really amazing, natural cheekbones, like Helena Bonham Carter I bet you no one will be saying she’s had cheek implants! Why? Because she has some serious cheekbones! Any sane person would agree with me in that Meryl has never or will ever have plastic surgery!!

  14. all these people saying that she has had plastic surgery just drive me crazy really. please people! first of, genes are important. my mother is 52 years old and she does not have one white hair, not one! and about 10-12 years ago, when she was 42-44 and i was 16-18, people would often think we were sisters! even now her skin is incredibly fresh, she has wrinkles of course, but not much and again she looks young and youthfully fresh. and i mean she is a hard working mom with 3 children and 2 grandchildren and she does not even take good care of herself, not talking about plastic surgery. she doesn’t even wash her face every day! no expensive creams or masks, nothing! now i imagine if she at least had enough money and time to take care of herself, like i’m sure meryl does, she would look better then me! and i’m sure at the age of meryl she’l look even better. secondly, how can you say she’s has nose done, i mean come on, she has the exact same nose! and the cheekbones? how could cheeks have same amount ow wrinkles as other parts of the face?? do you people live on mars? cheeks are naturally elevated and they dont get very wrinkled when we smile or speak as do forehead and places around the lips etc. as for the facelift, there are so many expensive procedures that do not require surgery and do wonders to the face, especially if you do that regularly. thirdly, it’s hard to believe that somebody like meryl openly is against surgery but secretly does it herself! i mean that’s just cheap lying and i don’t think she would do that.

  15. Michelle P says:

    As a woman gets older as I have…. kept your weight down and health in check … as best as possible ……your cheek bones become more pronounced. Just like your teeth change, everything goes south, etc. etc. ….your face also changes. Youth is supple and kind … aging gracefully is work and conscience decisions … eating well, exercise and moisturizer. Don’t hate….appreciate!

  16. Madeline says:

    I mean Meryl has openly admitted to a face brace or something like that when she was in her 40s. But then she was having a midlife crisis and thought her career was going to end. But that’s all she’s had. Just a face brace, nothing else, no cheek implants or any sort of surgery. She really looks after her skin and is rewarded for it with younger, fresher and healthy skin.

  17. I think that Streep has clearly stayed out of the sun and likely never smoked, two BIG factors in maintaining good skin. Facials, sure, good creams of course, plastic surgery…VERY UNLIKELY.

  18. She has had work done. Maybe not invasive surgery, just botox and fillers, oxygen facials, laser and tooth veneers. People get around the surgery question by not going under anaethesia and the knife. I love Meryl but all actresses get work done. I mean even working class women do it now, certainly wealthy people do too. Why wouldn’t she? Almost no one admits to it.

  19. I just saw Meryl in “The Giver”. It appears that she has had, at the least, a full face lift. In recent years, as a beautiful mature woman, she has shown multiple vertical “C” shaped lines down the sides of her cheeks – her facial skin is thin/delicate, and these lines were quite evident when she flashed her beautiful smile. However, in the movie, these lines are all but gone, and she has a “pulled up” appearance in her face, and also a “puffed up” look in her cheeks. Meryl’s face has always been so lovely and expressive – it now has more of a mask-like appearance. I only hope she does not fall prey to repeat procedures….I can only imagine the pressure to look a certain way in that field.

  20. jake jose says:

    I don’t think she gone under the knife yet. She look awful still

  21. Linda R says:

    Please, i’m a big fan and I think she’s terrific. Obviously she’s had something done because nobody in their mid 60s has a lined free neck like she does without having something done to it. And she doesn’t have any implants in her neck.

  22. mary e philbrook says:

    I think it is great that she doesn’t go for getting under the knife. whish I would look that good when I get her age.

  23. meryl Streep is gorgeous the way she u
    Is!! I hope in ten yes I’m lucky enough to look so good. That’s what I truly live about her she’s all natural and hides nothing. I also agree with earlier comment she has nothing to gain from not being honest.

  24. Elia montelongo says:

    I just saw the movie redention with Meryle filmed in 2007, she looked old, she has Definitely undergone plastic surgery! What a difference in the way she now looks!

  25. I would say she lies a lot… lost all confidence in her

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